10 Best Things to do in Mrauk U | Myanmar

| 10 Best Things to do in Mrauk U

Myanmar is a country with many natural attractions spots. Some of these attraction spots are notable archeological towns. With lush green forest and ancient ruins, this the place to be if you want to escape the blocks of the modern world. One of these archeological towns is Mrauk U. Mrauk U is located in the Rakhine State of Myanmar. Mrauk U is famous for its temples and pagodas. This place was the capital of the Arakanese Kingdom in 1413. During this time, many temples and pagodas were built all across Mrauk U. If you’re a fan of history and archeology or interested to learn more about Myanma’ ‘s past, then it is a great place to visit. Here’s a list of top ten things to do in Mrauk U:

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10 Best Things to do Mrauk U | Myanmar

1. Learning history at Archeological Museum

Learning history at Archeological Museum | 10 Best Things to do in Mrauk U
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Inside the Royal Palace in Mrauk U is the Archeological Museum. The archeological museum has a vast collection when it comes to antiques found everywhere in Mrauk U. You can find statues of Buddhas and many ancient coins over there. Aside from those, you will also see stones with inscriptions and paintings engraved on them. These inscriptions and paintings depict Mrauk U in its ancient glory.

2. Admiring Pitaka Taik – Things to do Mrauk U

Admiring Pitaka Taik | 10 Best Things to do in Mrauk U
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Pitaka Taik is known as the renowned libraries of Mrauk U. The library was built in the sixteenth century. King Minphalang built it. The Pitaka Taik used to contain the Tripitaka, which is a well-known Buddhist tome. The library is tiny. However, it is worth visiting if you want to know more about the buildings that were a part of the ancient city of Mrauk U.

3. Visiting Kothaung Paya

Visiting Kothaung Paya | 10 Best Things to do in Mrauk U
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Kothaung Paya is the most prominent temples in Mrauk U. King Minataikkha built it in 1553. Furthermore, this temple was built to rival the Shittaung Paya. The temple has been rebuilt during the 1990s. Regardless of the reconstruction, you will be able to get a grasp of how the original temple was. Here you will see bell-shaped stupas. Also, while visiting, keep an eye out for the ninety thousand pictures of Buddha etched beside the pathways.

4. Exploring Chin Villages

Exploring Chin Villages | 10 Best Things to do in Mrauk U
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Chin villages are known for being “Garden Villages.” The reason behind that is the town is adorned with beautiful trees and flowers. According to many visitors, this is the main attraction of their Mrauk U trip. The Chin villages are on the beautiful Lemro River. However, keep in mind that you can’t spend the night in this village. So, return from Chin villages to Mrauk U in the dusk hours.

5. Visiting Wethali – Things to do Mrauk U

Visiting Wethali
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Wethali, a small but beautiful village outside of Mrauk U. Once this known as the capital of the Arakan Kingdom. Unlike other archeological sites, you won’t find any religious structures here. What you will find are the mounds of the temple. It is believed that the temples buried under the temple mounds. Visiting here, you will be able to appreciate the Great Image of Hsu Taung Pre. This is a giant statue carved from only one piece of stone.

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6. Having Breakfast at the Morning Market

Having Breakfast at the Morning Market
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Nothing beats a good breakfast in the morning. In the Morning market, you can have a fulfilling breakfast. In the Morning Market, you can find many fruits, vegetables and other fresh produces produced in the adjacent villages. You will also find local food carts here. If you’re looking forward to having snacks, take a walk to the teashops. They sell locally made snacks.

7. Visiting Mahabodhi Shwegu

Visiting Mahabodhi Shwegu
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The Mahabodhi Shwegu is a little temple. Because of being small, most travelers miss the temple on their Mrauk U trip. You can visit here to learn the Buddhist tales of heaven, hell, and earth. Like other temples, this one also has an image of Buddha. The image of Buddha is six feet tall. Look closely, and you will find erotic scenes carved on the stones. It is somewhat unexpected of a temple.

8. Exploring Mahamuni Paya

Exploring Mahamuni Paya
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Myanmar has a vast number of temples and pagodas all across the country. The Mahamuni Paya consists of a large pagoda. Moreover, you will find a museum attached to this pagoda. The Mahamuni Paya and Wethali village are located on the same road. So, on a trip to Wethali village, you can stop here and check the place out. You will find artifacts that will inform you about the history of the religious structure. However, most antiques have been shifted to Mandalay.

9. Visiting Dukkanthein Paya – Things to do Mrauk U

Visiting Dukkanthein Paya
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The Dukkanthein Paya is another temple from the sixteenth century. It was being built under King Minpgalaung. The temple has a rustic and bold vibe to it and looks fantastic. To access the inside of the structure, you will have to climb up stone steps. Like other temples, this temple also has stone engravings of Buddha inside. You will also find scenes form Myanmar’s daily life engraved on the stones. The temple has wide passageways. You can get a pleasant stroll here, thanks to vast halls. You will find a central stone of Buddha’s image. This stone looks fantastic during the afternoon when the sunlight rests on it.

10. Visiting the L’Amitie Art Gallery

Visiting the L'Amitie Art Gallery
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If you’re an art student or interested in art, then the L’Amitie Art Gallery is a must-visit for you. You will find fantastic local artworks in this art gallery. These artworks paint a beautiful picture of Mrauk U along with its countrysides. This art gallery is an excellent place to buy some souvenirs. The art gallery sells artworks to people visiting. So, you can purchase a souvenir if something attracts you for your loved ones or as a memoir of your visit to Mrauk U.

In conclusion, like other archeological sites in Myanmar, Mrauk U is also a famous town. You will find many temples, pagodas, and other archeological ruins over here. If you’re visiting Mrauk U, be sure to visit the Archeological Museum and the L’Amitie Art Gallery. You should also visit the Chin villages for its scenic beauty.

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