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Things to Do in Penang

On an island, the state of Penang is applauded for its soothing environment, immaculate coastlines, and an urban metropolis brimming with people. This wonderful state has a lively Chinese and Tamil community, and you can have some of the best culinary experiences here. There are many museums, temples, and gardens for you to explore. Without further ado, let’s explore 10 things to do while you’re staying in Penang:

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10 Best Things to Do in Penang (Malaysia)

1. Appreciate the versatile architecture of Lok Si Temple

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The humongous Kek Lok Si Temple is one of Penang’s primary tourist attractions and frequented by plenty of Buddhist devotees to offer their prayers. According to worshippers, the sacred grounds of this temple is an important pilgrimage site. 

Within the premises of the temple, you will find the famous Kek Lok Si Pagoda and a gigantic statue of Guanyin shaped in the form of Goddess of Mercy. The temple’s architecture exhibits a blend of Chinese, Burmese, and Thai designs. 

2. Take a stroll on Batu Ferringhi Beach

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If you want to experience Penang’s majestic coastlines, then you should check out the majestic Batu Ferringhi beach on your visit. Hailed as one of the state’s most beautiful beaches, it features unending stretches of soft white sand and turquoise water.

Although much of this beach is privately owned by resorts, you can still find parts of the beach accessible to visitors. This is a great place to take an afternoon stroll after a filling lunch or you can just kick back and relax in one of the beach chairs. 

3. Get a taste of British architecture at Suffolk House

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Adorned in intricate British colonial designs, the Suffolk House has recently become an iconic tourist destination in Penang. The house is in Air Itam and was once home to the well-respected founder of Penang, Sir Francis Light.

Although the Suffolk House had been inaccessible to the public after the founder’s demise, it is now open to everyone after years of meticulous renovation.

4. Appreciate the diverse flora and fauna of Penang Botanical Garden

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Dating back to 1844, the incredible Penang Botanical Garden houses a spectacular selection of native plant species that includes a cannonball tree bearing several flowers and fruits, a magnificent Sengkang tree, and much more. 

Other than a multitude of plants, you will also glimpse much wildlife that inhabits the controlled habitat. Some of these animals include black giant squirrels and a variety of primates.

5. Spend a night partying with your friends at Upper Penang Road

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Penang is not merely known for its outstanding culinary delights and bustling city experience. It also has a sprawling nightlife with its many rooftop bars and nightclubs. Come on down to Upper Penang road if you’re up for a fun-filled night of partying with your friends.

This area gets vivacious at night with heaps of locals and foreigners turning up. You will find a plethora of exciting bars in this area, making it a great place to bar hop. The most notable ones include Slippery Senorita and Soho Free House. 

6. Observe the colonial relics of Fort Cornwallis

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Developed by Sir Captain Francis Light in the 18th Century, Fort Cornwallis one of the few remaining untouched encampments in all of Malaysia. Although the primary purpose of this fort has been to protect its inhabitants from raiders and bandits, many believe it was used for official purposes as well. 

Besides that, contrabands were also stored in the Fort’s warehouses. Upon arrival, you will notice the remarkable statue of the Fort’s founder next to the entrance. Make sure to check out the humongous cannon named Sri Rambai. 

7. Take a trishaw ride around the state

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As you walk by the streets of Penang, you will discover a multitude of unique colorful taxis called trishaw. There are several variations of these vehicles. Some of them are powered by a small motor, while the rest have to be manually operated through the use of pedals. 

The body of trishaws usually boasts a diverse range of eye-catching floral designs. Renting trishaws are one of the cheapest and fun ways of getting around town. Because of its narrow structure, you will be able to visit places hard to reach with other modes of transportation.

8. Travel back in time at the Penang Peranakan Museum

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If you have a keen interest in the traditions and customs of Peranakan people, you will have a swell time visiting the spectacular Penang Peranakan Museum. When these ethnic groups set their foot on Penang, they brought with them a distinct combination of traditional Chinese and Malay customs. 

This is a great place to reminisce about the wonderful culture and lifestyle of Peranakan people as it houses several of their traditional artifacts and relics from the 19th Century.

9. Try out the tantalizing Nasi Kandar

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Penang is praised for its vast selection of amazing local delicacies. Nasi Kandar is one of Penang’s most well-known dishes, and it can be bought from several dining outlets throughout Penang. This dish comprises plain rice served with a great proportion of meat, vegetables, and seafood on the side.

You will also get a mouth-watering curry sauce along with this dish. This cuisine is immensely popular among the region’s Tamil community.

10. Feast on the delicacies of Chulia Street Night Market

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Penang has built quite a reputation over the years for offering some best dining options in all of Malaysia. If you want to experience authentic delicacies local to Penang, then you must visit the bustling Chulia Street Night Market.

This food court opens after sunset, and you find an array of piping hot dishes sold by several food carts and food stalls. Some unique delights you can find here include laksa, wonton mien, and noodles served with dumplings. End your meal with the delicious carrot cake.

In Conclusion, the state of Penang is noted for its colonial relics, magnificent national parks and gardens, and praiseworthy temples and mosques. Besides that, Penang is hailed for its incredible selection of authentic Malay cuisine. So, what’s your excuse for not visiting this amazing place?


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