10 Best Things to Do in Sarawak | Malaysia

The state of Sarawak is praised for its dense wilderness and captivating sights to see. Around, 80% of Sarawak comprises lush rainforest. Moreover, 27 known local tribes currently reside in this state. If you want to have unforgettable ecotourism experiences, you should plan a trip to this place on your next holiday.

This peaceful state is brimming with mysterious caves, diverse wildlife, hospitable villages, and clandestine national parks. Without further stalling, let’s dive in and explore 10 things to do in Sarawak.

10 Best Things to Do in Sarawak | Malaysia

1. Meet tribal people at Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching

Sarawak Cultural Village
Source: Taman Negara

The Sarawak Cultural Village can be found close to Mount Santubong in Kuching. This area is recognized for being home to a variety of Sarawak’s ethnic groups. Upon your visit, you will be delighted to get a taste of the culture and traditions of these tribes.

Take a stroll across the village and discover a multitude of tribal homes and meet hospitable locals in traditional costumes. You can even take a cooking lesson from them, and feast on a wide selection of ethnic cuisine. If you stay long enough, you might even witness a vibrant cultural show.

2. Explore the caves at Niah National Park, Miri

Niah National Park
Source: Wikipedia

Niah National Park, situated in Miri, used to be a human settlement almost 40,000 years ago. At present, it is a well-liked tourist destination featuring multiple caves of different sizes and a diverse network of trails. You can easily spend a day exploring the caves occupying this national park.

Inside these caverns, you will find various carvings on the walls and prehistoric artifacts and objects. Even to this day, the Penan people visit this place to get swiftlet’s birds’ nest and carry out their traditional rituals and practices.

3. Be amazed at Lambir Hills National Park, Miri

Lambir Hills National Park
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Although Lambir Hills National Park had remained under the radar for a prolonged period, this place is attracting new tourists for its lush vegetation and serene atmosphere. Located to the South of Miri, this nature reserve boasts challenging hiking trails, jaw-dropping waterfalls, and several vantage points for avid bird-watchers.

You will spot a diverse set of plant, and animal species while trekking across the dense jungle. If you’re up for a challenge, try scaling Bukit Lambir’s summit on your visit to this outstanding park.

4. Traverse the amazing Bako National Park, Kuching

Bako National Park
Source: malaysiaasia – Instagram

If our previous two entries weren’t enough to satisfy your need for exploring the vast open wilderness, you should also consider visiting the Bako National Park in Kuching. This unique national park sets itself apart with its immaculate rainforest, and its exotic and endemic creatures.

While hiking across this forest reserve, you are bound to stumble upon a variety of interesting creatures in their natural habitat. However, keep in mind that the park always remains closed on weekends, and government holidays. Other than that, this park charges a small fee for entrance.

5. Check out the Rainforest World Music Festival at Kuching

Rainforest World Music Festival
Source: Travel360

If you’re bored with sightseeing in the rainforest, try attending the Rainforest World Music Festival held at Kuching. This festival is organized every year and typically spans 3 days. You will witness some amazing performances, and live music concerts on your visit.

You can also partake in a variety of exciting workshops, and observe showcased art pieces and cultural objects. Many talented artists perform both international and traditional music. If you enjoy fusion music, you will have an enjoyable time here.

6. Be astonished at the sight of Gunung Mulu National Park, Miri

Gunung Mulu National Park - Things to Do in Sarawak
Source: iFly Magazine

The famous Gunung Mulu National Park was once featured as a World Heritage Site back in 2000, and it remains one of Sarawak’s primary tourist attractions. This amazing national park has a distinctive ecology comprising several natural habitats sheltering an array of species.

As you hike through the park’s trails, you will notice awe-inspiring rock pinnacles and several enormous caves.

7. Understand the importance of Grand Old Lady at Canada Hills, Miri

Grand Old Lady - Things to Do in Sarawak
Source: Alan Cressler – Flickr

The Grand Old Lady is one of Sarawak’s most prestigious national monuments, built to commemorate Malaysia’s gradual progress in the oil industry over the years. Dating back to 1910, this site is believed to be Malaysia’s earliest oil well.

This location was intensively drilled for this valuable resource by migrant workers until its shutdown in the 1970s. To get here, you will have to trek your way to the top of the famous Canada Hill.

8. Tour the enthralling Crocodile Farm

Crocodile Farm - Things to Do in Sarawak
Source: Adventoro

After visiting the oldest oil well in the town of Miri, come on down to Crocodile Farm for an exhilarating experience. Only a short distance from Kuala Baram river mouth, this refuge shelters close to 1000 crocodiles.

For a reasonable entrance fee, you will get to learn about the different crocodiles found in Sarawak. Besides that, you will also catch a glimpse of a variety of other species such as gibbons, snakes, deers, and birds.

9. Appreciate the ‘City of Cats’

‘City of Cats’ - Things to Do in Sarawak
Source: Top Tourist

It would be a shame to come to Sarawak and not visit the amazing city of cats. Also known as “City of Cats” among fellow travelers, this place houses have enough activities to keep you busy for days. You will discover enthralling colonial architecture, and British monuments scattered all over the city.

You will also come across eye-catching Buddhist temples and mosques boasting spectacular traditional designs. Finally, you will find a multitude of adorable cat statues in every other corner.

10. Play with baby orangutans at Matang Wildlife Centre, Kuching

baby orangutans at Matang Wildlife Centre - Things to Do in Sarawak
Source: Mohd Fazlin Mohd Effendy Ooi – Flickr

In contrast to other endangered animal refuges in Borneo and Sabah, Matang Wildlife Center houses a diverse selection of wildlife. Years of deforestation and mining of valuable resources have affected vast numbers of natural habitats.

As a result, several animals in Sarawak have been displaced, abandoned or injured. These animals are rescued and brought to this amazing research center for rehabilitation.

In Conclusion, Sarawak is a perfect place to become one with nature. You will find plenty of rainforests to explore and a vast network of trails for hiking. Not to mention, the historic sites and national monuments are extraordinary. Plan a trip to Sarawak with your family this summer!

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