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Things to Do in Takamatsu

Takamatsu is located on Shikoku island, the capital of Japan’s smallest prefecture. It is the biggest city of Shikoku that attracts more tourists than the other parts of the island. This picturesque port town is also referred to as the ” Gateway of Shikoku”. This lively city is packed with various attractive spots, many cultural activities, and local delicacies as well.

Takamatsu is best known for its pine trees, koi ponds, and landscaped beauty.

Apart from numerous parks, museums and temples Takamatsu has a vast number of restaurants, cafes, and bars. In addition to all of these, Takamatsu is one of the easiest places to visit in Japan, which makes it a city worth paying a visit. Without any further ado, let us find out the top 10 things you can do in Takamatsu.

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10 Best Things to Do in Takamatsu | Japan

1. Visit Ritsurin Park 

Ritsurin Park
Source: GaijinPot Travel

Ritsurin park made it to the top of the list as it is arguably the prettiest garden in Takamatsu and one of the most beautiful in Japan. The scenic beauty of this garden makes this garden a great place to relax and unwind from our daily hectic lives. As you take a stroll around the garden you will get to perceive the beauty of the famous “Red Wall of Rocks”, blooming lush lotus ponds, and historic trees. Visiting this serene garden is a must if you are looking for some refreshment in Takamatsu.

2. Check out Takamatsu Castle 

Takamatsu Castle
Source: Wikidata

Takamatsu Castle in Tamamo Park is the embodiment of pride and glory. This place holds significant importance in the local history of Takamatsu. This castle is built with the rare salt water moats that draw water from the beach. If you walk around to see what is left of this castle, you will be rewarded with outstanding architectural beauties, large tamami rooms and stunning water breaking walls. It is a sight to look at!

3. Visit Takamatsu City Museum of Art 

Takamatsu City Museum of Art

Takamatsu City Museum is home to some impressive arts and crafts that will fascinate you. This museum is housed in the former Bank of Japan thus the architectural beauty of this building will strike you too. The museum frequently exhibits both local paintings and international paintings for the residents and tourists of Takamatsu.

4. Eat a bowl of Udon 

Source: tsunagu Japan

Takamatsu is known as “Udon Kingdom” in the Country so do not forget to gulp down a bowl of Udon when you are in Takamatsu. Udon noodles accompanied with dipping sauce are the staple food in Japan that is also referred to as a “cheaper version” of ramen. While in Takamatsu make sure you have the Sanuki Udon, a local delicacy and comfort food for tourists. It is a tradition here in Takamatsu to have udon topped with soy sauce, raw eggs, and shredded radish pickles as these induce the flavor of the broth. It is a bowl that will make your taste buds crave more of this.

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5. Travel to Naoshima

Source: Never Ending Voyage

If you want to escape from the city life of Takamatsu to relax then head to Naoshima. It is one of the most known islands in Takamatsu for its ferry ride and art museums. The serene beauty of the island will soothe your mind and the quirky arts will leave you with joy.

6. Visit Yashima Temple 

Yashima Temple 
Source: Wikipedia

If you are a person that loves temple-hopping wherever you go then Takamatsu would not disappoint you as it is home to many notable temples. Out of all of the temples, Yashima Temple that sits near Yashima Mountain is the most renowned one. You can explore various statues and buildings from different eras and a tiny museum filled with historical commodities.

7. Sample Traditional Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea
Source: Green Tea Ace

As Takamatsu is home to many historic tree houses, it is a must to try some traditional matcha green tea during your visit. You can also watch the tea making process while sipping on your soothing cup of drink. You can also have some delectable matcha flavored dishes in local eateries.

8. Attend the Sanuki Takamatsu Festival

Sanuki Takamatsu Festival
Source: Setouchi Travel Guides

The Sanuki Takamatsu Festival is a famous dance festival where you can dance until you drop. This popular dance festival takes place in mid-August every year on Shikoku Island. The festival arranges dance performances with mesmerizing fireworks for the visitors. You can also detect a wide range of food stalls and shopping stores while strolling around the venue.

9. Plan a Day-Long Trip to the Seto Inland Sea

Seto Inland Sea
Source: Trip-N-Travel

If you want to get a beach vibe during your stay at Takamatsu then plan a day-long trip to the Seto Inland. It is located between the three main islands of Japan and blessed with a heavenly view that fascinates the tourists. You can spend the whole day hopping on the island, cruising in a yacht and strolling around the beachside and still not get enough of this place.

10. Try some Local Snack

shoyu mame
Source: fun! japan

Takamatsu has a great reputation for serving some delectable local dishes. Your tour to Takamatsu would remain incomplete if you do not try out some of the delicacies. Make sure to stop by some local restaurants to have Honetsuki Dori and shoyu mame. Honetsuki Dori, also known as chicken on the bone, is a piece of chicken charred or grilled in the oven. Shoyu Mame, on the other hand, is broiled soy sauce beans with a mixture of seasoning on top. Both of the dishes are rich in umami flavor and therefore worth trying.  It is also home to a unique type of asparagus called “Sanuki no mezame” that tastes heavenly when eaten with beef steaks.

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To sum it up, Takamatsu is a city packed with culture, beauty, food and all the things you root for a city to have. Now that you know about some top things to do, go pack your bags and have a nice trip!

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