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A drive along Interstate 10 will have you staring smack-dab into the town of Willcox. Located in the South of Arizona; it is situated alongside Tucson, Lordsburg, New Mexico, and Arizona. Although small in size, this town boasts a rich history and is home to farmers, artists and some of the most renowned wineries in the States. Here is a list of the 10 best things you can do during your visit to Willcox that is bound to make this experience unlike any other!

Best Things to Do in Willcox, Arizona

1. Experience High-Culture at TRUST Art Gallery

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The TRUST Art Gallery is known as a safe haven for the local artists, craftsperson and the winemakers of Willcox. Having a history of over a hundred years, the place was originally a salon as depicted in the stories of the wild west. Established through the collaborative efforts of a local vineyard and a gallery, it is the only place in Willcox where you can experience fine wine and exquisite art pieces simultaneously.

2. Enjoy the Local Wildlife at Willcox Playa Wildlife Area

Things to do in Willcox
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No tourist will ever be able to fully grasp the abundance of wildlife in Willcox if they don’t visit the Willcox Playa Wildlife Area. Covering a total area of 30,000 acres, this area is truly a tourist favorite during the winter. Thousands of migratory birds and fowls make this place during the winter alongside the eagles, bobcats, hawks, and coyotes. It’s best to visit the area during the journey as tourists will get the opportunity to take part in “Wings Over Willcox” a unique bird watchers’ event that takes place only during that time.

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3. Watch a Movie at the Willcox Historic Theater 

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Catching a view of the Willcox Historic Theater is enough to understand that the infrastructure qualifies as a historic landmark. Built during the 30s, the theater has been the prime source of entertainment for the residents of Willcox for decades. However, looks can be deceiving as the theater is equipped with the latest technology to view newly-released movies. So, sit back, grab a pack of popcorn and a bottle of your favorite fizzy drink and let the theater entertain you the same way it has been entertaining so many people over so many years.

4. Go Pecan-Farming at Lee’s Pecan Farm 

Go Pecan-Farming at Lee’s Pecan Farm 
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In operation for almost 30 years now, Lee’s Pecan Farm is located a little to the north of Willcox. Although the farm might be placed on a meager 10 acres of land, this family-owned business has been producing some of the freshest and delicious pecan-based snacks. There are ample parking spaces on the farm. So, head on over to Lee’s Pecan Farm and witness the growth of pure, preservative-free food.

5. Wine Tasting at Aridus Wine Company

Aridus Wine Company
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The Aridus Wine Company is one of the largest wineries in Arizona. Located on a land area of almost 40 acres, the company’s name pays tribute to the dry and dehydrated climate of Southern Arizona. The winery has an amazing variety of wines that suit to all taste buds. It also boasts a beautiful interior design that would soothe the soul of the aesthetic minded too.

6. Lunch at Apple Annie’s Country Store

Apple Annie’s Country Store
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Apple Annie’s Country Store has been serving the people of southern Arizona for years. Having a total area of more than 100 acres, this family-run business provides an experience like no other. Visitors can either pick out their own fruits from the vast fields or indulge in the tasty pies, soup, sandwiches as well as a variety of baked goods available at the store. Visiting this store is definitely a must if you’re looking to buy local, unique products in Willcox.

7. Hike to Heart of Rocks 

Hike to Heart of Rocks 
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Located amid the Chiricahua National Monument is the spectacular Heart of Rocks formations, better known as hoodoos among the locals of Willcox. To get the best view of these sets of rock formations, travel to the Heart of Rocks Loop next to the visitor’s center. The trail will include attractions such as Bonita Creek, Lower Rhyolite Canyon, and Sarah Deming Canyon.

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8. Pay Homage at the Friends of Marty Robbins Museum

the Friends of Marty Robbins Museum
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Built to commemorate the life and career of one of the biggest musical prodigies, the Friends of Marty Robbins Museum can be found on the North Historic Railroad Avenue. A fun fact is that Marty Ribbons was not actually born in Willcox but Glendale, a suburban area of Phoenix. Moreover, for a small price of admission, visitors can see an array of photographs and memorabilia linked to the musical legend.

9. Learn Ancient History at Fort Bowie National Historic Site

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The national historic site of Fort Bowie bursts with the story of the clash between the native Apaches of Arizona and the settlers during the 18th and 19th centuries. The historic site also has a museum where visitors can get an in-depth idea of the skirmishes and events that occurred during that time. Complete with a wildlife observation area, you can also avail guided tours if you book in advance.

10. Stop by the Rex Allen Museum 

Stop by the Rex Allen Museum 
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Being the only cowboy-themed museum in Willcox, this museum pays homage to the beloved actors and musicians of the ‘40s under the recognition of Willcox’s most famous native son. Moreover, established in 1989, the museum stands proudly on North Railroad Avenue. Although it doesn’t seem as grand as the other museums in the area, the Rex Allen Museum has a great decoration and gives off a retro vibe. It features exhibits, pictures, statues and the burial site of Rex Allen’s favorite horse Koko.

here are the 10 Best Things to Do in Willcox. We hope this list helps you make the most of your trip to this mundane town.


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