10 Best Things To Do in Oita Prefecture, Japan | Do Not Miss The Onsens!

Things to do in Oita Prefecture

People visit the island of Kyushu mostly to check out the Oita Prefecture. The one thing that is always popular in Oita Prefecture is the onsens. There are more activities to do here as well. With that in mind, here are the 10 best things to do in Oita Prefecture:

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10 Best Things To Do in Oita Prefecture | Japan

1. Visiting Harajiri no Taki

Harajiri no Taki
Source: Ilias Katsouras – Flickr

It is a huge waterfall in this region. Harajiri no Taki is covered with abundant rice fields, falling from nearly 20m in height. The residents of Japan regularly vote for it as number one among all the waterfalls. Your journey to the waterfall involves getting up on a bridge.

When you are up on the bridge, you will be able to view water falling in its truest form. The best time to visit the waterfall is in spring. During this season, the neighboring countryside will explode into an uproar of colors.

2. Visiting Taketa                 

Source: Discover Oita

Taketa is located outside of Kyushu and lies close to Oita. It is the perfect getaway for those who wish to step outside Kyushu for a bit. A journey by train to Taketa is highly recommended. You can admire the picturesque from inside the train as you make your trip to this beautiful spot.

You can find onsens in this small village including a former castle. The castle may be in ruins but is crumbling with grace. When you make your visit to the Oita Prefecture in November, you should visit Taketa. During this month, the people of Taketa observe the light festival.

With bamboo poles erected everywhere with a candle on top, the light festival creates a magnificent sight.

3. Visit Usuki

Source: japan – 100 hidden towns

Usuki is quite famous for the beautiful castle located there. There are carvings of Buddha made out of stone along the cliff sides. You can walk along the area by the cliffs, admiring the Buddha statues at Usuki.

When you get hungry, try out some miso paste. The miso paste has been a part of Usuki and the Oita Prefecture for more than 400 years. Additionally, Usuki treats its visitors to ice creams with the miso paste flavor.

4. Spelunking at Inazumi Underwater Limestone Caves

Inazumi Underwater Limestone Caves
Source: THE GATE

The caves are widely considered as the biggest stalactite caves of the country. These caves are estimated to have existed for ages now. A volcanic explosion is said to be the reason for its inception.

There has been some volcanic activity in the recent past. Due to it, the caves are now full of water. Visitors still have the chance to enter the top section of a few chambers.

5. Bathe at the Onsens of Beppu

Onsens of Beppu - Things to do in Oita Prefecture
Source: Living + Nomads

Onsens are the conventional hot springs. In every part of Japan, you are going to find one of these hot springs at the very least. However, the onsens of Beppu are in a league of their own.

Many local travelers visit Kyushu to dip their toes in a hot spring. They may let their tiredness be soaked away just like that in Beppu. It is one activity that our visitors never skip.

6. Visit Yufuin

Mount Yufuin - Things to do in Oita Prefecture
Source: GaijinPot Travel

Yufuin is a magical town inside Oita Prefecture. One of the main reasons people visit this town is Mount Yufuin. It is important to note that, Mount Yufuin stands alone in the region.

You can try out some of the onsens at Yufuin but, there are many more fun-filled activities. There are many places to shop for souvenirs. One such place is called Yunokaido and is widely renowned for the local crafts. If you ever thought about making chopsticks on your own, then you have come to the right place.

There are places in Yufuin where you can learn how to blow glass. The result of this process is a shiny and decorative ornament.

7. Climb Up a Mountain

Mount Yufu - Things to do in Oita Prefecture
Source: Japan Travel

You can extend your visit to Yufuin by visiting Mount Yufu. If you have an interest in hiking mountains, you can hike Mount Yufu. The summit of Mount Yufu can seem a long way away if your fitness level is low.

Usually, a fit person needs nearly two hours while the complete trip takes five hours. Of course, the duration of the complete trip depends completely on your level of fitness. The journey to the summit of Mount Yufu can seem hard but the result is satisfying.

When you reach the summit, the view above the city will leave you stunned.

8. Observe the Exhibits of Kuju Park

Kuju Park - Things to do in Oita Prefecture
Source: Matcha-jp

The park is a beautiful establishment inside the city. Kuju Flower Park is massive, covering more than 200,000sqm. More than 500 distinctive species are blooming in the park. You can find gorgeous flowers blooming whenever you visit the park.

Some of those blooms are lavenders, roses, tulips as well as sunflowers. As such, the view inside Kuju Flower Park is going to leave visitors stunned and at a loss for words.

9. Visit Usa Shrine

Usa Shrine - Things to do in Oita Prefecture

Usa Shrine is the best place to head to for people wanting to learn all about the Oita Prefecture. There is a huge complex as well, dating back more than a millennium ago. It is the Shinto Shrine.

You can head to the main hall here and observe a few artworks available. It is also the best place to learn a little bit about Oita Prefecture’s history. The Shrine holds a festival each year where they release birds. It is bound to lead to a delightful experience among the 10 best things to do in Oita Prefecture.

10. Tour Nakatsu

Yabekai Gorge - Things to do in Oita Prefecture
Source: Wikipedia

The town of Nakatsu is situated in the middle of Oita and Fukuoka. Nakatsu is a historically important region of the country. There is a range of activities for visitors to participate in at Yabekai Gorge in Nakatsu.

You can enjoy water skiing at Yabekai Gorge. Ice skating is another fun activity that you can engage in when winter arrives. Additionally, Nakutsu offers a large area to go hiking.

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To conclude, there is a wide range of activities here which will help you to make beautiful memories. So, you can easily finish the 10 best things to do in Oita Prefecture and have a wonderful trip.

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