10 Best Things to Do in Pangkor Island | Malaysia

InSituated in the straits of Melaka, the magnificent Pangkor Island is among the smallest islands of Malaysia. Despite its small stature, the island offers a whole host of activities for tourists. This place is particularly applauded for its colonial forts, diverse wildlife, and beautiful beaches. You also get to experience a rich and only native culture to this island. This article discusses the 10 best things the spectacular Pangkor Island is known for.

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10 Best Things to Do in Pangkor Island | Malaysia

1. Trek across the astonishing Bukit Pangkor.

Trek across the astonishing Bukit Pangkor.
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Bukit Pangkor is a well-liked rainforest in Pangkor Island, and it is particularly noted for its dense vegetation, serene atmosphere, and a diverse range of wildlife. The trail following this fantastic nature reserve is long, and you can expect to spend about an hour to overcome it.

Many visitors might be reluctant to hike across this trail. Moreover, the scenery makes the journey worthwhile. Several path markers have been strategically placed to guide you through the entire jungle. If you are up for a challenge, you can also take the trail leading up to Pasir Bogak.

2. Learn the history behind the Old Dutch Fort.

Learn the history behind the Old Dutch Fort
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If you want to know more about the region’s colonial influence, then come on down to the historic Dutch Fort. Constructed in 1670, the Dutch Fort is among Malaysia’s earliest archaeological ruins.

The purpose of this fort had been to stock up on mined tin, which was an essential resource to the Dutch. To safeguard these valuable assets, the Dutch also equipped the Fort with cannons to fight against raiders and thieves.

3. Play with Hornbills at Sunset View Chalet.

Play with Hornbills at Sunset View Chalet.
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Hornbills have certain characteristics that distinguish them from the other endemic bird species of Pangkor Island. They are notable to possess thick beaks, strong legs, and colorful fur. If you have a fascination with these devils, you would have a swell time visiting Sunset View Chalet.

The owner of this establishment is very hospitable. He will not only allow you to observe the birds but also feed them at certain times of the day. Drop by this place around 6:30 PM to feed both Oriental Pied hornbills and Lesser Hornbills.

4. Take a stroll at the mesmerizing Coral Beach.

Take a stroll at the mesmerizing Coral Beach.
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The coral beach is well-recognized in the vicinity of Pangkor Island. This outstanding beach is only a short distance from Nipah bay, and it is famous for featuring long stretches of plain white sand encompassed by a pristine coastline.

There are numerous palm trees scattered throughout the area, and you will notice a few hammocks for you to lie down and enjoy the gentle breeze. If you visit this place around the evening, you will be treated to the view of an extraordinary sunset.

5. Check out the vibrant Chinatown.

Pangkor Island’s Chinatown
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Pangkor Island’s Chinatown is one of the liveliest and colorful places you will find in all of Malaysia. This place is occupied by several traditional Chinese houses on the alternate sides of a red brick road. Nearly all the houses have red lanterns swinging from the terrace.

The roads are well-maintained and you will see plenty of colorful decorations around you that will entice you to take your phone out and take pictures. Afterward, visit the different Chinese restaurants in the area to enjoy exquisite Chinese cuisine.

6. Visit the humongous Foo Lin Kong Temple.

Visit the humongous Foo Lin Kong Temple
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While you’re still in Chinatown, keep some spare time at hand to check out the massive Foo Ling Kong Temple. Lying in the center of Chinatown, you will notice that archways painted blue and red adorn the entrance to the temple.

The interior of the temple boasts several Buddhist artifacts and statues and Taoist relics. As you explore the rightmost segment of the temple, you will see a remarkable imitation of the Great Wall of China.

7. Paddle in the pristine waters of Pangkor Island.

pristine waters of Pangkor Island
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There are plenty of kayak rental services throughout Pangkor Island, where you can obtain a kayak at a very affordable rate. To fully explore every nook and cranny of this wonderful island, you will need to use a kayak.

You can journey to the island’s northern region, known for its beautiful hills and immaculate beaches. If you fancy scuba diving, paddle to the marvelous Pulau Giam. Kayaking is the best way to gain access to unreachable and protected areas of the island.

8. Dine at the Fisherman’s Cove.

Fisherman’s Cove
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Situated in the adjacent Pangkor Laut Island, Fisherman’s Cove has recently become a well-recognized fine dining restaurant serving top-notch seafood. If you plan on visiting this place, you need to keep a few things in mind.

The restaurant follows a strict business casual dress code, and you won’t be allowed entry if you’re wearing flip flops and swimsuits. In addition, try out their famous seafood pyramid featuring an outstanding range of seafood dishes and end your meal with a delicious chocolate brownie.

9. Scale Pangkor Hill.

Scale Pangkor Hill
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Encircled by dense foliage, the Pangkor hill boasts scenic terrains that can make your trekking adventure exciting. Towering at a height of around 350 meters, this hill is relatively easy to scale. If you’re pining for a shortcut to the summit, you can take the path close to Pasir Bogak.

All the trails have markers directing you to the right path to the top, and you will stumble upon a diverse range of critters on your way.

10. Take a boat ride at Pangkor’s pier.

Take a boat ride at Pangkor’s pier
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Although Pangkor’s pier may seem mundane on the surface, it has some interesting activities in store for you. You will find plenty of boat rental services by the pier to take a tour of the Island. From the distance, you will see numerous fishing boats and ferries approaching the jetty. One uncommon type of boat that you will only find here is locally known as Sampan. This boat usually has a flat bottom, and it is much narrower compared to other boats.

In conclusion, Pangkor Island is nothing short of extraordinary. This amazing island has immaculate coastlines and remarkable rainforests brimming with wildlife. In addition, there are several enlightening sights to see, and delicious cuisine to dig into. Visit this wonderful island to have an unrivaled experience!

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