10 Best Things to do in Obihiro | Japan

10 Best Things to do in Obihiro

Hokkaido is home to the beautiful town of Obihiro. Back in the day, this region was given plenty of importance as part of the Takachi Plain region. Nowadays, the town gives a mellow vibe to its visitors. There are still aspects of the town to explore so, here are the 10 best things to do in Obihiro:

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10 Best Things to do in Obihiro | Japan

1. Attend the Banei Horse Race

Banei Horse Race
Source: Good!Hokkaido!(グッド!北海道!)

Back in the day, horses were the most important mode of transport and still houses plenty of horses on farms. Horse breeding may not be as popular now as it was back in the day. There are enough horses to sign yourself up for a horse ride tour. The picturesque view that visitors get to see across the farms while riding a horse amazes them every time.

There is an even more popular horse-related attraction in Obihiro. It is the horse racing tracks that generate all the buzz. During the wintertime, the town’s residents visit the tracks to enjoy horse races.

2. Visit the Obihiro Horse Museum

Obihiro Horse Museum
Source: インテリげんちゃん

Obihiro is not done with horses since there is a horse museum near the Banei Race Course. The museum takes its visitors on a ride through the history of horse racing in Obihiro. You will also receive an explanation as to what makes horses so important within this region. There is a section for the Banba horses that were bred to serve a special purpose.

The special-purpose entails working on the land and pulling the sleds. There is one aspect of the museum which can annoy visitors, which is the signage. Nearly all of the signage is written in Japanese so, it is impossible to understand them.

3. Visiting the Kofuku Station

Visiting the Kofuku Station
Source: Captain76

The country is full of beautiful stations and the Kofuku station ranks among the top ones. Kofuku station is well-known inside Obihiro for being a film shoot location. It has a picturesque view that inspires couples to flock there and take romantic photos. So, you are likely to find many people swarming inside when you visit the station.

4. Exploring the Obihiro Zoo

Obihiro Zoo
Source: good-hokkaido

The town is famous for the Obihiro Zoo as well. Some species inside the zoo are only available in the Northern region of the country. One of those rare species is the snow monkey. Northern creatures are not the only attractions of the zoo.

You can find different animals from different corners of the globe like elephants and giraffes. When you feel overwhelmed by the zoo, you can stroll around the Midorigaoka Park nearby.

5. Strolling through parks

Midorigaoka Park
Source: 663highland

Midorigaoka Park is a famous park in Obihiro but, it is not the only one. There are plenty of parks worth visiting inside the town. Visitors still take a special liking to the Midorigaoka Park due to its green lawns. When you enter the park, you are likely to come across a memorial hall with a picturesque view.

However, if the Midorigaoka Park overwhelms you, then visit the Shichiku Garden. The garden’s model is inspired by a conventional English garden. There is local wildlife inside the garden such as, squirrels that roam freely.

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6. Visit Lake Shikaribetsu

Lake Shikaribetsu
Source: TiptoeingWorld

If you want to get out of Obihiro and explore the wider region, you have to visit Lake Shikaribetsu. The lake belongs inside the Daisetsuzan National Park and is worth an entire day’s trip. You have the chance to take a canoe to the water. Taking in the scenic view from the river ranks highly among the 10 best things to do.

Additionally, you can make the trip even more memorable with a ride on a hot air balloon. Visitors get to ascend over the lake, soaring and taking in the sweeping view.

7. Touring the Centennial Museum

Centennial Museum
Source: Fern Camacho

The Centennial Museum is located quite close to the Midorigaoka Park. This museum is quite informative and fills visitors in on the archaeological value of Obihiro. Many moving displays represent relics from the past, for instance, tools, pottery, ceramics, and customary weapons. A visit to the Centennial Museum changes the way visitors view this region of Hokkaido.

The museum is successful in showing visitors the other side of Obihiro.

8. Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate Tasting

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Well, if you are one of these individuals who has a strong affection for it then you are in luck. Hokkaido is pretty famous in Japan for the dairy industry. You can find many mouth-watering regional chocolates to buy and keep as mementos.

There are many different types of chocolates which are very popular in the region. One of the most famous chocolates is the strawberry chocolate. The ingredients for making the chocolate include the local strawberries. These strawberries are dipped inside white and milk chocolate.

You can also find a special edition of Kit Kats sold only inside Hokkaido. The local brand of chocolates is just as good if not better.

9. Soaking in the Hot Springs

Hot Springs Obihiro
Source: www.yamsafer.com

No matter which region you visit in Japan, you will find hot springs there. Obihiro is no different and has a reputation for having some of the best traditional hot springs. The Midorigaoka Onsen is a well-renowned hot spring in this region while the Shirakaba Onsen is not far behind. Besides, you can soak in a hot spring at the hotel you stay in.

Soaking in the hot spring is one of the better ways to unwind yourself on a long tour. It acts as the perfect break between the continuous sightseeing. What’s more, you are sure to have renewed energy.

10. Trip to Daisetsuzan Mountains

Daisetsuzan Mountains
Source: alpsdake

Do you want to set foot outside of Obihiro but not go somewhere too far? Well, you can visit the Daisetsuzan Mountains in that case. The mountains offer a majestic view of Obihiro and elsewhere. You can take part in several activities when you reach there.

Mountain climbing is an enjoyable and thrilling activity that you can enjoy at the Daisetsuzan Mountains. If you want the trip to be even more memorable, you can also go on a horse ride down the mountain path.

To conclude, Obihiro welcomes its visitors with open arms. There are so many fun activities to take part in that it becomes an unforgettable experience.

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