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With the vacation season looming around the corner, you might be wondering what good things you can do this time of the year in Florida. Surely, you must’ve chosen a spot to visit, or maybe you were wondering where you can go to have an amazing time with your family. If you’re still scratching your head, thinking of where you can go, then worry no more. St. Augustine Beach in the state of Florida is packed with stellar places to visit without breaking the bank. Here are the 10 best things to do in St. Augustine Beach during your stay there!

Best things to do in St. Augustine Beach

1. Castillo de San Marcos

Castillo de San Marcos
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Constructed in the late 1600s, Castillo de San Marcos is one of the oldest national monuments in the St. Augustine Beach area. It was originally built by the Spanish to be a fortified town spanning roughly 20.5 acres. Interestingly, the British army took refuge in this marvelous garrison town during the American Revolution. During the Civil War, the Confederate army took shelter in this very region. At present, it has been converted to a park that is open to everyone. Visitors get to experience plays depicting colonial lifestyle, observe displayed prehistoric weapons, and learn about the history of the area from nearby Park Rangers.

2. Lighthouse and Maritime Museum

Lighthouse and Maritime Museum
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The Lighthouse and Maritime Museum in St. Augustine Beach is well-known for its shipwreck artifacts and antique wooden pieces derived from boats built in the olden days. However, the most remarkable feature of this museum is the 165-foot tall lighthouse itself. Reaching the top can be a bit of a challenge as visitors have to climb 219 steps. However, the view of Salt Run Lagoon and the entirety of St. Augustine Beach that lies above makes the effort truly worthwhile.

3. Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine

Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine
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Cathedrals are meticulously constructed all over the world in order to make a statement. The Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine Beach is no exception! Inside the church, you will be able to observe structures embossed in gold, complemented with marble flooring. Similar to Castillo de San Marcos, the murals in the church have been built with great colonial influence. In short, the magnificent interior architecture truly makes this church a place where visitors can find solace and solitude in St. Augustine Beach.

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4. Fiesta Falls miniature golf

Things to do in St. Augustine Beach
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If you love golfing, then you should drop by Fiesta Falls miniature golf to check out what all the buzz surrounding it is about. The golf course is distinct from anything you have seen before. You will find spaces containing water all over the course, making it look marvelous. Each hole in the golf course is different from the other, and they have been strategically placed to make your game interesting and memorable. Most importantly, you will have to move to the top of a tower to reach the final hole, where you can catch a scenic glimpse of the ocean surrounding at St. Augustine Beach.

5. The Lightner Museum

Things to do in St. Augustine Beach
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Unlike all the other museums in the St. Augustine Beach area, the Lightner Museum has been built inside the fabulous Hotel Alcazar. In addition, constructed in 1887, the hotel is reminiscent of early Spanish architecture. Outside the hotel, you will catch a spectacular sight of a large open courtyard leading up to a fishpond. As you step inside, you will notice that the museum has a Victorian theme that is complete with antique pieces from the Victorian era, a Victorian village, and a Victorian science and industry room at St. Augustine Beach.

6. St. Augustine Beach Alligator Farm

St. Augustine Beach Alligator Farm
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Florida is renowned for its alligators, and it would be a shame to miss out on seeing any on your trip there. Thankfully, if you’re in St. Augustine Beach, you can drop by the famous St. Augustine Alligator Farm at the Zoological Park in the region. Its construction dates back to 1893, but it has now been revamped to house the widest selection of these pesky reptiles in the world. The most unique feature of this place is the ability to use zip-lines to observe the different species of crocodiles from atop.

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7. Farmer’s  Market – Things to do in St. Augustine Beach

Farmer’s  Market
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Adjacent to the St. Augustine Beach is a popular farmer’s market selling all sorts of locally grown fresh products, organic food, fish and coffee. Unlike other farmer’s markets, you can find stores that sell clothes, jewelry, and artwork here. Certainly, the items sold here are relatively inexpensive, and it’s the perfect place to visit for some early morning grocery shopping at St. Augustine Beach.

8. St. Augustine Distillery – Things to do in St. Augustine Beach

St. Augustine Distillery
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St. Augustine Distillery has been reconstructed from an old ice factory. It has recently gained traction among tourists due to its complimentary guided tour. The tour is very educational because you will get to learn about the manufacturing process of different types of alcohol first hand. Afterward, the distillery lets you taste their offerings free of charge. Overall, it is a fun place to visit with friends; you will surely have an unforgettable experience.

9. St. George Street

St. George Street
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St. George Street is frequented by residents and tourists alike. It is highly admirable due to the vast number of things one can see and do in the St. Augustine Beach area. You can visit popular local attractions such as Sunburst Crystal and Tillie’s Bath Cottage. The street is bustling with vintage antique stores, pet and clothing shops, and bars. It is also well-known for selling the best ice cream in the region. Furthermore, St. George Street is within reach of some of St. Augustine’s sought-after archaeological sites, such as – the Old City Gates and Old Wooden School House.

10. Amphitheatre – Things to do in St. Augustine Beach

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Constructed in 1965, the St. Augustine Amphitheatre encompasses an area of 16 acres. It can occupy approximately 4000 people. It regularly hosts concerts, festivals, and live entertainment. In addition to that, Old City Farmers Market is arranged every Saturday where one can purchase fresh produce, baked goods, and so on.

Although St. Augustine Beach is a small city, it has plenty to offer to residents and visitors. Because of a monumental number of historical relics and museums and miniature golf courses, St. Augustine Beach should always have something to keep your hands full. Above all, who can forget the scenic view of the ocean? It is indeed a paradise for vacationers!




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