10 Best things to do in Pembroke Park | Florida

The state of Florida is well-known for its many tourist spots, but Pembroke Park stands out in particular because of the diverse outlets it offers to pass time. Although it is a small town consisting of roughly six thousand people, it has countless leisure activities that you can participate in. Pembroke Park has everything ranging from posh country clubs to state-of-the-art museums. The town also boasts some of the most scenic beaches in the state. So, without further stalling, let’s dive right in and find out what truly makes Pembroke Park special!

Best things to do in Pembroke Park, Florida

1. Screaming Carrots Restaurant

Screaming Carrots Restaurant
Source: Screaming Carrots

Let’s face it, we are all picky eaters! Most travelers often struggle with scoping out the right place to dine in. Fortunately, Pembroke Park’s uniquely named restaurant called Screaming Carrots caters to vegans and meat lovers alike. Their specialty lies in the source of ingredients. Even though Screaming Carrots is relatively new in Pembroke, they have built quite a reputation for serving food made from locally grown organic ingredients. To top this off, their menu consists of a mixture of multinational cuisine that can satisfy the taste buds of a multitude of diners.


2. Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts (WMODA)

Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts (WMODA)
Source: WMODA

Pembroke Park (FL) has something for decorative art enthusiasts as well. The Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts, founded by Arthur Weiner in 2013, is popular for its extensive collection of British Ceramics. The museum also has a remarkable selection of 20th and 21st Century antique pieces from the studio glass movement. So, if you have a deep appreciation for British ceramics and glasswork, check out WMODA on your next visit to Pembroke Park!


3. Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

Bonnet House Museum and Gardens
Source: Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

Previously known as Bartlett Estate, the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens is an important historical landmark of Pembroke Park. It used to be occupied by Chicago artists, Fredric and Evelyn Bartlett, almost a century ago. It has now been converted into a museum, hosting some of their work as well as furniture from a bygone era. Furthermore, the beautiful garden right outside the museum gives the entire place an earthly presence. The garden is also known for one of the widest arrays of orchids in the United States.

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4. Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum

Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum
Source: thejigsawpuzzles

The invention of cars paved the way for civilization. There is no better way to reminisce about one of man’s most important inventions than visiting an antique car museum. Thankfully, Pembroke Park’s very own Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum has an amazing selection of automobiles manufactured by the historical Packard Motor Company. This company had a reputation for making reliable luxury vehicles. Currently, the museum consists of roughly 20 cars from the early 90s. If you are a classic car enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy a guided tour at this museum.


5. Aqua Golf Driving Range

Aqua Golf Driving Range
Source: aquagolfrange

You may not be into golf, but there is no doubt that golf or country clubs have a sight to behold. They are perfect for spending quiet time with your friends and family. The Aqua Golf Driving Range in Pembroke Park offers visitors a scenic view and lots of room to goof around in the name of golf. Unlike other country clubs, Aqua Golf Driving Range does not penalize players for hitting golf balls into the water. Other than that, they also let you rent golfing equipment as well as experienced guides to aid you in your game.


6. Aventura Mall

Aventura Mall
Source: MR Magazine

Malls are probably the most visited places in any town, regardless of its size. Who doesn’t love going on a shopping spree every now and then? Aventura Mall is one of Pembroke Park’s biggest and most popular malls among tourists and residents. There are around 300 stores in the mall selling a wide range of products such as clothes, books, toys, jewelry and so on. Aventura Mall has everything from affordable retail outlets to expensive designer brands.  Moreover, the mall also has restaurants and cafes for a quick bite after a busy day of shopping along with entertainment options available to shoppers. This will surely make your visit fun and exciting.


7. Everglades Holiday Park

Everglades Holiday Park
Source: sightseeingpass

If you like getting in touch with nature, then Everglades Holiday Park should be on top of your list. This well-received tourist destination has everything from wildlife and animal shows to Zip-lines for the adrenaline junkies amongst you. You will be able to take an airboat to visit different spots within Everglades Holiday Park. The only downside to visiting this place is having insufficient time at hand. This tourist destination is bound to keep you busy for an entire day as there are countless sights to see.


8. Wynwood

Everglades Holiday Park
Source: airfrance

This place is a bit different from the other places on this list. Wynwood is primarily known for its street art. The spray-painted walls are truly a remarkable sight, and they are perfect for taking Instagram pictures. Here, you will get to appreciate the work of talented young artists who are trying to make a name for themselves. Additionally, there are plenty of places in the surrounding area to dine in such Coyo Taco and Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.


9. Gulf Stream Park

Gulf Stream Park
Source: sunny

If you love watching horse races, then Gulf Stream Park should be right up your alley. It is believed to host one of the country’s most prestigious horse racing events called Florida Derby. Arranged between October and December, this event is known to attract international spectators as well. Other than horse racing, the Gulf Stream Park also organizes live entertainment and has its own Casino and bowling alley.


10. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach
Source: The Ocean Resort Residences

Although Pembroke Park has no beach in its vicinity, it is quite possible to visit Fort Lauderdale Beach, which lies just a short distance away. The beach is great for a walk and the water is very safe for swimming. The beach-goers are usually very amiable, making it suitable for a family excursion. The beach also has several facilities, such as bathrooms, grills, and tables.

Now that you’ve read about the 10 best things you could do in Pembroke Park, what are you waiting for? Set yourself down for quick planning to decide exactly what you want to do and you’re good to go!


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