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Things to Do in Naruto

Naruto is a small coastal city located on Shikoku Island. This town is a part of Tokushima Prefecture and best-known for its swirling whirlpools, an amazing natural phenomenon that attracts both local and international tourists. Another major attraction of Naruto is the 88 temples dotting around Shikoku which is also known as 88 Temple Pilgrimage. In addition to all of these, you will find a wide range of museums, galleries, parks, and eateries to explore in Naruto. So, without any further ado let’s find out what are the 10 best things to do in Naruto.

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10 Best Things to Do in Naruto | Japan

1. See the Naruto Whirlpools

Naruto Whirlpools
Source: JAPAN Monthly Web Magazine

The Naruto Whirlpools which are also referred to as “Naruto no uzushio” occurs under the staggering Onaruto Bridge. The water beneath the bridge churns several times and creates twisting whirlpools. The whirlpools are vortexes of water that violently swirl around four times a day and you should anticipate quite a display, especially while the tide is strong. If you are looking forward to witnessing a whirlpool catch a boat at a nearby pier. As there is a slight possibility of you missing this natural phenomenon, have patience and don’t be frustrated. But either you hit it or miss it pay a visit to Naruto Ohashi Museum and get a second-hand experience from the illusion of whirlpool there.

2. Temple Hop 

Source: Japan Visitor

If you are a person who loves temple-hopping no matter wherever you go, then good news for you! Shikoku is referred to as 88 Temple Pilgrimage and luckily the first 23 of them are located in Tokushima prefecture. While all of the temples are equally stunning, make sure that you visit Ryozenji, Tairyuji, and Yakuozi. You can pick wishes from the box, feed the fish, ring the bell and enjoy the scenic beauty of the city from the top of the temples. You should also explore the nearby trail areas as there are yet more temples scattered somewhere beyond Naruto.

3. Attend Naruto Awa Odori 

Naruto Awa Odori
Source: Inside Japan Tours

Tokushima is home to Awa Odori, an annual dance festival held in August. This is the reason why Naruto and other cities of Tokushima put on a festive mood and greets most of its tourists in August.   This is the largest dance festival in Japan which has been held there for more than 400 years. The lively music and complicated dance moves create a surreal experience for the audiences. Amid the performances, dancers will come to invite you to give it a try and join them. The echoes of instruments and rhymes of music make it irresistible to participate in dancing madness.

4. Try Tokushima Ramen

Tokushima Ramen
Source: Japan Brand

Tokushima ramen is one of the most popular and mouthwatering dishes you can have in your visit to Naruto. Charred brown pork bone stew with soy sauce and sukiyaki style pork belly on top makes this dish delectable. It is a tradition here to eat this with rice and raw egg but you are all good without these too. Naruto is also famous for being home to some unique fruits including sudachi and naruto kintoki. You should also have the local staple, Sugata sushi which is sushi made with stuffed rice small fish.

5. Explore Otsuka Art Museum

Otsuka Art Museum
Source: Travel Daily Media

If you are an avid explorer of arts then check out the Otsuka Art Museum located in Naruto. This museum exhibits a vast collection of quirky masterpieces from international artists. With the help of high technology, these artworks have been permanently glazed onto layers of ceramics that creates a unique look.

6. Walk around Naruto Park

Naruto Park
Source: Japan Travel

Naruto Bridge on Tokushima Island is the getaway to the famous Naruto Park.

If you want to catch the watery side of Naruto packed with lush greenery then head to this park. The scenic view of the ocean and arrangements of fun activities make this park a great destination to relax. You can stroll around to feel the fresh swift breeze and take in the calming sceneries of nature observation decks. If you make it to the top of the hill you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of Awaji island and Naruto city. If you are fortunate enough you may also spot the great Naruto whirlpools from the highest point of the hill.

7. Go on a bike ride 

Ride Bike
Source: The Crazy Tourist

Out of many facilities for the tourists of Naruto, The Tourism Center here offers the best help to explore the city. You can rent a bike from the center and check out the city at your speed and pace. You can cycle around the whole town to get a sight of the impressive bridges and other tourist spots. This bike ride experience in Naruto will leave you with a sense of adventure and joy.

8. Try some sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes
Source: Mitsuwa Marketplace – Facebook

Potatoes are always great but Naruto has indisputable fame for having the most delicious sweet potatoes in the world. The sweet potatoes are known as kintoki among the locals. You can either gobble some fresh kintoki or kintoki flavored local delicacies in your visit to this city.

9. Catch some sports at the Pocari Sweat Stadium

Pocari Sweat Stadium

The Pocari Sweat Stadium is an official sports park in Naruto. The stadium arranges a wide range of different Asian sports including soccer, baseball, and basketball featuring the local players. The stadium also has several food stalls for you to grab a snack while enjoying an exciting match.

10. Visit the German House

Naruto German House
Source: Shikoku Tourism

Naruto German House is a museum that was used as a former camp where thousands of Japanese soldiers were held prisoners during the First World War. This museum holds a great significance in the history of Naruto. You will get to watch some documents and photographs of the prisoners and learn more about the war period.

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To conclude, Naruto is a city that is worth paying a visit. So, make sure to visit here if you happen to be in Japan and do the things mentioned above to make your trip memorable.

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