10 Best Things to Do in Seoul | South‌ ‌Korea‌

There is no limitation to the number of things one can do in Seoul. It is such a dynamic city that you will never get bored with what it has to offer. Rather, its food, culture, and attractions might overwhelm you easily.

We want to save you all hassle and cut down the dilemma. That is why we have narrowed down 10 best things to do on your next Seoul trip.

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10 Best Things to Do in Seoul | South‌ ‌Korea‌

1. Be at the Cosmetic Lover’s Paradise

shopping place at Myeongdong
Source: Agoda

You will find Seoul’s most vibrant shopping place at Myeongdong. It is the answer to every shopper’s dilemma! When you’re in Seoul and wondering where to go to splurge big bucks – you go to Myeongdong. The shopping center is a wonderful maze of shops that have both modern and vintage collections.

However, we recommend you to buy your Korean skincare cosmetics and makeup from there. No knock-offs and you can swatch away as much as you like! Besides that, get all the free samples you can because they don’t frown upon that in Korea!

2. Enjoy the Best Time at Lotte World

Lotte World
Source: befreetour

For the best thrills in Seoul, visit Lotte World. It is the best theme park in all of Korea. You can enjoy both the indoor park and get on rides in the outdoor park. They hold festivals and great events all around the year. The best thing to do at Lotte World is to experience the Dream Night Parade. It is a late show where you get to see performances, acts and everything in neon lights.

3. Try Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ
Source: Agoda

Try a different kind of BBQ in Seoul. See if you can get in the queue for an all-you-can-eat buffet that includes this delicious barbeque. The way Koreans do it is far different from anywhere else in this world. Make reservations at a high-end restaurant. If you’re going to enjoy something authentic, it’s best to splurge on it. Besides, it would be the best treat to yourself on this Seoul trip!

4. Ride an Adventurous Rollercoaster 

rollercoaster is at Everland
Source: Jeremy Thompson

Korea’s very first family amusement park that has its very own wooden rollercoaster is at Everland. It would be the ultimate daredevil challenge to ride on this extremely fast ride with the steepest twisted trails! So, challenge yourself and scream at the top of your lungs for the most adventurous getaway on a weekend out to Everland!

5. Visit Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village
Source: Linda Goes East

Your Seoul itineraries must include making a whole day trip to Bukchon Hanok Village. The word “Bukchon” means north village, giving it away that it is located in the northern part of Seoul.

Its traditional quarters represent the ancient Joseon Dynasty. The strange alleyways are commonly strolled through by tourists. To make your exploration a better experience, there are tea houses, guest houses, and culture centers. All that, and it comes with a ton of other facilities to give you the best day trip.

6. Buy Souvenirs from Insa-dong

Source: Treksplorer

Moving from the village community, we have another friendly neighborhood recommendation. Insa-dong is a beautiful district of Seoul. It allows you to explore its many alleyways, drink tea and take a look at the shops in its marketplace.

You can buy exclusive artworks, unique clothes, antique and ceramic pieces as souvenirs.

7. Enjoy Street Food

Street Food seoul
Source: Ian Valerio / Unsplash

We have been waiting to talk about Korean street food! It is an integral part of the Korean culture that is not only limited to its locals. People from all across the world go there for its street food. That alone motivates its locals even more to host street vendors.

You could surf anywhere and get tons of must-haves recommended to you. But we’d love for you to try seafood, any sort of hotpot such as the Bibimbap and soups. Make sure to have your food as soon as the order arrives. Don’t forget to take aesthetic Instagram stories! They’re worth reminiscing over from your archives in the future.

8. Relax in a Korean Spa

Korean Spa seoul
Source: IVisitKorea

Are you worried about chapped skin in the dry weather? Need a refreshing pick-me-up to resume your Seoul trip? Make reservations at a good spa and treat yourself for a relaxing getaway.

The warm running water, air filled with aromatic fillers and incense and pleasant lighting – would take away all your stress. Add a paraffin mani-pedi, a good foot massage and maybe even a relaxing facial massage. You would be at your most relaxed.

9. Visit and Eat at a Themed Cafe

Themed Cafe

If you want to visit cafes, sure there are decent ones all across the city. Seoul loves coffee! They’re great for conversations over small snacks and freshly brewed coffee.

But you know what would level up your cafe visits? Themed cafes! Seoul takes it to the next level because they are all magical-looking and take you to another planet. From Sherlock-themed to poop-themed, you can imagine anything in between. Not only are these cafes decorated to match the themes, but their food also replicates the same culture.

10. Uncover Shopping Places in Seoul

Shopping Places in Seoul
Source: Businesskorea

No matter how long your stay at Seoul is, we want you to get the best out of it. Shopping is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable things to do in this wondrous city. It has so many malls and even street market places, that browsing for hours would seem nothing!

You can always get good deals and acquire unique pieces of clothing, jewelry, and household items. Each of the shopping places has a particular ambiance. Finding the time to find out and explore all of them would be an adventure itself.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter if you’ve only got a day to explore Seoul or a week. Even with your busy schedule, you can always manage to cramp in a couple of activities for fun and relaxation. After all, it’s Seoul!

Don’t forget to let us know your favorite activities on a soulful trip to Seoul this 2020!

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