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Bokor National Park - Things to do on Bokor Mountain

A route that runs 32 kilometers up 1,101 meters from road 3 near Kampot, the Bokor Mountain Hill Station has been on the peak, in Bokor National Park. Specifically, it was a small resort town, but now it’s become a ghost town and National Park has been deserted. Apart from the many visitors and Park staff, and a few thousand factory workers, hotel staff, and casino staff, that is. Most notable for the abandoned Casino which is now a luxury hotel at the top of the hill, there is also former King’s houses, an abandoned monastery, Buddhist Wat, a waterfall, and then a haze shot or a view of Southern Cambodia’s Islands and Vietnam’s Phu Island.

There are rumors of wildlife on the mountain like lions and tigers, wolves and elephants, so feel free to share if you’re seeing them. You could see some massive birds or parrots, wild monkeys and even some of the bigger animals.

Many people stay at Kampot, Cambodian hotels then take the day-trip up the mountain.

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Trip to Bokor National Park – Things to Do on Bokor Mountain

Bokor National Park
Source: Butterfly Tours

Through Kampot taking route 3, some 8 km to Sihanoukville which is not routed 3 to Phnom Penh, you can see a large landmark on the right that welcomes you to Bokor National Park or the other well-known Bokor Mountain for locals. The Bokor Ranger station is just up the road. There is no fee for mountain climbing.

You can get up to top with a motorcycle or vehicle. When you don’t have your truck, you can hire big dirt bikes with less than $12/day in Kampot and 100cc electric motorcycles for $4-$ 5. Gas is around $1 a liter and gets you on a 10cc motorcycle for up to 1 hour a liter. The drive up is quite nice and smooth now. You might want to wear some warm clothes as well as a raincoat, because the winds are much colder, especially at night, and also the top is often fog or rain. Route 3 entry is about a 40-minute drive up to the top.

You can even get a seat for a day drive in a car or bus including a $10-$25 meal. The bulk of tours start from downtown Kampot. Yes, they’re going to pick you up at your house. Tour signs will be seen everywhere in the area. Others also include evening “firefly boat tour” on The Kampot River. Walking isn’t a choice. From a few hours stroll to a whole day, however, there could be walking trails on board.

And when you get up and up and up, pause at the “lookout points”. You should also have something to drink and eat in case something goes wrong. Raincoats and warm clothing are also really useful.

Take a Trip to Hydroponic Farm

Bokor Hydroponic Farm
Source: Bokor Hydroponic Farm / Facebook

Bokor Hydroponics Farm is naturally raised on Bokor Mountain and provides fresh fruit and vegetables for your tasty home-made dinner. Bokor Hydroponics Farm provides more than 100 vegetable varieties, boundless nutritional benefits and rich in color. It even focuses on growing and processing, in addition to using sustainable farming methods, which can provide you with premium quality veggies. Properly grown on nutrient soil using the scientifically grown process, our organic vegetables have maximum health advantages for a healthy living.

Sightseeing Wat Sampov Bram

Wat Sampov Bram
Source: Sokha Hotels & Resorts

Fantastic Wat just on the peak of Bokor, on one of Kampot, Cambodia, the islands and Vietnam’s best sights. No entry fees. The path to Thansur Bokor Casino, just past Chinatown. About something like a 3-minute drive from just the casino, or a 5-minute walk away.

Only a series of homes, landscaping, natural rock features, sculptures, and a spectacular view if it’s not gloomy beneath you or you’re right in and out of the clouds. Around 1 km to the sea. Good walk-through for a half hour.

A Khmer Restaurant with meats, noodles, vegetables, and rice is located right at the gateway to the Wat. When you are worried about the cost of the two neighboring hotels for a meal, this will be your safest bet for $1.50 Meals. They do have motorcycle gas and drinking water as well.

Visit Popokvil Waterfall – Things to Do on Bokor Mountain

Popokvil Waterfall
Source: Mad Monkey Hostel

The Popokvil Waterfall has situated 17 km from the Hotel or the Bokor Mountain Casino. The falls aren’t spectacular unless it’s raining and if it is, you wouldn’t want to go out and see them. However, the park and the neighborhood are really good. Climb out on the cliffs, cross the ponds, sit down in the cold in the lake and relax for an hour. To adults, there is a 50-cent admission fee, but for the premium, you get a glass of Bokor Beer. A huge, restaurant-like airplane hangar is just outside the waterfall, including indoor and outdoor dining, and daytime Khmer food as well as a buffet. Usually, it rains on the top of the mountains and the rain doesn’t pray down to the region below. So it is safe to walk around and explore.

In contrast, the Bokor Mountain’s top is often stormy and much colder than the region below. Therefore, visitors should take a raincoat, or at least long coats even though it’s not the rainy season. Make sure you look out for reckless drivers, slippery wet roads, and patches of fog and rain that can collect on the side of the mountain when you ride up. Also, if the day is calm in Kampot, there is erratic weather rising on top of Bokor Hill.


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