30 Things to Do in Palawan Island, The Philippines

The Philippines is home to many different kinds of islands. Each island is a piece of paradise in the middle of the Philippines. If you are visiting the Philippines you might not be able to visit every island there, but the Palawan is a must-visit the site for tourists. Among the things to do in Palawan Island, the Philippines; you will certainly find an activity that fits your personality and mesmerizes you. When visitors go to a place, they look for experiences that they can carry for the rest of their lives. Material things do not have the same appeal as activities do.

Palawan Island has places to visit, place for swimming and scuba diving and you can shop around in the bustling market! It is a beautiful sight in the Philippines bound to impress you. If you are visiting the Palawan anytime soon you will love the activities we have listed for you.

Palawan Island will impress everyone equally with its natural flora and fauna. Below is the list of activities you can enjoy in Palawan Island.

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30 Things to Do in Palawan Island, The Philippines

1. Go Scuba Diving at the Beautiful El Nido

Source: FLickr “ok2smile”

Scuba diving is a fun thing to do during vacations. But most places in the world will not give you the luxury of scuba diving. You will be able to go scuba diving in almost every island of the Philippines, including Palawan Island.

The beauty you will witness here is something out of the world. You will get to see the colorful starfishes and marine corals. An underwater cliff of 5p meters along with an underwater tunnel of 12 meters makes El Nido a popular site for scuba diving.

2. Go Touring around Islands

Source: Flickr “rsilva444”

Honda Bay is only 45 minutes away from the city of Palawan. If you would like to visit many islands in a single day, you can go island hopping from here. As the name suggests; island hopping is going from one island to another. In this tour, you will hop around in the Cowrie Island, Starfish Island, Luli Island, Verde Island and Pandan Island. The famous resort called Dos Palmas is situated in Verde Island. You can rest there if you would like.

3. Explore the Beaches around El Nido

Source: Flickr “Glen Wash Ivanovic”

El Nido is not just for scuba diving. The beached around this water body is equally impressive. They are bound to mesmerize you and make you feel like you are in heaven. The marine life, the sun glistening on the sand and the vast water body in front is a piece of art.

Nacpan Beach is one of the most beautiful among all in this area. It is only 4-kilometers and is filled with beautiful coconut trees.

4. Have Adventurous Activities in Ugong Rock Palawan Island

Source: Flickr “Ryan George Francisco”

Although it sounds like a man-made place, Ugong Rock is formed with the hands of God. The rock gives you the opportunity to do many versatile activities safely. You can enjoy zip-lining, trekking and crawling through the jungle. It is a nice change as most islands of the Philippines have more beaches than jungles.

The tour company Ugong Rock Adventures has a triple threat adventurous plan that is loved by tourists and locals alike. You should definitely try this once!

5. Challenge Yourself in the Tabon Caves of Palawan Island

Source: Flickr “achidave07”

One of the very fun things to do in Palawan Island, the Philippines. The tabon caves (Diwata Cave & Liyang Cave) is huge and has high value to historians. This is one of the places where human civilization first set foot in. Not only will the appearance of the cave give you chills, but the story behind it is also thrilling enough as well. You will enjoy going to this site for sure. It is beautiful as any other site in Palawan and great for taking pictures!

6. Go Fishing in the Picturesque Port Barton

Source: Flickr “Gemma Gormley”

Port Barton is a small town. The people here mostly fish. So if you are into fishing, you will love this place. This place is not as crowded as El Nido, not as expensive and not many shops here either. Anyone who is looking for a getaway from the bustling sites, they can come here and enjoy nature in peace. The sun shines brightly over Port Barton. This is a great place to visit.

7. Visit the Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center of Palawan Island

Source: Flickr “Michael Roger Denne”

The world is talking about endangered animals and their preservation today. You can witness it firsthand in this center. The center is home to many endangered species in the Philippines and is trying to make them flourish again.

There is a crocodile farm and the center also has hornbills. The trainers here raise these animals from infant to adulthood with love and care. You can also visit the museum in this center to learn more about endangered species.

8. Treat Yourself in the Famous Baker’s Hill

Source: Flickr “Richard Raba”

Baker’s Hill is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Palawan Island. You can give this place a visit anytime you want and they will have something delicious for you to devour. Not only the food but also the beauty of this site is praiseworthy. Among all the natural sites in Palawan, Baker’s Hill is still visited for its good food and scenic beauty.

The locals often come here to have dinner or just for having delicious coffee. You can also observe beautiful peacocks roaming around the area.

9. Purchase Fresh Groceries in the San Jose

Source: Budget your trip

San Jose is like the target of Palawan. You can find the best ingredients for cooking up a delicious meal at the cheapest price in this market. If you have rented an Airbnb for staying in Palawan and would love to cook in your kitchen, come here for the ingredients.

You will find fresh fish including shrimps and crabs in the market at a very affordable price. Poultry is sold in pieces so you don’t have to worry about storage.

10. Devour Filipino Delicacy- the Tamilok

Source: Simply Palawan

Tamilok is local food in the Philippines. Even many restaurants in other countries do not have this dish. The dish is a mollusk that is found in the trees of mangrove forests. Tamilok does not look very appealing but does not judge a book by its cover. It tastes good and the locals love it. Do not try tamilok from the roadside street carts; try this delicious food in a restaurant.

Trying new food adds to your experiences and this will definitely be a different one.

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11. Attend the Tour Around Puerto Princesa

If you have a tour guide, you can ask them about city tours on Palawan Island. It might seem like you are rushing the journey by visiting many areas in one day, but it’s actually not. City tours are fun and effective. The city tour of Puerto Princesa is an enjoyable one as well!

The tour also takes place by using tricycle taxis. You will visit historical places on this tour and also have the opportunity to visit the crocodile farm.

12. Hike and Paddle through the Underground River

- things to do in Palawan Island
Source: Flickr “paweesit”

The world’s longest underground river is situated in the Palawan Island. And you can paddle through its one end to the other! Reaching this river requires hiking as well so it is incorporating different adventurous activities. The river is 8.2 kilometers long so paddling through it takes time.

You will also meet friendly monkeys who often like being fed on the way to this river. It is certainly one of the best things to do in Palawan Island, the Philippines.

13. Explore the Home of Starfishes in Palawan Island

- things to do in Palawan Island
Source: Flickr “phrilestravelcrib”

We are talking about the most exciting Starfish Island! You are going to have to watch your steps very carefully as you visit this island. There are so many adorable starfishes here that you will never want to leave. The fishes living in Palawan waters are most colorful. The starfishes are no different. You will see even purple colored starfish moving around the island freely. Blue Linckia is a rare blue starfish that has made this site its home as well.

14. Mesmerize Yourself in the Tubbataha Reef 

- things to do in Palawan Island
Source: Flickr “Colin”

Situated in the center of the Sulu Sea, the Tubbata Reef is one of the most exciting places you can visit in Palawan. The reef is home to the most versatile of marine species. The reef was not discovered much long ago. It is home to sharks, manta rays, sea turtles and species that you have never seen before. It is a must-visit for tourists. You will have to go with a group like this in the middle of the sea.

15. Visit the Bakbakan Falls

- things to do in Palawan Island
Source: Flickr “yoorekka”

Palawan Island is not only home to the beaches; it has some beautiful falls too. Bakbakan falls is one of them. The fall is situated in Brooke’s Point. Reaching the fall is an adventure itself too. You will need a guide to get there. Tourists get to cycle in a tricycle through the jungles to reach this beautiful site. The Mainit Hot Springs is nearby so you can swim and dip in there after relaxing in the fall. The fall is a massive 64-meters water body.

16. Witness Paradise on Earth in Estrella Falls

Source: @ren21_donaire

The fall looks like a scene out of movies. The water comes spiraling down through dark stones. The best thing about this fall is that you can actually swim in the water! The water is cold and feels nice during summer. The fall is 20-foot and it comes down to two different pools. If you are vacationing with your friends, you should definitely visit this fall!

The pools are spacious and enough for people to splash around. Usually, it is not very crowded so you can enjoy your time.

17. Buy Authentic Pearls in Palawan Island

- things to do in Palawan Island
Source: Flickr “gogo159”

As the Palawan Island is filled with marine life, pearl is very abundant here. You can buy real pearls at a very cheaper rate in the shops on this island. The pearls are mostly real too as the local divers pick them.

A tricycle would be able to take you to the shops if you ask the driver. There are many pearl shops in Palawan Island but obviously, the locals know better than you. Usually, a single pearl is not sold in the shops, you can buy bracelets or necklaces here.

18. Go to the Fun-Filled Tay Tay!

Source: Flickr “Raphael Bick”

This site is located below El Nido and is an excellent place for taking photographs. The Spanish invaded this area during the 17th century. This place is a witness to these historical events. It is very beautiful and you can see a vast open water body from up above in Tay Tay. The “Fuerza de Santa Isabel” fortress is also worth visiting here. St. Niño and St. Joseph churches can be visited as well when you are roaming around. If the place really impresses you, you can stay in a luxurious bungalow at a very affordable rate!

19. Kayaking Under Night Sky Palawan Island

- things to do in Palawan Island
Source: Hello PH

This is one of the most thrilling and beautiful things you can do on Palawan Island. Kayaking at night will not only let you feel the water in the dark but you will be surrounded by the fireflies! What can be more magical than this? If you are visiting Palawan with your significant other, this is something you must do.

Go to the Palawan Ecotourism center for directions and they will arrange everything.

20. Incorporate Jungles and Sandy Beaches in Nagkalit-kalit 

- things to do in Palawan Island
Source: Youtube “Corrupted Video”

The Nagkalit-kalit is a waterfall near El Nido. You will hike to this site through some riverbeds and soil paths. The hike takes only 20 minutes and when you arrive you will see that there are actually two waterfalls in this area. You can take a dip in the cool pool to refresh yourself after a hike. Nactan Beach is nearby so you can visit it afterward as well.

This place is wholesome and will give you a feeling of belongingness. You will hear the jungle around you and can soon see the ocean on the beach.

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21. Enjoy Live Music in the Tiki Resto Bar

Source: Palawan Paradise

Nightlife in any Philippine beach is very enjoyable. If you want to party after basking in nature all day, this is the bar you go to. You can enjoy live music, cocktails, and dance around freely in this very fun eclectic place. The dancing laser lights give this place an upbeat look which is bound to lift your mood up. Unlike many other bars, the food here is great. So you can just come here to enjoy food and live music if you want.

22. Visit Simizu Island Palawan 

- things to do in Palawan Island
Source: Flickr “frenchgirlinhongkong”

Simizu Island is one of a kind place to visit in Palawan Island. The island has friendly fishes living in its waters. You can roam around a boat on this island and touch the fishes through the water. It is an enthralling sight to see animals actually bonding with you. Island Hopping includes this island but we recommend you to visit this in a day. Including other island visiting along with this mesmerizing site does not seem fair.

You can rent a boat to go to Simizu Island. The fishes are colorful and very vivid to look at.

23. Visit the Barren and Beautiful land of Roxas

Source: Flickr “perry aragon”

If you are looking for a place that is not visited by the tourists often, Roxas is definitely one of them. You can visit this site at any time of the day. The site does not have much greenery, it is just sand.

The site actually has many hidden treasures. It might look plain and unappealing from afar but you need to dig up to see the beauties. You can take a walk to the beautiful waterfalls nearby called Matalangaw Falls and Umalad Falls. The walk will introduce you to many species living in the jungle of Palawan Island.

24. Busuanga Island- Experience Wreck Diving in Heaven

- things to do in Palawan Island
Source: Flickr “Gabriel Yumul”

If you have ever seen the pictures of Busuanga Island, you will need no introduction. The island is so beautiful that even its photos will make you feel refreshed. Imagine actually getting to enjoy wreck diving in this place.

The wreck dives occur in one of the most legendary historical places. Japanese wrecked ships that suffered an aerial attack in 1944 are used for wreck diving here. This is a chilling experience for any adventurous soul.

25. Visit the Beautiful Horses of Mitra Ranch

- things to do in Palawan Island
Source: Flickr “Moises De Ocampo”

You can spend a beautiful sunny day on this ranch. The ranch actually values its animals. If you can ride a horse, they will let you ride one around for PHP 50. The ranch is an excellent picnic spot for families. You just need to pay a minimal entry fee.

The ranch also has a zip line situated nearby. You can go and enjoy your time there and be back to the ranch for relaxing. If you have kids, you should definitely try this. This is definitely one of the things to do in Palawan Island, the Philippines.

26. Visit Coron Bay

Source: Flickr “Joseph Ferris III”

Coron Bay is situated near Busuanga Island. This bay actually has more shipwrecks than that of Busuanga Island. You can go wreck diving here as well. The shipwrecks look like something out of dreams. The irons are rusty and old and most of the ships are broken into pieces. These sites speak about the horrors of war.

You will also see colorful fishes swimming around happily in the shipwreck. It is certainly a very unique and different site. You and your friends or family will definitely enjoy visiting this place.

27. Spend a Day with Animals in the Calauit Safari Park Palawan Island

- things to do in Palawan Island
Source: Flickr “Max Reyes”

Covering 37 sq km of Calauit Island, this safari park is home to many happy animals. The animals are taken good care of. The safari park lets these animals roam freely and you can only observe them from afar. There are monkeys, giraffes, zebras and waterbucks along with crocodiles and other local animals in this safari. You will certainly get to know about many new species of animals while visiting this park. There are all-day trips and also trips which last overnight.

28. Take Beautiful Photographs in the Honda Bay

Source: flickr “Ray in Manila”

If you are tired after all the hiking and visiting beaches all day, you can visit Honda Bay for a calm and quiet evening. The bay is a recreational and fishing spot. Locals fish here for selling their caught fishes in the market as well. It is silent also because of that, as people talking too much can scare away the fishes.

If you would like, you can rent the bay for one day and enjoy your time fully alone there. The site itself might not be very impressive but the view it offers is breathtaking.

29. Witness the Beauty of Fresh Water in Kayangan Lake

- things to do in Palawan Island
Source: Flickr “Joseph Manahan”

This lake is famous all over the world. You can see the ground underwater and fishes swimming in it as it is so clean. The water looks like glass. This is certainly one of the best things to do in Palawan Island, the Philippines.

There is also a cave in the mountain top over the lake. But tourists are not allowed to enter the cave.

30. Go around Palawan Island in a Bike

Source: FLickr “Chino Esguerra”

If you would love to visit the city and shop around without a tour guide or tricycles, you can rent a bike. Roaming around in a bike is fun itself so if you are doing it around the beautiful Palawan it is bound to make you happy. You can rent one bike with the only 300PHP for a whole day!

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To Conclude, Palawan Island is full of charms to mesmerize you every minute. Enjoy the journey you will have in this beautiful place to the fullest! Be mindful of nature as well.

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