Top 30 Things to Do in Taipei

Taipei city remains Taiwan’s current capital city. According to many theories based on the Taipei Basin, it was once a great lake but it slowly dried up & due to years of sedimentation, it has now changed into a large basin. It remains one of Taiwan’s largest basins & is situated in Northern Taiwan.

Taipei is an advanced eco-friendly city with proper waste disposal methods, perfect bike routes to reduce car traffic and also effective planning to reduce pollution. Air pollution rates are lower in Taipei considering that most other cities have higher rates. Taipei Metro Subway & shared vans are commonly used for transportation in Taipei which helps reduce pollution. Taipei city authorities remain highly aware of air quality. Taipei deals with collecting plastic waste and organizes auctions for discarded furniture to ensure streets and public places remain clean. Taipei developed waste disposal systems, like the incineration facility known as Muzha Refuse Incineration Plant to deal with garbage. They use four highly advanced incinerator systems to reduce plant pollution, to save sites for settlement and to solve odor problems caused by waste in sites. There’re plants almost everywhere both indoors & outdoors inside most buildings in the city.

Since it remains the capital of Taiwan, it remains an important city also for business & administration. Also, Taipei also remains a fantastic tourist spot. Taipei has many tall skyscrapers & modern facilities available there. Taipei is just as modern as any of the East Asian top cities like Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta. To help you enjoy your stay at Taipei, here are 30 things you can do.

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Top 30 Things to Do in Taipei

1. Breakfast at Fu Hang Soy Milk

Breakfast at Fu Hang Soy Milk
Source: livingnomads

Known as the “Food Capital of Asia”, Taipei is best known for Taiwanese breakfast. And in this case, breakfast at Fu Hang Soy Milk restaurant is well-recommended for tourists. For 110 NT or roughly $3.6 USD, you can get an affordable but heavy breakfast here. The main attraction is the bread & the ‘breadstick sandwich’. The soy milk & the pancake is great as well.

2. Take a Trip to Jiufen

Take a Trip to Jiufen
Source: Viator Travel

This small former gold-mining town is quite an amazing site to visit when in Taipei as it remains just an hour east from the Taipei city. Along with the wonderful attractions, the mountain town is also home to famous peanut ice-cream rolls & stinky tofu. Also, visit the famous Amei tea house when in Jiufen. This is among the best things to do in Taipei.

3. Try Fried Chicken at Fried Chicken Founding Headquarters

Try Fried Chicken at Fried Chicken Founding Headquarters
Source: coolcousin

For the next thing in the list of things to do in Taipei, buy a fresh batch of fried goods from the famous “Fried Chicken Founding Headquarters”. Well, the fried chicken in Taipei is quite different from that available in KFC or Popeyes. The chicken nuggets, dumplings & the different kinds of fried goods mainly the chicken will leave you speechless as the taste truly beats much of the American style Fried Chicken. With some fresh basil, the chicken remains tender & juicy. Also, try some of their fried rice sausages.

4. Find Peace at the Zhishan Garden

Find Peace at the Zhishan Garden
Source: Peter Angritt

Outside the National Palace Museum, far from the bustling city of Taipei lies the Zhishan garden, an unique natural park with green scenery & beautiful traditional architecture along with a lake & beautiful benches & places to sit & relax, the Zhishan garden will help you get away from the busy Taipei life for a while 7 help you relax in peace.

5. Dinner? Visit Huaxi Night Market

Dinner? Visit Huaxi Night Market
Source: justgola

Huaxi Night Market, the strangest alley market to find food when in Taipei. Here, you will find foods like Snakes, Octopuses, Squids, Crabs, Turtles, etc. in plenty. Also, some of the most bizarre food in the oddest restaurants is also widely available here. For example, Snakeskin, venom & blood are widely served in this market having quite some health benefits & a lot of people love it.

6. Check Out the National Palace Museum

Check Out the National Palace Museum
Source: befreetour

While the communist revolution went on in China, the Taiwanese government brought back 700,000 pieces of ancient Chinese artifacts in the grand museum to protect 8000 years of ancient Han Chinese history. As well as that, the museum can help you check out some of the amazing artwork of ancient China.

7. Try Out Rilakkuma’s Café

Try Out Rilakkuma’s Café
Source: thequinoxfashion

The teddy bear-themed café which has its own cute mascot is a must-try for children & for those adults who love cute teddies, cute lunches, cute teddy biscuits, teddy merchandises & definitely some great desserts & coffee as well. So, do give it a try.

8. Find Peace in Qianshuiwan Beach

Find Peace in Qianshuiwan Beach
Source: nickkembel

Just 20 kilometers from the boundary of Taipei / New Taipei, Qianshuiwan is a sandy beach near Taipei City, in Chinese, it means ‘ shallow water’ bay. Officially known as Qianshui Seaside Park. It is situated at the northwest end of Taiwan in the Sanzhi district in New Taipei City. Qianshuiwan is a beach where children can enjoy because of the clear water, little waves, easy access, and many restaurants.

9. Visit the Taipei 101

Taipei 101
Source: tripsavvy

Taipei 101 is Taiwan’s most famous landmark and was once the tallest building. Also, the Starbucks at Taipei 101 remains at the highest point any Starbucks has ever been. Taipei 101 also has the fastest elevator in the world which will take you to the observation decks on floors 89-91 from where you can easily get the view of the bustling city. So, get a priority pass & skip the huge queues & enjoy saving some time as well. There lies a 720-ton ball stabilizer in the middle of the building protecting it from earthquakes.

10. Take a Tour of CKS Memorial Hall

CKS Memorial Hall
Source: FenlioQ

The Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is likely Taipei’s second most iconic building. Built-in 1980 to commemorate the former dictator, the majestic blue and white structure also has a museum regarding CKS. The CKS Memorial Hall also contains historic Chinese National Theaters and the National Concert Hall, which stands on Liberty Square occupying a 240,000 square meters. For the best view, head west of the square to Liberty Square Arch.

11. Try Food at Modern Toilet Restaurant

Try Food at Modern Toilet Restaurant
Source: foodpornjournal

Known to be the Food Capital of Asia, Taipei also offers weird restaurants & amazing food experiences. So, when headed downtown checks out the Modern Toilet Restaurant. This restaurant offers unique food & also serves the food in toilet-shaped utensils, spoons & toilet tissue-paper. The food, however, does not taste like that. Also, try their poop-shaped sausages, beef curry served in toilet-bowl, poop balls & even their poop-shaped ice-creams for dessert. Quite an experience awaits you!

12. Take a Bath at Beitou Hot Spring

Take a Bath at Beitou Hot Spring
Source: Klook

The Japanese founded the hot spring village of Xinbeitou in the Beitou district, during the Japanese colonial invasion of Taiwan (1895-1945), commonly known as Beitou Hot Spring, it is the only hot spring resort in Taipei. Take a refreshing bath there at the hot springs & help yourself by refreshing your mind.

13. Check Out the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

sun yat-sen memorial hall
Source: SeanPavonePhoto Getty Images

The Sun Yat-sen Memorial was dedicated to the great “Father of Nation” of China, Sun Yat-sen. The history of Sun Yat-sen’s struggle to help the Chinese people get freedom from the oppression of the Qing dynasty. The memorial has a splendid view & the scenery there also remains quite a sight. It is a must-visit for history lovers & also the ‘Honor Guard Changing Ceremony’ is held every hour from 9 am – 5 pm which is quite a sight to watch.

14. Bookworms Should Visit the Taipei Public Library

Bookworms Should Visit the Taipei Public Library
Source: asiagreenbuildings

Situated at Da’n district of Taipei, the Taipei Public Library has a large collection of books along with many ancient Chinese history books that were preserved & saved during the massive Chinese communist revolution. For book lovers interested in Chinese literature & philosophy, the library is definitely worth a visit.

15. Have a Taste of Xiao Long Bao & Beef Noodles

Have a Taste of Xiao Long Bao & Beef Noodles
Source: sethlui

Xiao Long Bao & Beef Noodles is one of the most popular beef noodles dishes in Taiwan. Almost all the traditional restaurants in Taipei serve Xiao Long Bao & it remains the tastiest noodles bowl people just can’t get enough of!

Din Tai Fung Xinyi Restaurant serves the best bowl of Xiao Long Bao beef noodles. So, definitely try it out when in Taipei.

16. Experience the Nightlife at 狗毛 Hair of the Dog Bar

Experience the Nightlife at 狗毛 Hair of the Dog Bar
Source: openrice

In case, you want to experience the unique nightlife & have some fun with a few cocktails, a good party & some good conversations, the “狗毛 Hair of the Dog” bar is definitely recommended. The bartenders are quite friendly & the environment is quite friendly as well. Overall, you can have a great night party there.

17. Enjoy Your Time at Shifen Waterfall

Enjoy Your Time at Shifen Waterfall
Source: Weihao.chiu

Shifen Waterfall is a popular Taiwanese tourist spot in the Pingxi neighborhood of Taipei. It’s only 20m high but remains Taiwan’s widest waterfall as it is 40m in diameter. ⠀When the sun rays fall directly into the water, a rainbow effect occurs due to the sunny rays & the view is indeed amazing. The waterfall almost looks like Niagra falls & is also called ‘Taiwan’s Little Niagra’.

18. Take a Walk at Da’an Forest Park

Take a Walk at Da’an Forest Park
Source: ttnotes

Just like New York’s Central Park, the Daan forest park spreads across an area of 26 hectares & has quite the lush greenery & ponds inside it along with several benches in the park to sit on. The overall view of the beautiful trees & the peaceful environment helps you get away from city life for a while,

The park also has a stationary biking system where you can peddle and push out water near the pond which truly is an uncommon practice. A group of elderly people always practice a kind of Chinese acupuncture by slapping themselves which is meant to awaken their chakras. Some of them often dance as well and anyone is free to join in for fun.

19. Take a Private Tour of Northern Taiwan

Northern Taiwan
Source: insightguides

For $190 USD, get a tour along with a guide throughout Northern Taiwan starting from Taipei in 24 hours, including visits to Jiufen, National Park, Yehliu, Houtong, and Yangmingshan National Park. Also, get to see the amazing spots on the road & it is a must for first-timers who came to Taiwan. The tour also includes lunch & dinner included & the overall experience is quite splendid as well.

20. Fly Above Taroko Gorge by Air

Fly Above Taroko Gorge by Air
Source: Fly Above Taroko Gorge by Air

A day tour to Taroko Gorge, while in Taipei, is a must for traveler short on time. You may directly fly to Hualien, from Taipei and take a quick tour of Taroko National Park. Discover Qixingtan and Qingshui Cliff and enjoy the breathtaking view from Shakadang and Lushui trails of the Liwu River and Taroko gorge. Additionally, the night market of Dongdamen is another great spot to visit. So, why not just fly there with some great hot air balloons & enjoy the view below including the amazing day-time scenery of the Taroko Gorge. As well as that, this is a must-do activity for tourists who visit Taipei for a short-time visit mostly.

21. Visit Tiger Mountain Trail for A Hike

Visit Tiger Mountain Trail for A Hike
Source: taiwanaut

This hiking trail is a great place that has stairs with various stop points for helping you relish a beautiful view. Easy to reach & it is close to the MRT Station. The stairways are long but not difficult to walk on. There are many flat lands along. You can enjoy a peaceful hike/climb and relish the view. There are clear signs & posters at each junction, showing the distance to the next destination. There are paths to descend at certain junctions that help people while going back. This hike takes around 2 hours, but there are many rest-stops one can take. It is quite a good hiking trail.

22. Get Some Food at Raohe Street Night Market

Get Some Food at Raohe Street Night Market
Source: eater

Starting from Songshan MRT station’s main entrance on exit 5, all the food stalls fall under Raohe Night Market. From artists, dancers, hawkers to all sorts of street food places, this market place gives you quite the experience you might be looking for. From tasty pork buns, pan-fried mini-buns, grilled squid to handmade nougats and classic Chinese desserts, the food there is simply incredible. Despite, huge crowds, there are always spots where you can sit & enjoy your food & have some good conversations while in Raohe Night Market.

23. Go Sightseeing at Tamsui Lover’s Bridge

Go Sightseeing at Tamsui Lover’s Bridge
Source: L K | Flickr

Located in New Taipei, Tamsui Lover’s Bridge is quite a sight to watch sunsets & sunrises. Specifically, important to new couples and lovers who visit the place.

Couples watch the sunset, hold hands & often have their first kiss here. Moreover, the Lover’s Bridge also remains nearby coffee shops where often couples can be seen on dates. Mostly, couples taking romantic photoshoots or selfies is a much more common sight here.

24. Get Amazed by Shinkong Mitsukoshi Mall (Xinyi Place)


Located at Xinyi district, the mall is quite near Taipei 101 & the Grand Hyatt, the mall is costly yet has several international brands selling goods there. Mainly, expensive Japanese brands dominate the business at the mall there. Also, there’s the presence of a large number of young people in the mall. Despite being costly, unique items are often sold here. Taipei is famous for its malls & Shinkong Mitsukoshi Mall is definitely one of the best malls in Taipei despite mostly having only expensive items. Also, the food courts are amazing as well.

25. Pay a Visit to Taipei Grand Mosque

Pay a Visit to Taipei Grand Mosque
Source: travel

For Muslim travelers, much might have never expected a mosque in Taipei, however, the Taipei Grand Mosque is an amazing sight to see, in case you ever do visit Taipei. The Grand Mosque is looked after by the Taipei Muslim Association who often organize small festivals by selling Halal foods & the Friday prayers at the mosque are a great sight to see. So, in case, you want to see the life of Taiwanese Muslims closely, drop by the Grand Mosque if you wish to.

26. Drop by Linji Huguo Shrine

Drop by Linji Huguo Shrine
Source: stevewang69

It is a Japanese Buddhist temple next to Hanakubo Park in front of MRT Karasuyama Station. It is a temple that can be seen from MRT. If you are in the freshwater direction, you can see it on your right. It is a temple built in the Japanese era, and even the same time has a different taste from a Taiwanese temple.

This temple remains situated near Ulsan Station. Furthermore, the monument is written as “Gifu Prefecture” in Japanese, and it was a temple built during the Japanese rule. The spot remains wholly to most Buddhist people & definitely a visit for people with Japanese heritage.

27. QingTian76

Source: historytothepublic

Originally, the house on Qingtian Street No. 6, Lane 7, was one of the residential buildings of a community of Japanese professors. Professor Masashi Adachi designed the architectural structure of the house and construction of it was finished by 1931. Professor Masashi along with many other Japanese professors took over the National Taiwan University. From 1945 to 2007, the house was owned by the professor. In compliance with a declaration of the Taipei Municipal Government, the house was finally opened for the public on 2 May 2006.

QingTian76 is now a museum and is open for all to visit and people can also learn a great deal about Taiwan’s history while under Japanese occupation.

28. Try Out a Vending Machine

Vending Machine Taipei
Source: pumpkincheeks

Taipei is the city of weird vending machines. Though it can be weird at times but in most cases, these vending machines are greatly useful. From food to books to any important necessity, there might just be a vending machine for that. And as time passes, instead of having shopkeepers, vending machines are taking up the spots in Taipei. Even in arcades, vending machines have become quite a common sight these days.

There are often many vending machines that supply food items like fresh hotdogs, burgers, ramen & even restaurant quality food in a few cases like in the Taipei 101 tower. Also, instead of bookshops, there are book vending machines as well. You can even buy a pair of socks or T-shirts from some of these amazing vending machines as well. Moreover, these vending machines can make your experience in Taipei unique as it is rare to get access to such amazing vending machines these days.

29. Taiwanese 7/11

Taiwanese 7/11
Source: taiwaneseamerican

In case, you are looking to experience the best food including Bento boxes, egg sandwiches, desserts, ice creams, unique fresh fried food like fried chicken, fried dumplings, sausages or even ramen or squid balls, the best place to visit would be a 7/11 at Taiwan. Recommended by foodies globally, Taiwan has the best 7/11 shops with the best snacks, lunch, dinner & breakfast options available as well. Even the unique flavored desserts are widely available mostly in these 7//11 shops. So, yes, it is a must-visit definitely.

The most widely recommended item the ramen and yes, the green tea flavored KitKats are also a must-try. So, indeed try out these 7/11 food items in the ‘Food Capital of Asia’.

30. Don’t Forget to Visit the Remains of Taipei Prison Wall

Taipei Prison Wall
Source: powtaiwan

In the 1910s, in Taipei and Tainan, the Japanese settlers built a massive jail to curb the anti-colonial uprisings that erupted in Taiwan. The now-abandoned Taipei Prison has cell blocks that radiate outward, and high walls constructed of rocks up-cycled from the bulwarks of Taipei Prefecture, destroyed in the 1910s. So, these prison walls do speak of the forgotten Taiwanese history against Japanese colonial rule. And you can find the story of the anti-colonialists in these walls.

Taipei is a fantastic city to go on a trip. We have mentioned the top 30 things you would like to do while you visit Taipei. Moreover, these places will be sure to give you some great memories & will definitely give you some enjoyment.


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