Top 10 Best Things to Do in Sapa | Vietnam

Things To Do in Sapa

If you’re anticipating enjoying the majesty of the Vietnamese mountainous area, Sapa is the right destination for you to start with. It is located alongside the summit of the 3,142m high Phang Xi Pang. It even holds Mt Fansipan, the largest mountain of the country.

This highland is not only popular in Vietnam, but its fascinating sights also attract international travelers all year round. This remote northwest steep town is popular for offering a thrilling trekking experience as well as for its picturesque view.

It also boasts a rich cultural diversity as this land houses many unique indigenous minority groups. Overall, Sapa offers several exceptional experiences that you will not get in other towns of Vietnam. Catch on the following discussion of 10 best things to do in Sapa to make your Sapa trip memorable.

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Top 10 Best Things to Do in Sapa | Vietnam

1. Admire the Rusticity of Cat Cat Village of Sapa

Admire the Rusticity of Cat Cat Village of Sapa

To make a list of 10 best things to do in Sapa, we recommend you to tour around the spectacular rural environment of Cat Cat village. Such charming scenery of wooden domiciles, lush green paddy fields, and rustic walkways of this village will indeed bring peace to your mind.

If you are planning to escape the city life for a few days, call for a trip to Cat Cat Village. In addition to the fascinating rustic scenery, the tribal people and their lives will surely make you feel comfortable and at home.

2. Admire the beauty of Love Waterfall

Admire the beauty of Love Waterfall
Source: dailytravelpill

Love Waterfall is one of the most mesmerizing attractions of Sapa. It is located in the middle of a striking environment with the lavish mounts and sweeping tree-plantations. The name behind this waterfall has a legend relating to love and fairytale.

Due to its romantic history, couples tend to come over here to spend a lovely time together. When you come here, you will also be able to sense that romantic ambiance.

3. Find your soulmate at the Love Market

Find your soulmate at the Love Market
Source: activetravel

What first came to your mind after hearing the name of Love Market? You would be surprised to know that the love market does not trade any material products. It is truly a love market where men and women come to look for their lovers.

The festival is usually held every Saturday, where young girls appear putting on their best dresses and bachelor boys show up wearing their traditional costumes. They dance, sing, take part in other fun activities, and in the meantime, they choose their potential partners. We highly recommend you to join a Saturday love market to get a very unusual experience during your Sapa tour, but maybe skip it if you’re not single!

4. Try to trek Silver Falls 

Try to trek Silver Falls 

Another mind-blowing waterfall of Sapa is Silver falls. Trekking here is easier because it is smaller than other waterfalls of Sapa. So, if you have never tried trekking to a fall, this the right place for you to try it out for the first time.

Once you get to the peak of the silver fall, you’ll get to witness the breathtaking views around this lavish hill. This experience will surely give you a fascinating memory to cherish throughout your life.

5. Try to conquer Mt Fansipan

Try to conquer Mt Fansipan

We already know that Vietnam’s highest alp Mt Fansipan is located in Sapa. Therefore, once you come to this city, you must attempt to conquer the summit. This definitely promises you to give the memory of a lifetime.

If you’re ready to accept this challenge, only then can you start off your hiking. It will take roughly 11 to 12 hours. We recommend you to hire a professional guide so you do not face any inconvenience while hiking.

6. Wander around the Sapa Lake

Wander around the Sapa Lake
Source: Doan NT

Sapa Lake is one of the finest tourist spots to experience the serenity of nature. The combination of sapphire sky and glassy lake presents indescribable beauty. The incredible background of the lake delights the soul of travelers.

You can take a walk or take a motorcycle tour to travel around the lake, but it’s best to ride a boat. Wandering around Sapa Lake gives all travelers a captivating experience, which makes visiting this lake one of the best things to do in Sapa.

7. Go for a Cable-Car Ride-on Fansipan

Go for a Cable-Car Ride-on Fansipan
Source: govietnam

Alongside the adventure of trekking, Mt Fansipan offers another great opportunity. You can watch the whole Fansipan hilly zone without even trekking to the summit. Yes, you read that right.

You can take in the entire mountainous region while sitting tight inside a cable car. The journey promises a thrilling experience that will surely become one of your best memories. Don’t miss this amazing cable ride opportunity once you are there.

8. Try Hmong-style cuisines

Try Hmong-style cuisines
Source: Yia Vang

No trip can be called complete without trying the traditional provisions. Sapa’s traditional offering can best be found in Hill Station Signature Restaurant. A food venture to this ethnic restaurant is confirmed to be one of the best things to do in Sapa.

It serves delicious Hmong-style cuisines including smoked buffalo, pork confit, black pudding, tofu and myriad types of beer and wine. On top of that, you can totally fill your stomach here spending a very little amount of money. Do visit this Hill Station Signature Restaurant on your Sapa trip.

9. Hang out at Ham Rong Flower Garden

Hang out at Ham Rong Flower Garden
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Ham Rong Flower Garden is a haven for the flower fascinated people. Travelers who have been to Sapa are always seen to pop into this gorgeous garden. It is also an oasis for the local Instagrammers.  Visitors of all age attracts to stopover here to enjoy the beauty of a vibrant collection of flowers. We bet, a glimpse of this garden will surely captivate your senses.

10. Explore the Sapa Museum

Explore the Sapa Museum
Source: sapa-tours

One of the significant things to do in Sapa is touring the Sapa Museum. It has successfully preserved Sapa’s traditional and cultural values including paintings, artifacts, clothing, and tribal sculptures. Moreover, you can check out these remarkable reserves free of any cost. Touring to this museum will greatly enlighten you about the wonderful history and culture of Sapa.

Sapa is an adventurous hill city that should be explored at least once in life. Here, we’ve shortlisted 10 best things to do in Sapa, which you might consider before visiting this city.


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