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Nagasaki is located on the island of Kyushu in southeast Japan. This prefecture embraces the sea on one side and mountains on the other side and makes it a picturesque place to visit. But frankly put, not many tourists think of coming here given the despairing history of it being related to the world war two.

Even today many people live under the impression that Nagasaki is still radioactive. Whereas in reality the radiation here is as low as any other place on Earth and does not affect human bodies. It is a beautiful city with scenic beauty that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. Below is the list of 10 best things to do in Nagasaki:

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10 Best Things to Do in Nagasaki | Japan

1. Visit Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch
Source: Nikkei Asian Review

It would be hard to believe that you are in Japan while visiting Huis Ten Bosch, an open-air museum or theme park that has replicas of Dutch culture and architecture. It pays tribute to the strong trade agreements Japan and Netherlands had a very long time ago. Huis Ten Bosch represents a 17th-century Dutch village with a hint of Dutch beauty and aesthetics with historic sites. This unique recreation of the Nederlands in the middle of Japan is definitely worth paying a visit.

2. Visit the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum 

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum 

Nagasaki is best-known for being one of the spots in Japan where the infamous atomic bomb was dropped. Located in the Nagasaki Peace Park, this museum will take you through the dark time of Nagasaki back in 1945. This museum has a replica of the bomb “Fat Man” that hit Nagasaki and items which were found right after the blast. It will also educate you on the historical and political background of this attack.

3. Take a boat ride to Iojima

If you want a bit of beach time while in Nagasaki you should head to Iojima on a boat ride. The ride starts from Nagasaki Harbour and on your way to Iojima you will be rewarded with the serene beauty of the sea, swift refreshing breeze and celestial sphere that will heal you back to life away from the chaotic rush from our daily lives. Overall, Iojima makes a great place to relax from the city life of Nagasaki.

4. Walkthrough the Nagasaki Peace Park

Nagasaki Peace Park
Source: Kyushu Tourism

The Peace Park was built in the remembrance of the 40,000 people who lost their lives in the atomic bombing incident during the World War II. This park includes a memorial and peace museum and statues that symbolize and promote eternal peace. The park will offer you historical and political insights about the nuclear blast that will move and educate you at the same time. If you are a history buff or just a casual tourist, you should definitely pay a visit to the Peace Park.

5. Check out the rebuilt Urakami Cathedral

Urakami Cathedral
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Urakami Cathedral was rebuilt after it was destroyed in the atomic bombing. This cathedral is famous for holding a statue of the Virgin Mary and other statues that are carrying the sign of the devastating bombing till today. A lone bell that managed to survive the blast is the key attraction of this cathedral. Make sure to drop by this cathedral if you are in Nagasaki to see how it preserves both religion and history at the same time.

6. Hop on the Electric Tram

Electric Tramway
Source: sporvognsrejser

If you are a person who has never been on a tram and is looking for a unique experience to have, head to the Electric Tramway and get in the tram. This tram service is easy, affordable and a fun way to roam around the city. By hopping on a tram, you will get a sight of the people and the city life of Nagasaki.

7. Try some street foods

Source: Jocelyn & Cathy – Flickr

Nagasaki boasts a great variety of Japanese, Chinese, and European food and serves one of the best street foods in Japan. Make sure to try out pork cutlet, ebichiriman, marako and Nagasaki’s special delicacy Champon, this is a dish that is similar to ramen with fried pork belly on top. Ghuzoni is another delectable local dish that hails from Shimbara region that is a must-have in Nagasaki. The flavor of mochi cake and seafood broth infused with different spices will burst into your mouth and will keep you coming for more of this.

8. Gaze at the city from Inasayama Observation Deck 

Inasayama Observation Deck 
Source: GaijinPot Travel

If you want to observe the breath-taking view of Nagasaki from top head to the Inasayama Observatory. To check out the dazzling lights and tranquility of the city make sure to drop by at night. To scale the mountain there is transport and cable car facilities to get the view to the fullest.

9. Visit Glover Garden

Glover Garden
Source: THE GATE

Glover Garden, a former house of Thomas Blake Glover, who has contributed a great deal for the modernization of Japan in so many ways. This ancient-looking western-style house with a stunning garden is one of the alluring tourist attractions of Nagasaki. There is also a bistro in the garden if you want to grab a snack and a souvenir shop for memories to take back home for friends and family or even yourself.

10. Visit Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium

Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium
Source: Tokyo-Narita Japan Explorer

If you an animal lover Nagasaki would not disappoint you either. Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium is located outside the city center where you will find a swarm of penguins swimming and walking around. Come here during the weekends, if you want to have fun feeding them. This little bunch of “gentlemen” will surely lift your mood and fill your heart with happiness.

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To conclude, Nagasaki is a stunning hotspot after going through several reconstruction processes. This prefecture is rich in historical context and scenic beauty. Now that you know about the best things to do here, pack your bags and have a wild trip to Nagasaki to have your mind blown away.

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