10 Best Things to Do in Miri | Malaysia

Although Miri had previously remained under the radar, it is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist attraction in recent years. This city came to prominence after oil was discovered by geologists in the 20th century. Soon after, heaps of migrant workers started coming to this city to extract oil.

Nowadays, this city is drawing in tourists from all over the world for its wealth of activities. You will find some of the earliest temples and a lively handicraft market. In this article, we discuss 10 things you can do in this wonderful city.

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10 Best Things to Do in Miri | Malaysia

1. Reminisce Miri’s glory days at Grand Old Lady

Reminisce Miri’s glory days at Grand Old Lady
Source: thecrazytourist

Located on Canada Hill, the city of Miri first discovered oil in the oil field aptly named “Grand Old Lady”. At present, a 98 feet long monument has been constructed to commemorate the progress of Malaysia’s oil industry that significantly contributed to the country’s growth.

Many tourists drop by this place at least once, while trekking across the well-liked Canada Hill. Some even believe that the oil drilled from this historic site has aided in financing the development of Kuala Lumpur’s highly sought-after landmark known as Petronas Towers.

2. Explore the well-liked Lambir Hills National Park

Explore the well-liked Lambir Hills National Park
Source: Alan Cressler

Lambir Hills National Park is one of Miri’s best nature reserves, praised for its biodiversity and lush forests. As you enter this spectacular national park, you will notice multiple trails following different directions. You will eventually stumble upon different controlled habitats sheltering a variety of animals like gibbons, sun bears, pigs, and squirrels.

According to locals, you can find roughly 200 types of birds in this nature reserve alone. Finally, there two scenic waterfalls complete with pools for you to check out.

3. Visit Kuala Sibuti after sunset

Visit Kuala Sibuti after sunset
Source: pratchai

Are you seeking an after-hour adventure? Come on down to Kuala Sibuti to experience the wilderness under the moonlight. The best way to enjoy this night safari is by signing up for a guided tour of the nature reserve. The tour starts at 3 PM and can take up about 6 hours.

Your journey starts from the MYY fruit market and then stops by the astonishing Tusan Beach on the way. The main event starts after dinner, where you will catch a glimpse of nocturnal species such as fireflies, crocodiles, and much more.

4. Get an unforgettable view atop Canada Hill

Get an unforgettable view atop Canada Hill
Source: Kofeemaker

Also known as Miri hill, this place lies directly behind the city square. Unlike many enormous mountains, this hill stands at a mere height of 492 feet and can be scaled with less difficulty. Multiple straight-forward trails can take you to the summit of this hill.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling lazy, you can also hail a taxi to reach the top. Once you reach the top, you will be able to obtain a panoramic view of the entire city.

5. Traverse the caverns of Niah National Park

Traverse the caverns of Niah National Park
Source: Lonely Planet

Niah National Park has been established on a settlement that precedes 40,000 years. If you want to learn about the rich history of this region, you will enjoy your visit here. You will find many caves inside the park. One of the cave entrances is believed to be the biggest all over the world.

As you enter the cave, you will notice carvings on the walls from the Stone Age. Try to bring a headlamp if you intend on exploring the caves.

6. Watch the magnificent sunset at Brighton Beach

Watch the magnificent sunset at Brighton Beach
Source: james wk / Shutterstock

Located in the South of Miri, Brighton Beach is believed to be one of the earliest leisure parks in the region. Unlike a lot of other beaches, it is open to the public and is praised for its spectacular sunset. Along the coastline, you will discover two piers reaching out to the South China Sea.

You will also see the well-known Seahorse Lighthouse in the vicinity. This beach is perfect for an evening stroll, and there are also fantastic dining options if you get hungry.

7. Try out the amazing cocktails at Miri Sky Bar

Try out the amazing cocktails at Miri Sky Bar
Source: Meritz Hotel

Miri’s Skybar is a great place to spend a night out with your closest buddies. Located on the 17th floor of Meritz Hotel, you can see the entirety of Miri from the sky bar’s terrace. If the weather is pleasant, you will find seating arrangements on the terrace.

You can kick back and enjoy your drink while appreciating the surrounding view. This bar serves some of the best imported alcoholic beverages you can find in Miri.

8. Check out Miri’s most gorgeous Taoist temple

Check out Miri’s most gorgeous Taoist temple
Source: The Crazy Tourist

The famous San Ching Tian is considered to be Miri’s most extravagant temple, boasting stunning designs that will not fail to captivate first-time visitors. Established in 2000, the temple itself lies in the middle of a quaint garden and features an eye-catching entrance.

Other than that, the temple has a two-tier orange roof and several dragon paintings on its outer walls. As you enter the temple, you will notice the gorgeous bronze figurines of Buddha placed inside several shelves.

9. Purchase souvenirs at the Handicraft Center

Purchase souvenirs at the Handicraft Center
Source: Vincent Yong

If you are looking for souvenirs to remember your amazing trip to Miri, don’t forget to check out the outstanding Miri Handicraft Center. Situated beside Jalan Brooke, this small shop has a variety of handcrafted goods like handbags, native clothing, and weaved items. You will also find rare commodities such as exotic mats used by Penang people.

10. Be astonished at the magnificent Miri City Fan

Be astonished at the magnificent Miri City Fan
Source: TAK

The iconic Miri City Fan spans 26 acres, and houses close two ten thematic zones. This place resembles a handheld fan from the top, and it features a huge amphitheater in the middle encompassed by a koi pond.

Besides that, there is a paved pathway alongside the pond and a beautiful Islamic garden. There are some benches for you to sit beneath the tree shade and enjoy the musical fountain on the pond.

In Conclusion, the city of Miri is great for a trip with your family. There are several historical monuments and museums to learn about the city’s rich history and culture. The untapped wilderness and immersive national parks add to the city’s beauty, and there are several outlets for having a splendid time.

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