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Starting as a small settlement to aid the lumber industry in the early 1800s, Milton has been given many names over time. The town is located in Santa Rosa County, and is currently hailed as “The Canoe Capital of Florida”. Milton is particularly known for its awe-inspiring wilderness, lush vegetation, and stunning rivers and lakes. This is the perfect vacation spot for those who are seeking more than an adventure. It has enough trails, creeks, and riverways to participate in activities such as cycling, hiking, and canoeing. In addition to that, there are sufficient museums and archaeological sites for learning about this wonderful town.

Here’s a list of 10 things you must do on your arrival to the magnificent town of Milton:

Best Things to Do In Milton, Florida

1. Paddle At The Coldwater Creek Paddling Trail

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Do you want to appreciate 20 miles of astonishing wilderness while rowing down on your little canoe? Then, come on down to Coldwater Creek Paddling Trail on your next visit to Milton. The translucent water flows very smoothly down this trail at a speed of about 3 mph, allowing you to move at your own preferred pace. Moreover, you will also get to catch a glimpse of a diverse selection of wildlife if you’re lucky. Adventures unlimited grounds is believed to be the most secure starting point for paddling at the Coldwater Creek.

2. Get Pumped On A Zip-Line Tour

Zip-Line Tour
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If merely paddling at Coldwater Creek Paddling Trail isn’t enough to get your blood pumping, then you should consider partaking in the many zip-line tours Milton has to offer. It is believed to be popular amongst adventurous couples. There are outlets for taking a zip-line tour in both Black River and Coldwater Creek. Obtain a captivating view of the dense forest and sparkling water from above and bring your partner along for intensifying the fun; you will experience an unparalleled adrenaline rush!

3. Go Kayaking On The Blackwater River State Park

Blackwater River State Park
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Similar to Coldwater Creek, Blackwater River State Park is a good alternative for paddling with a kayak or canoe. This river runs nearly 31 miles, providing a spectacular view of the surrounding forest and wildlife on your journey. Keep in mind that the park is not obligated to provide you any kayak or canoe for paddling. Therefore, you may have to rent a kayak from elsewhere or bring your kayak for paddling. Other than kayaking, you can also participate in activities such as swimming, camping, and fishing here.

4. Visit The Shopping District On Main Street Milton

Main Street Milton
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Exhausted from paddling and zip-lining all day? Head over to Main Street Milton to grab a quick meal. This charming trading hub is full of regional shops, boutiques as well as outstanding cafes and restaurants. Visit this place with your friends and family to observe some of the most unique cultural events and festivals, such as Riverfest and Riverwalk Arts Festival.

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5. Cycle At Blackwater Heritage State Trail

Blackwater Heritage State Trail
Source: Florida State Parks

If you have some energy left after engaging in the countless adventurous activities, make sure you visit Blackwater Heritage State Trail. This 8.1 mile-long trail starting from downtown Milton and ending in the U.S. Navy’s Military Heritage Trail is perfect for cycling. You will get to observe a huge chunk of the historic town of Milton as you attempt to make your way to the end of the trail. No entrance fee is charged for cycling on this beautifully paved road and it remains open throughout the week.

6. Learn About The Early Days Of  The Railway At West Florida Railroad Museum

West Florida Railroad Museum
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West Florida Railroad Museum is Milton’s pride! If you have a fascination with locomotives, then you must visit this place. This museum will take visitors through the early beginnings of Florida’s railways starting from 1881. The site of the museum used to be an early 1900 freight and passenger depot. You will get to take a look at different historical train compartments, dining cars, and sleeper cars. The museum also houses a gift shop that sells souvenirs and books about the history of the railroad. One downside to this place is that it is only open on weekends.

7. Take Your Family To Carpenter Park

Carpenter Park
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Positioned at the edge of Broad Street and Munson Highway, Carpenter Park provides an outlet for spending a soothing and relaxing time with your family. In contrast to many of the other places in Milton, this place is affordable and easy to reach. Furthermore, you can engage in many activities. Playground areas in the park are sure to keep children busy, and you will be able to take one of the boats from the boat ramp for a fishing trip.

8. Be Amazed At The Sight Of Arcadia Mill

The Sight Of Arcadia Mill
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Built in the 19th century, Arcadia Mill is Milton’s most recognized archaeological site. This ancient industrial complex spans nearly 37 acres of land. It houses numerous mills, factories, and even a flourishing village. Upon your arrival, you could choose to observe a vast number of artifacts in the Arcadia Exhibit or become awe-struck at the sight of Arcadia Homestead. You can also tour Discovery Pavilion to learn how water-powered mills operate. Additionally, access to the Visitor Centre is complimentary.

9. Dine at McKinley’s Sandwich Shop

McKinley’s Sandwich Shop
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McKinley’s Sandwich shop is an independent restaurant in Milton hailed for its friendly atmosphere and excellent sandwiches. The prices are quite reasonable, and their menu includes delicious treats such as BLTs, grilled cheese sandwiches and club sandwiches. Their homemade cupcakes are equally amazing. If you want something warm, try out their assortment of soup and tea.

10. Visit the beach at Gulf Islands National Seashore

Gulf Islands National Seashore
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Although Gulf Islands National Seashore isn’t as crowded as some of the other beaches near the Atlantic coast, it will not fail to astonish you! Spanning roughly 150 miles, this picturesque beach is only a short distance away from Milton. Make sure to start your journey from the Gulf Breeze Parkway. There is a wide array of shells you can find here as well as engage in activities such as fishing and snorkeling. Don’t forget to take a snapshot of the spectacular sunset!

Milton isn’t short of amazing places to visit. Its popular tourist destinations include a long stretch of pristine shoreline, remarkable archaeological sites, quaint parks, and fascinating trails and river ways for water sports. Hence, you will surely have an experience of a lifetime here!


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