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Things to Do in Nepal

Love traveling to Nepal but do not know what to do during your stay? There is so much to do, see and live through the magic of this culture-filled utopia. Let’s get your adrenaline rushing for some excitement.

Be ready to be amazed once more with Nepal’s incredible terrains, amazing hospitality from the people, flavorsome food and fascinating cultural trips. And for the first-timers, sit back because we’re about to lay out a thrilling range of things to do when you’re in Nepal.

October is usually a prime time to plan for a stay in Nepal, especially if it’s a time around a full moon. You can always look forward to a big festival, especially Diwali/Tihar.

Nepal is as homely as India but certainly not India itself, not only because of the temples or the currency – but the entire aura of it. With people of both Hindu and Buddhism beliefs, Nepal is filled with myths, history, and wonders. If you can get a guide or make local friends your experience will automatically elevate and you won’t miss out on anything.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what you might want to keep on your mind, here are our favorite 30 things to do in Nepal!

Top 30 Best Things to Do in Nepal

1. Trek at the Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp
Source: Tours – STA Travel

Any avid trekker would be up for it to feel the thrill of rejoicing at completing a trek and making it close to the peak. Make your Nepal trip worth it by climbing the base camp of the highest and most majestic mountain in the world. Most people love taking pictures at every step of the way, so capture moments while trekking through such a heavenly space on Earth and feel at the top of the world.

2. Escape from the busyness at Godavari Botanical Garden

Godavari Botanical Garden
Source: ECS Nepal

Find yourself in the middle of a wonderful sanctuary. Surprise your loved ones with a visit to the Godavari Botanical Garden. With over 500 different species of plants, this botanical garden is a serene utopia. When you’re standing and taking in the fresh air, you’ll realize that there is so much more in this life than you can ever imagine. Roam around, take in the flora and fauna around and take pictures to make it memorable.

3. Hike around Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu Valley
Source: HoneyGuide

Trek your way ahead and experience the Kathmandu Valley, a UNESCO world heritage site and explore the breathtaking depths of Nepal. It will connect you to nature within its surreal greenery and serenity and give you a well-deserved break from regular life. There are several route options around Kathmandu Valley to give you a taste of the culture, nature, and beauty of the country. If you happen to take the route through Nagarkot, let the sunrise bewitch your eyes after overnight hiking.

4. Visit Durbar Square in Patan

Durbar Square in Patan
Source: Lonely Planet

Best known for its artistic heritage, a visit to Durbar Square in Patan when you’re in Nepal should be on your bucket list. It is the smallest, yet the most beautiful durbar in the third most royal city of Kathmandu. Here you can observe many Hindu, Buddhist and Newar temples, divergent collections of monuments and important royal residences. You get to walk through courtyards and gaze at the structures of The Golden Temple, Vishwanath Temple and take pictures among beautiful trees that grace magenta flowers.

5. Have a Scenic Flight over the Himalayas

Flight over the Himalayas
Source: Velvet Escape

When in Nepal, sign up and fly in a helicopter to enjoy amazing views from a great height. This will be far more different from what you see outside your window during plane trips to and from Nepal. For a smooth trouble-free helicopter ride make plans in a season with no possible rain and get recommendations for a good service provider. Once you’re in Kathmandu, make sure to go for it because there’s nothing like the breathtaking views one can only experience when at the top!

6. Honeymoon with your boo!

Nepal’s resort - Things To Do in Nepal
Source: Wild Frontier Travel

Whether you’re just married or you’re craving for a second honeymoon, try spending it in one of Nepal’s resorts. It is a country filled with beauty and culture where you can plan and spend hours without intervention. Be enchanted with the mountainous range around you and enjoy the serenity with the love of your life! For a poetic and far away from the crowd getaway, try one of the resorts from Daman.

7. Paragliding in Pokhara

Paragliding in Pokhara
Source: Nepal Tourism Board

Paragliding is the next best thing to do in Nepal after trekking. If you’re not worried about the budget and want a thrilling experience, sign up for paragliding. Pokhara is famous for paragliding and offers packages that will get you interested. Glide across the air with a guide or stretch your wings on your own and show off your professional skills. Don’t forget to take your GoPro because you will want to capture mountain views and sunrises from up there.

8. Go on a food tour with Backstreet Academy

Backstreet Academy
Source: Backstreet Academy Official Site

Get hooked to tours with Backstreet academy! As you follow a guide through a food tour, you get a real perspective of lifestyle in Kathmandu. This is simply one of the things nobody should miss out on! Walking through the vibrant streets of Kathmandu, you will love relishing the amazing local dishes. Slurp on some lassi afterward for the perfect summertime drink!

Psst, you can also sign up for momo making classes with Backstreet Academy and we promise it is one fun and tasty activity!

9. Visit the border town of Janakpur

Source: Nepal Tourism Board

When you’re not hiking or biking, you might want a religious and cultural trip down to Janakpur. The land where Rama’s Sita used to live as a princess, isn’t your typical outdoor activity ground. You’ll get to relish amazing Indian restaurants and a visit to the ever so distinct and well-architectured temple, Janaki Mandir, which bears a resemblance to a Rajasthani palace back in India. Explore this small town in a culturally designed rickshaw as the sweet tones of Maithili speakers come swaying to your ears while you admire Maithili folk art in the streets.

10. Enjoy Diwali in the month of November

Source: Covermore

If you happen to be in Nepal during the fall of October and November, you must not miss out on Diwali. Partake in this three-day celebration while you’re still in Janakpur. The streets will give you a first-hand alikeness to that of dazzling South Indian festivities. The air will be filled with the chaos of mythical history and the streets with colors of rangoli decorations. You’ll love devouring on laddoos and paan meanwhile buying bangles for your loved ones amongst the Diwali market that is held outside of the Janaki Mandir.

11. Witness Magnificence from Mahare Danda

Mohare Danda
Source: Trekking Trail Nepal

Who wouldn’t love to encounter cinema-like edges where lies scenic beauty and absolute wonder beyond imagination? For an early bird, you’ll love to witness the glory of sunrise and the Himalayas when you’re trekking through the off beaten paths of Mahore Danda. The panoramic views will make you want to stay back and roam around till you can see the sunset too. You will catch glimpses of the most beautiful and ethnic villages and snow-clad mountains as you trek with your loved ones.

On your way to the Ghandruk village, you get to observe the breathtaking beauty of Annapurna. A pool of ethnicity and joys of dancing awaits you in your destination of the village. You get to buy beautiful ornaments as you get to glance at the traditional tools and weapons of the Gurungs.

12. Dwell on a day’s trip to Bhaktapur

Source: Medium

To spend some quality time, visit Bhaktapur where an ancient city resides within its parameters. Dwell along its corners and find out a mystique that can only be witnessed here. Your sightseeing will be worth it because Bhaktapur’s buildings and temples are enriched with astounding architecture and its lanes full of Newars (the traditional inhabitants) reflect culture and unity.

13. Swing from the Longest Canyon in the World

Longest Canyon Nepal Things To Do in Nepal
Source: Dissolve

When you’re in Nepal, you’ll never run out of doing things when it comes to multi-adventure activities. Your heart won’t just be content with hiking hills quietly and exploring. After a scenic drive, you’ll want to do more in the wilderness. To pump up your blood, engage in some gravity-defying activities like bungee jumping at The Last Resort. When you’re at the peak of diving, you’ll smile big and you’ll love waving your hands through the air. Ask someone to this precious moment and take a few cute selfies yourself too.

Besides this popular activity, try canyoning and capturing spectacular surroundings.

14. Take a Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park

Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park
Source: The Chitwan Jungle Guides

Running out of things to do in Nepal? Bored of the mountains and heights? We suggest you get your binoculars out, wear your best army print attire and head out to hire a jeep. All of that will easily ensure a thrilling safari through Chitwan National Park because the ride keeps you moving towards more of beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Spot baby crocodiles and monkeys from afar and witness adorable elephants bathing under the gleaming sun on this mini trip.

15. Enjoy a Tharu Cultural Show

Tharu Cultural Show
Source: Chitwan Tourism

With excellent locations among Chitwan, find yourself in the heart of Tharu where you can blend into the culture. You get a short glance at the lifestyle of the Tharu community, its people, traditional attires and you can join in the dance at the end too! Tharu culture is best represented by its dance, which showcases a peacock dance. Presenting the lifestyle of the community, the Tharu cultural show is where meets all nationalities and races and is a wholesome gathering all in all. The dances are unique, intriguing and make you want to join the stage at the very end. This is something nobody should miss out on doing!

16. Devour Nepalese Momos

Nepalese Momos
Source: Emily Luxton Travels

Stop for some delicious momos in the streets when it gets chaotic and you are lost. Nepali dumplings are available almost in every decent restaurant that intensifies the air with the aroma of unfamiliar spices. Pick your favorite and dive into a world of meaty fillings and flavorful soups and sauces. They are such little pockets of delight in every mouthful that you can never have enough momos.

17, Behold the glory of Swayambhunath Monkey Temple

Swayambhunath Monkey Temple
Source: Hand Luggage Only

Wouldn’t you love to learn where the enigma of Kathmandu Valley began? A wondrous golden stupa as the Swayambhunath Monkey Temple is nothing less of a surreal beauty that stands proudly in Kathmandu. Pilgrims and tourists go there all the time to get inspired, to take in the glory of its architecture and learn the mythology surrounded by it. You must visit to experience this temple as it holds the significance of not only enriched history but of faith and peace for Buddhists and Hindus. Indicating the omnipresence of God, there are a lot of symbolic references and structures within this architecture.

Check out the other monuments like The Sleeping Buddha, the temple dedicated to Harati and the Dewa Dharma Monastery when you’re visiting this place.

18. Walk the Kingsway

The Durbar Marg
Source: Durbar Marg Online – Facebook

A street walking tour would totally delight your day and treat your eyes for checking out fancy shops. If you don’t mind the busy and chaotic in life then put on some boots and get on your energy full for a walk over Kingsway also known as the Durbar Marg.

19. Do a Rural Community Homestay

Rural Community Homestay
Source: Inside Himalayas

On your longest trek plans, you should do a rural community homestay and experience the authenticity of the rural life. You get the first-hand experience through the eyes of a villager in any of the many Nepali villages. Let the local life bond your soul to nature as you walk through muddy fields, eat foods produced over traditional stoves and pet animals.

20. Go on a Ten Day Langtang Trek

Ten Day Langtang Trek - Things to Do in Nepal
Source: Ultimate Expeditions

Let’s sign up for a long term trek in one of the world’s most beautiful valleys! Tourists usually prefer to go for the Everest Base Camp trek over trekking at the Langtang Valley so in a way it bears more advantages for you to view astounding mountain range. If you’re hiking in the spring, you’ll love the greenery of the dense alpine forests filled with oak trees. The national park that resides in this valley has monkeys, wild deer, red panda, numerous birds and even colorful lizards so taking pictures is a must! Certainly, there won’t be crowds of tourists to ruin your ten-day trek.

As you embark upon this lengthy trek, you will come across lots of friendly people in traditional villages. They will make you feel at home. You can choose to stay in tea houses if you’re not up for camping in a stranger valley. Also, try out delicious coffee in the cool weather, which will enhance your cozy experience.

21. Take in the surroundings from Nepal’s First Infinity Pool

Nepal's First Infinity Pool - Things to Do in Nepal
Source: Smart Family

Where lies the breathtaking views of the infinity pool at the top of Hotel Shambala. There is a touch of Tibetan culture that blends into lavish modernity. Fill your eyes with the view from the top as it is absolutely wonderful and one of a kind. Swim leisurely from one side to another or spend intimate moments with your spouse at the peak of summer for a refreshing getaway. If you take the time to spend some time here at the hotel, you won’t regret your stay. It’s also not too far from the airport.

22. Pack hiking gear for Poon Hill Trek Near Pokhara

Poon Hill Trek Near Pokhara - Things to Do in Nepal
Source: Tour Radar

Where sunrise meets the horizons of mountains and glides across to set beautifully in the west, you can have the best of trekking experience near Pokhara at the Poon Hill. It is a hiker’s dream come true. Moreover, it is a sweet escape from the regular things you could do around in Nepal. It is a real boost of inspiration and energy.

23. Rejuvenate in hot springs of the Annapurna Circuit

The Hot Springs of Tatopani - Things to Do in Nepal
Source: Cathay Pacific

Among the mind-blowing scenic wonders, take a chance to soak in the hot springs of Tatopani. It is quite popular and close to Nepal and Tibet border. If you’ve been trekking along the Annapurna Circuit or just have body pain from before, the high mineral content of this hot spring will do magic for your body. This one is known for its healing and medicinal benefits. This gorgeous place also has saunas and swimming areas.

24. Reflect on life at Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath Temple - Things to Do in Nepal
Source: Wikipedia

Get spiritual and somber on a sunny day’s visit to the unshaken Pashupatinath Temple. This pagoda-style temple has been important to Hindus and Buddhists and was dedicated to Lord Shiva. You can absolutely feel a spiritual energy when you enter the temple, and have an amazing darshan with family members.

25. Bargain in Thamel

Thamel - Things to Do in Nepal
Source: Holidify

You’re in a culture-filled country, why wouldn’t you want to shop and haggle like a pro? Up next, we want you to go shopping at Thamel, a popular tourist place! Buy a variety of jewelry, shirts, shawls, and handicrafts all while you enjoy small eateries from this spot! Let Thamel uplift your mood as you shop the best by bargaining for low prices.

26. Go off-trail to Budhanilkantha

Budhanilkantha - Things to Do in Nepal
Source: Hotel Holiday Taj Nepal

Get the ultimate essence of local customs after a shopping experience at Thamel. Visit a godly place with a sleeping Vishnu in it, where birds chirp and waters ripple in blues. It is Budhanilkantha, which means “old blue throat”. It has the largest stone statue carved out of black and in full glory. You’ll love to do darshan or watch others worship Vishnu’s appearance.

27. Be a daredevil through the bat cave

The Bat Cave - Things to Do in Nepal
Source: Alexey Komarov – Flickr

Grab a ticket that comes with a torch through the bat cave in Pokhara. It isn’t for the faint of heart or those with claustrophobia. However if a narrow tunnel full of bats hanging from the ceiling sounds like a haunted and exhilarating experience you’d love to encounter, then what are you waiting for?

28. Get thrilled at a hotel staycation

Hotel staycation Nagarkot - Things to Do in Nepal

You don’t necessarily need to hike down Nagarkhot to experience its amazingness. Take some time off of the regular trip and spend time at a pine-facing hotel in Nagarkot. You’ll get amazing views of the Himalayas and a Pine Forest at the Peaceful Cottage and Cafe Du Mont. Enjoy a wonderful breakfast, stunning views from the window of a large room and a panoramic view from its rooftop!

29. Discover Kathmandu on a bike

Kathmandu on a bike - Things to Do in Nepal
Source: Above the Himalaya Trekking

Whether you are a professional or just passionate, let your wheels travel on the outskirts of Kathmandu, a cyclist’s paradise. You can discover heritage, enjoy a fully guided tour or explore all on your own. Experience energy and chaos within the colors which is all but a bittersweet journey across this culturally-rich city. The off beaten roads will challenge you as you stop by for wonderful food through historical cities. As you take a sweet descend around the valley, you may come across flora of beauty and splendid views of mountains and forests. In between you can always stop for tea and lunch in the winds of glory. Just rent a good cycle for as low as $5 and go on a fun-filled adventure.

30. Get wild with White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting - Things to Do in Nepal
Source: Himalaya Journey

With Nepal’s numerous rivers, white water rafting is quite the experience to tick off of your bucket list this tourist season! You get to take a break from trekking and work up your adrenaline to test your limits. After an extreme sport, you can set up camp with the gang and enjoy a BBQ to end a great trip.

On our list, we haven’t included the traditional Nepali treks but of the prime ones you shouldn’t miss out on. Even if you get tired from hiking, we made sure your trip is packed with various wild and even serene activities to dive into!

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