25 Amazing Things To Do in Siem Reap

Siem Reap is the kingdom to wander and have the richest things to do when it comes to culture and traveling experience. Marbling with modern city entertainment and numerous marvels of ancient temples. Countless incredible things to do in Siem Reap that push the boundaries of your vacations to the max. Climbing from the starry night lights of pub-streets and market to natural sightseeing. And onto the monumental archeological park and many activities that spoils along those paths. The compact hybrid city of Siem Reap provides exciting things to do that will complete your trip to its fullest. Adventurous moments of nature and wondrous world of Angkor Wat making Siem Reap the center of attractions of Asia travel destinations. Here is a list of 25 things to do in Siem Reap.

25 Amazing Things To Do in Siem Reap You Should Not Miss

1. Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat
Source: Silver Ringvee – unsplash

Number one of the lists is the heart of the country, Angkor Wat. The largest and the last Hindu structure existed of its time. However, you will need a ticket pass to visit temple sites. Down at the main road 60 is where the tickets sell at $59 a day or $89 for 3-days pass per adult. Only 8 kilometers away from town, the outstanding city of Angkor Wat’s interior covers with majestic tales, arts, and carvings. Giant statues of the wall and the intricate stone structure is as breathtaking as it can get. People all over the world come to visit Angkor Wat for its astounding uniqueness and historical cultures that the temple illustrates. Every edge and corner, the city of Angkor can amaze any eyes.

2. Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Sunrise at Angkor Wat
Source: Love & Road

On an even more special matter, tourists pack themselves at 4:30 to look at sunrise that peeks behind the tops of Angkor Wat. Since the temple is facing west, it gives out an astonishing perspective. Complimenting with vast reflection from ponds and lily pads, the spot gives a very peaceful relaxation first thing for your morning. It is wise to google what time the sun may rise before you set out on your early wake.

3. Bayon Temple (Angkor Thom)

bayon temple
Source: Vannrith Va – unsplash

Our next stop on route locates 4km from Angkor Wat. Bayon is also the star of Siem Reap Destination sites. The majestic smiles of the four-faced monument create an outstanding structure overview. On the inside, the intricate engravings and carving were amazingly well done. Having a face to face experience with Angkor Thom will exhilarate your traveling and sightseeing like no others. Thus, making Bayon temple earned its spot in our things-to-do list. Explore the mysterious Gates of Angkor Thom : See more insightful contents of The Mysterious Angkor Thom Gates.

4. Ta Prom Temple

Ta Prohm Temple
Source: Daniel Lienert – unsplash

Taking you 5km further into the third highlighted location of Siem Reap is Ta Prom. The temple with a strangest but most unique outlook. Because of the view of what nature can do to Ta Prohm, this one sightseeing can be a little bit mind-bending. The giant overgrowth roots spread on top of multiple parts of the structure of this temple. Massive roots that look like Giant tentacles and anacondas, making your visit more than just a stroll of the temple. Furthermore, what’s best about Ta Prohm is that there are plenty of restaurants waiting just right around the corner. Dishes that consist of Khmer food and Cambodian Cuisine.

Check insightful article about Ta Prohm Temple here

5. Banteay Srei

Bonteay Srei
Source: LEMAIRE StÃphane – Getty Images

Banteay Srei has the most emerging carvings and patterns on the surface of the temple. Making this the destination a must thing to do on our list. Locating 20 km away from town, the red sandstone temple Banteay Srei is best to get to by car. Banteay Srei is very much famous for its uniquely small and beautiful carvings structure. The temple was able to maintain so many clear textures of statues, sculptures, and patterns of modern arts. Many of which are still in practice today. Along with a refreshing view of the surrounding lake covers with the covers of the lily pads and lotus flowers. The drafty winds sprites your 20km travel to an even purer relaxation. Check for more: Surprising Facts about Banteay Srei!!

6. Angkor Ziplining

Angkor Ziplining
Source: Lonely Planet

Just on the opposite road to Ta Prohm, Angkor zipline Tour will be your most thrilling part of the travel. Interacting with nature and fun activities of ziplining across 21 cables from tree to tree. Sightseeing over the sky bridges and zipline over the archeological park’s rainforest over a 5-hour duration. Equipping with Trained professionals and safety gear. Moreover, the atmosphere fills with trees, wildlife, flowers, and butterflies making this $65 the best eco-adventure of a lifetime. Therefore, this spectacular and new activity definitely deserves a seat in the things-to-do list as well.

7. Helicopter Ride

Helicopter Ride siem reap
Source: afar

If you are looking forward to your trip to be even more adventurous and exotic, does a helicopter ride fancy enough? Helicopter Cambodia and Helistar are the two service providers in a helicopter tour. They offer slightly different ranges or prices and durations in their packages. Pricing at $99 up to $350 according to their different offers.

8. Bike Ride and E-bike

Bike Ride and E-bike siem reap
Source: IPS Cambodia

Although, you can enjoy your trip using convenient transport like tuk-tuk, cars or a van. You can also take your trip to a slower paste with bike riding into the city of Angkor. Where a ride of the small circuit takes you just less than one morning to complete. If kicking the peddles does not excite you, perhaps changing it into an electric bike instead. Several places at the Kandal market provide e-bike for renting. With this, you might be able to finish the 30km mark before lunch.

9. Quad Bike Tour

Quad Bike Tour
Source: Go Live Young

On the other hand, if you want to get down dirty on your exploration, the quad bike tour is the fantastic option. Numbers of choices of your tour include a half-day, a full day, sunset tour, discover of budding field, etc. The tour of unique experience and scenery of the rice field and land of the rural area. Within your tour, there will be a time of rest and to relax by the wind of the countryside throughout.

10. Kulen Mountain

Kulen mountain
Source: Siemreap.net

The scenery of the beautiful waterfall and the mountain forest of Siem Reap. With the iconic religious summit on the mountain-top, Kulen mountain attracts both local people and foreigners to this sacred ground. Visitors are allowed to explore the wilderness, enjoy the waterfall, visit the holy temple and experience our religious practices. Spending one-day worth of your trip here will make your traveling experience an absolute eye-opening. Service of food is also available at the top for you to enjoy and settle under the very calm environment. If you have enough time, Kulen mountain has to be one of your Things to do in Siem Reap.

11. Sunset of Siem Reap

sunset siem reap
Source: justgola

After your long visits from the archeological parks and blissful time, it is best to finish off your day with one last of the beautiful sunset. The famous Phnom Bakheng is the closest to you and to your convenience locates in the center of the park. If that doesn’t work out for you and you happen to be somewhere else, Pre Rup temple can be your alternative. Those two peaks will provide a vantage point for an exquisite view of the sunset above the forest line. You may wanna see the full insightful article about the sunset in Siem Reap: 3 Most Stunning Sunset Spots of Siem Reap

12. Pub Street

pubstreet siem reap
Source: Siemreap.net

Pub street is those places that will keep your vacations going even after the sun goes down. Prism lights and lantern decorate the center of town, lit the night up for further energetic delights. Restaurants, food stalls and souvenirs, night clubs and many nightly relaxations and chilling vibes gather in the nearing blocks. The endless varieties of fun and activities imaginable exist here. Locals also come here to enjoy the starry stroll, shopping, outing dining, street food, and clubbing as well as tourists. What of which does Pub street is most famous for? Boulevard of bars, night lights, and clubs stagnated the entirety of the street.

13. Diversity of Cuisine

Cuisine Khmer
Source: Cambodia Tourism

There were many things to do in Siem Reap and go to on the list, now it’s time for things to eat. Siem Reap is not just a compact city full of entertainment and sight-seeing. But it also has a very diverse culture when it comes to food. Dishes with a rich taste that are within only a 10-minutes’ walk from each other. Ranging from traditional Khmer food, Korean, Greek, Mexican, cold-cuts, barbeque grills and loads more. If you set your schedules right, you get to feast them all.

14. Street Food

Street Food Siem Reap
Source: Time Out

Street food, however, is more towards the local’s preferences because they are much more affordable. They are available in the local’s market and by the street in the main part of town. With most popular, are meat sandwich, fried noodle, grilled beef, the famous kebab and other tons of snack and meals. If you are a traveler with poor tolerance, please be careful with what you may choose to eat. Especially to those who are sensitive to hygiene.

15. Mixed Ice Cream and Gelato

Mixed Ice Cream and Gelato
Source: DanielFoodDiary

The nightly tour is not as delightful without the sweet complimentary of ice cream. Fruity taste and texture of all ranges of Cambodian fruits can go into your ice cream. With the available mixture of chocolaty Nutella, creamy Oreo and of course the top touch of sprinkles. These bites of ice cream only cost $2.5 a cup anywhere around the old Market block. If mixed sweetness is too much for you, you can also have a featured alternative of the aromatic, simple Gelato. With a 5 second of search and a minute walk, you are there.

16. Massages and Foot pedicure

Massages and Foot pedicure siem reap
Source: The Roaming Family

Getting a massage will definitely be an ideal relaxation after your long day trip. Releasing muscle tension and stress during the night reinforce a much deeper and more peaceful sleep. Ranging from $7 to $25 from foot to body massage, the options are of your choosing. They are not hard to find because they are roaming in almost every corner of pub street. You definitely won’t miss the sign. If being touched by another is not your liking, perhaps a fish massage instead. Dip your foot into for a dazzling dead skin eating fish tank. The harmless fish bites cost you no more than $5.

17. Night Markets

night market siem reap
Source: Your Cambodia

Night Market is the place to be for shopaholics and window-shoppers. Showcasing many wonderful souvenirs to further build your memory of your Siem Reap visit. Variety of lovely and vibrant shirts and paintings of all sizes that highlight the heritage arts of Cambodia and temples. Furthermore, many beautiful pants and colorful gorgeous sundresses to comfort your stay and stroll. There are simply too many things to do in Siem Reap and many more things that you can buy here. 3 of these night markets exist only a block away from Pub Street which takes you no more than 5 minutes.

18. Bar Code – Gay Bar

barcode siem reap
Source: Phnom Penh Post

Bar code is the bar that gives jobs to many pleasant and gay people. The bar with performances of singing lip-sing and dancing. Accompany by amazing and friendly staff, making the best place to hang out with your close friends for a night out. Although Bar Code is a gay bar, anyone and everyone can enter for the pleasantry of their fun entertainment. It is spacious and has a lovely light setting, the spot to be for the night of your laugh.

19. The 5 Bars Tour

5 bars-temple club siem reap
Source: Temple Club

There are too many bars to counts that clusters in Siem Reap. However, only 5 deserve our honorary mentions for your things-to-do list, straight and simple. Rounding from best to lesser best are X-Bar, Temple Club, Cheer Bar, Miss Wong, and YOLO Bar. Each provides an amazing friendly environment and great service with a different and special vibe to their name. At least one of them, shall not be missed out on.

20. Wat Damnak Library and Garden

Wat Damnak Library and Garden

If you want to take a step back and relax in a more calmly and mindfully manner, Wat Damnak is the perfect area to go to. The library and the garden place right next to Wat Damnak pagoda, thus, the place is mostly very gentle and silent. There are comfortable accessible spaces for you to enjoy a nice quiet talk or one of your favorite books. Plenty of shades with the surroundings of greenery of the grass and trees that will not cost you anything. This particular area is the closest space for a nice deep breath refreshment and eases yourself.

21. Movie Theater

cinema in siem reap
Source: Major Cineplex

Yes, you are on your escape. Yes, you’re on your once in a lifetime trip. You may likely to miss out on the newest movies. However, with Legend and Major Cinema, they won’t let that happen. You can still catch the latest blockbusters on their earliest release date. It is highly recommending for tourists because they have a standard release date like the rest of the world. On the plus side, they are much affordable than other major countries. Costing only $3.5 to $5 depending on the type of your movies and your choice of payments.

22. Coffee

Coffee , things to do in siem reap
Vibe Cafe, Siem Reap

Cambodia exploded in the industry of coffee shop business. Resulting in pouring numbers of brands of all kinds from over the world. Starbucks, local success Brown, Amazon, The Alley, Gloria Jean and all off-brands coffee everywhere, Siem Reap has them all. Making your getaway feels very closely to home. The warm morning caffeine of your precise likings.

23. Bunkbed Hotel – Damnak Riverside

Bunk Bed Hotel – Damnak Riverside
Source: agoda

Receiving exceptional ratings, this hostel offers very modernistic features and outlook and a shared room culture. Clean and safe space, 1.2×2 comfortable mattress, superb lighting and a very cutting affordable price of only $6. Only a 4-minute walk from Pub Street, the hostel is perfect for any lone or packed travelers, especially for backpackers.

24. Cambo Beach

Cambo Beach
Source: Aforative Media

Cambo beach is a bar with an artificial beach and a large swimming pool for you to chill and relax. Serving food and beverage to your order. With the entrance fee for only $5, you are open to a huge space to settle with furniture and bean bags. There will be open shower hose, pool table, foosball table to your enjoyment if you don’t feel in swimming. What’s attracting about Cambo beach is that you can use the $5 worth of ticket to spend on your meal too. Open hours are from 9 AM – 10 PM.

25. Rooftop Swimming

HARI Residence & Spa
Source: Booking.com

There are countless quality hotels and spa in Siem Reap however not many have a high footed swimming pool. HARI Residence & Spa includes the sensational opportunity to their guests. Where you can top your ravish swim with the view of the sunset as well. But no worries, if you don’t plan to stay at such luxury, you can still get to dip in their 6 stories rooftop swimming pool. You can do a walk-in and order at least $10 worth of meals by the pool and warm bathing is set and free. Swimming by the sunset is a definite thing to do here in our list.

The longer you stay, the more chances you get to check all of our things-to-do lists. Experiencing the most enjoyable aspects of Siem Reap and the heritage within it. Mixing with modern culture along with the adventure of nature and the many exciting activities that come with it. Taste the richness and the diversity of culture that the city can bring about. Some maybe a little bit too ravishing and costly, but in some sense, they are still very much worth a go. Because each one among our 25 things to do list in Siem Reap is worth every consideration.

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