10 Best Things to Do in Yogyakarta | Indonesia

10 Best Things to Do in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is renowned for being an excellent travel destination in Java, as well as an intriguing one. If you ask any local from Indonesia, they will talk endlessly and confirm the great reputation Yogyakarta holds. It is considered an important part of Indonesia for having a rich culture and attracts many artists and hipsters.

Known for its notable history, it has ancestral roots which are very intriguing. You will understand the depth of this city’s roots as you explore the vast number of museums, workshops and handicraft shops. Famous areas such as Mount Merapi, the local temples are a must-see if you are visiting for an extended period.

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10 Best Things to Do in Yogyakarta | Indonesia

1. De-stress at Indrayanti Beach

De-stress at Indrayanti Beach | 10 Best Things to Do in Yogyakarta
Source: flickr.com/Titiek Hardi

A majority of tourists come here to discover that this beach is located in an exotic location! Indrayanti Beach stretches for miles towards the south and a major part of the bay area. The golden sand which you will walk on and the clean surroundings that follow will lift your senses and make you forget about all your work-life stress from back home. There are also food stalls that sell noodles, cold coconut drinks. Besides, who wouldn’t want to come here daily?

2. Explore the Incredible Museums

Explore the Incredible Museums | 10 Best Things to Do in Yogyakarta
Source: lonelyplanet.com

Once you arrive in Yogyakarta it will amaze you because it is filled with amazing landmarks. Locals will mention the most prominent ones such as Sono-Budoyo Museum. This one has a vast display of native art that you will be stunned at. Many wishful tourists arrive here to observe the historical art pieces. So, you can visit galleries, and explore the museum in which you can see various Indonesian artifacts. The area has a courtyard full of religious embellishments hence a splash of cultural diversity can be felt here.

3. Visit the Kraton

Visit the Kraton | 10 Best Things to Do in Yogyakarta
Source: ttnotes.com

Are you intrigued by the era of kings and queens? Then this place will be a perfect choice as it considered a well-known landmark. Visiting this destination and witnessing all the beautiful designs which were put will simply take your breath away. It is understood that a part of the Royal family still resides here, however, visitations are allowed to the Kraton Museum to understand their history extensively. Entry starts at 9 am, and cultural programs take place daily.

4. Make Plans for Boat Trips

Make Plans for Boat Trips | 10 Best Things to Do in Yogyakarta
Source: yellowdoor.co.id

Tourists always wish to explore the adrenaline rush side of traveling. Therefore, if you desire to go kayaking on the beautiful Progo River then that’s where the rapids will greet you. This area is nearer to the city. However, it does give you a distinct feeling that you are on the outskirts of town. So, as you make your way rafting the scene you will witness will be very otherworldly. Lush landscapes and evergreen forests with animals will feast your eyes.

5. Dine on Some Gudeg

Dine on Some Gudeg
Source: authentic-indonesia.com

This city is renowned for its authentic dishes, and one of them is known as Gudeg. The recipe includes a fruit mixture that is similar to a curry. The food is mouth-watering you should put it on your checklist to have it. There are many places you can eat this, so explore around the city to find places and menus which serve this authentic dish. With such a plethora of restaurants to choose from, it will be a great addition to your journey as you will enjoy the sights with fancy eateries by your side.

6. The City Zoo has Some Amazing Animals to See

The City Zoo has Some Amazing Animals to See
Source: getsimage.com

Gembira Loka Zoo is an ideal spot to visit to look at native species of plants and animals. It is truly an amazing place to see. This destination is situated in the southeast section. This local zoo shelters an impressive variety of animals, in addition to that many locally born animals exist which are very captivating to observe. If you wish to enjoy a calm atmosphere where you can see cool animals, this is a good choice to consider.

7. Journey to Wediombo Beach

Journey to Wediombo Beach
Source: pinterest.com

Wediombo Beach is an exceptional beach that has clear sand and it is quite self-explanatory once you decide to visit this destination. The smooth golden sand has a substantial amount of space that it occupies, and natives gather around here to relax. The sea around this beach is truly marvelous, therefore locals engage themselves with fishing activities. This is because the waters in Yogyakarta has an abundant amount of fishes from which locals try to get, especially the Panjo fish.

8. See the Affandi Museum

See the Affandi Museum
Source: pinterest.com

This museum is named after a famous artist from ancient Indonesian history. It is a destination which many art lovers will enjoy visiting, in addition to that you can visit the abode of Affandi the famous artist who resided here. Affandi Museum is near the city center and has in store a large collection of art and a few unique self-portraits.

9. Stop by a Local Café

Stop by a Local Café
Source: theculturetrip.com

There are so many wonderful destinations in Indonesia, and Yogyakarta stands out for having a prominent culture surrounding cafes. This is because of all around town, there will be an unmistakable amount of coffee shops and eateries. Indonesia is famous for their coffee beans. Therefore, the city’s whereabouts offer a rich taste whenever you sip a cup of joe.

10. Taman Sari is a Must-Visit!

Taman Sari is a Must-Visit!
Source: goodnewsfromindonesia.id

Kraton, the Royal Palace, and Taman Sari, these places are no stranger to tourist’s fascination. Taman Sari has a vast range of activities to offer which involve areas of water. Once you visit the Royal Palace, it will take you only a small amount of time to reach the southeastern part of the area to access Taman Sari.

To conclude, Yogyakarta is a magnificent location to visit for all tourists alike. It resembles a very hipster-like setting across town, and anyone will enjoy this place! It will be best enjoyed if you go with a group of people because all the incredible moments can then be recorded and shared.

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