9 Best Things to Do in Medan | Indonesia

9 Best Things to Do in Medan

The province of Medan in North Sumatra observes a vast number of tourists. This is because there are beautiful attractions here such as Lake Toba and Bukit Lawang. People are in a rush when they visit this part of town, hence staying for more than a day is uncommon.

Medan has a plethora of charming sceneries which everyone should witness at least once in their life. If you’re a foodie and want to indulge in amazing Asian cuisine, then look no further! The food scene here in Medan guarantees that you won’t leave with an empty stomach. Your sense of adventure will be fulfilled because there is a diversity of activities to choose from. This city is famous for its unique characteristics, and this is shown perfectly with its cultural influences. Medan has valuable guidance from the Tamil community, a huge Chinese following, and the ethnic group known as Batak.

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9 Best Things to Do in Medan | Indonesia

1. Explore Tjong A Fie Mansion

Explore Tjong A Fie Mansion | 9 Best Things to Do in Medan
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Tourists and locals have compared the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion located in Malaysia specifically in Penang, to the Tjong A Fie Mansion. The two are a bit similar, and the reason is that Cheong Fatt Tze and Tjon A Fie were relatives! This mansion is among the most respected and stunning places to visit in Medan. It is also an amazing reflection of how citizens resided in the city back in the 1900s. Guided tours are available all across the mansion, and you can immerse yourself in the history of the area from the local guides.

2. Enjoy Delicious Soup at Soto Kesawan

Enjoy Delicious Soup at Soto Kesawan | 9 Best Things to Do in Medan
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Soto Kesawan is well known for serving one of the best dishes in the entire city. Therefore, it is a major reason why people like to stop by. The atmosphere resembles more towards a small shop with some tables, rather than a full restaurant. Even if that’s the case, it offers a mouthwatering dish known as Soto Medan.

The recipe for this soup is thickened coconut milk, shredded chicken or prawns, crunchy bean sprouts, and potato cakes. Just mentioning it will make anyone want to scurry over to the shop. You should make a strict schedule if you wish to dine here because the place closes at 4 pm.

3. See Mesjid Raya Al Mashun

See Mesjid Raya Al Mashun | 9 Best Things to Do in Medan
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Mesjid Raya Al Mashun, is also known as Mesjid Raya. It is the main mosque of Medan and is also a beautiful marvel to observe. The construction of the mosque was initiated using imported building materials like Italian marble. Tours are available where you can see the intricate details and admire them. Notable aspects to be aware of are the emerald green tiles, and also the mosque’s pretty domes which are of a dark color.

4. Acquire Historical Clothing at Istana Maimun

Acquire Historical Clothing at Istana Maimun | 9 Best Things to Do in Medan
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Istana Maimun is a royal palace located in Medan, and it was owned by the Sultanate of Deli. Tourists will be able to visit this place because it is open to all. It has also been transformed into a museum hence you will be entertained at the artifacts of yesteryear. A plus point to coming here is that for a small expense you can purchase clothing of that era. And if you’re feeling especially creative, then you could take some snapshots in the throne room. Now, wouldn’t that be one amazing Instagram photo?

5. Make dinner plans at Merdeka Walk

Make dinner plans at Merdeka Walk
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Medan is renowned for its delicious cuisine, if you are visiting with your family or just a bunch of your friends then Merdeka Walk will be an ideal choice. The creativity of the restaurant’s location is truly praiseworthy. A long line of shops aligned together is placed on a large pavement. All sorts of food items are sold here, so there’s absolutely no way you will get bored! Groups of friends or family will surely dive in on the food. Varieties of choices such as noodles, dishes, soups, rice, curries, fresh juices, and creamy desserts, are sold here.

6. Take a Stroll through Kampung Keling

Take a Stroll through Kampung Keling
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Kampung Keling is surrounded by Tamil locals. If you have been to India, then this area would remind you a little about it. Covered with shops selling vivid saris and Indian jewelry, a plethora of Indian restaurants to stop at, this destination will surely be an enjoyable experience. The Sri Mariamman Temple is also situated here, which was built in 1884. Once you set your eyes on the monument, it will leave you in awe of its multitude of colors.

7. Journey to Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni

Journey to Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni
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Referred to as ‘Our lady of Good Health Church’, Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni’s inception was in 2005. This respected landmark is a Catholic Church and is dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Good Health’. The model of the area is built on an Indian temple, however, and visitors will be able to enjoy observing the ornate furnishings which exist.

8. Drop by Medan Post Office

Drop by Medan Post Office
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Medan Post Office is situated in the middle of the city and is easily spotted therefore anyone can point you to this building. The post office was constructed in 1911, and it took place around the Dutch colonial period. The design was carried out by a Dutch architect who incorporated a traditional colonial style.

9. Stop at Vihara Maha Maitreya

Stop at Vihara Maha Maitreya
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Vihara Maha Maitreya is one of the most prestigious and largest Buddhist temples in all of Indonesia. It is also a wonderful area to visit if you wish to take part in a tour around Medan’s major religious places. A strong Buddhist community resides in Medan, and it is considered a principal realm of worship. Once you visit this temple, you will be graced by cool pools and a canteen which has delicious vegetarian food!

In conclusion, there are so many beautiful attractions here in Medan, thus every tourist should make it a mission to arrive here. People here are very friendly, and a diversity of cultures consider Medan a home. Therefore, it will be an urban paradise for you to explore, and enjoyment is guaranteed.

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