10 Best Things to Do in Okinawa, Japan | Perfect For Summer Vacation

Okinawa Prefecture is located in Southern Japan consisting of over 160 islands. This is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in Japan that attracts both local and international tourists every year. The stunning beaches, turquoise-colored water, and sunny weather with jaw-dropping natural beauty fascinate the visitors. The top attractions in Okinawa are world-class reports, serene islands with unique traditions and a wide range of local dishes. Below is the list of top 10 things to do in Okinawa:

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10 Best Things to Do in Okinawa | Japan

1. Visit Iriomote

Source: Escapism Magazine

Iriomote Island is the second-biggest island after the primary island of Okinawa, and a fortune trove of nature as most of the island is shrouded in the wilderness. The ocean, mountains, streams, cascades, and a wide range of living animals carry a particular appeal to Iriomote Island. Visiting this place is an excellent way to observe the scenic beauty of the rural side in Okinawa. The island is covered with bushy forests and lush greenery that marvels at the tourists. In Iriomote you can hike or trek through the jungle or go bushwhacking.

2. Visit Cape Manza

Cape Manza
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Located near Onna village, Cape Manza is a rock formation that is best known for its stunning view. You can observe the raging waves falling into the elephant-shaped cliff and a dazzling view of the emerald green ocean. If you are an adventure seeker then good news for you as there are facilities to do snorkeling and diving. It is best to visit this place during the sunset.

3. Visit Shuri Castle

Shuri Castle
Source: Nippon

Shuri Castle, a former royal palace, is one of the most significant monuments of Okinawa. This magnificent castle was destroyed in 1945, during World War two and was rebuilt again in the early 90s. The palace located in Naha city was recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Site soon after reconstruction. The architectural structure of this place attracts the tourists and leaves them spellbound.

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4. Stay at World’s Class Resort

World's Class Resort
Source: Agoda

Okinawa is home to some of the best high-end resorts in the whole world. If you want to relax and unwind then make sure to book your accommodation at the seaside. The breath-taking view of the beach and top-notch services and facilities of the resorts create a tempting combination for the visitors.

5. Enjoy bird watching on Kume

Kume Island
Source:Ippei & Janine Naoi – Flickr

Kume Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Okinawa. Unique wildlife, a wide range of local plants and tropical trees attracts the nature enthusiast. This island is also a national park and home to numerous birds of rare species. You can trek through the luxuriant foliage and get a sight of birds hiding behind the grasses and bushes.

6. Visit the Yonaguni Ruins 

Yonaguni Ruins - Things to Do in Okinawa
Source: divemasterking2000 – Flickr

Yonaguni island is closer to Taiwan and most known for its scuba diving facilities. The island features incredible underwater ruins and some ancient solid rocks. If you are looking for a remote island to relax then head to the Yonaguni Ruins. The serene environment, crystal clear water, and white sand will help you heal from your weariness.

7. Swim with Manta Rays at Ishigaki Island

Manta Rays at Ishigaki Island - Things to Do in Okinawa
Source: Prime Scuba Ishigaki

The manta rays of Ishigaki Island are one of the major attractions for the tourists. You can snorkel and dive in many islands of Okinawa, but if you want a majestic bunch of Manta Rays as companions then head to Ishigaki Island. You will get to meet this magnificent creature under the crystal color water and swim together through the sea. The best time to join them is in summer when the weather is at its best.

8. Try some Local Snacks

Yaeyama noodles - Things to Do in Okinawa
Source: Visit Ishigaki

Okinawa is famous for being home to some unique cuisines that don’t exist anywhere else. It would be a shame if you don’t try the local dishes such as Yaeyama noodles, Refute, Go-ya Champuru, etc while in Okinawa. Okinawans tend to put lots of leafy greens in almost every meal. This is the reason they age incredibly well. But if you crave junk foods in Okinawa then get yourself a wagyu burger. Black Wagyu beef is one of the best local delicacies that are tasty and non-greasy. The majority of the tourists come to Japan hoping to eat sushi but pork rules in Okinawa. It implies that you will get to gulp down some mouth-watering pork dishes here.

9. Visit Kouri Island and Kouri Bridge

Kouri Island - Things to Do in Okinawa
Source: OkinawaTraveler

If you are planning a sweet holiday with your loved one in Okinawa, then head to Kouri Island. This island is not so far from Okinawa and easily accessible. The main island and Kouri Island connects by the Kouri bridge, one of the most striking bridges in Japan to cross by. The most popular spot on this island is “The Heart Rock”. These heart-shaped rocks elevate the beauty of this island to another level. So, if you are making plans to visit a remote island with transparent emerald water and breath-taking view make sure to visit Kouri Island.

10. Visit a pineapple themed park

pineapple themed park - Things to Do in Okinawa
Source: KLOOK

In Okinawa, there is a complete park dedicated to pineapples. The affirmation pass to the recreation center comes with a ride for a programmed vehicle through pineapple fields and a tropical nursery, and an adjoining gift shop that offers guests the opportunity to test pineapple items. You can try some pineapple wines, juices, cakes, chocolates, and dried pineapple in your visit. During specific seasons, you can additionally observe how pineapples are stripped, cut and canned in a little manufacturing plant nearby.  Visiting this theme park can be a delightful experience for you and your kids.

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To Conclude, with most popular diving spots with splendid blue waters, and first-class cuisines, it’s nothing unexpected that Okinawa is frequently alluded to as Japanese Hawaii. You should visit this picturesque city at least once if you happen to be in Japan. So, don’t forget to do the things mentioned above to have a spectacular trip to Okinawa.

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