Things to Enjoy in Yangon | Myanmar

Things to Enjoy in Yangon

If you want to escape the complexities of daily life and the bricks and blocks of the modern world, then you should visit Myanmar. Myanmar is a country filled with archeological sites, temples, and pagodas. The ancient ruins mixed with the green scenery is sure to help you calm you down. Yangon was the former capital of Myanmar, also the biggest city. You will find a fun mix of colonial architecture and exciting nightlife here. Besides the temples and pagodas, you can enjoy street food, rooftop bars, and other attractions that make Yangon famous. Despite being a fun and busy city, sometimes Yangon doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Here’s a list of top ten things you can do in Yangon that will make you want to visit back soon.

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Things to Enjoy in Yangon | Myanmar

1. Admiring Shwedagon Pagoda

Admiring Shwedagon Pagoda | Things to Enjoy in Yangon
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Myanmar is the country of temples and pagodas. Among these pagodas, the Shwedagon Pagoda is world-famous and looks fantastic. The Shwedagon Pagoda is Yangon’s main attractions. This pagoda is also the most sacred site of the Buddhist community. The pagoda is built in the style of the central structure, and it is covered with gold leaves, diamonds, and other gems. One can also find diamond crowns here. During sunset, you can view the fantastic evening sky from here.

2. 999 Shan Noodle

999 Shan Noodle | Things to Enjoy in Yangon
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Burmese cuisine is one of the main attractions of Yangon, despite not being as famous as further Asian cuisines. In Yangon, you can enjoy many delicious foods. In the town, you can try the Shan noodles. Shan noodles are named after the Shan State, and it is a very renowned dish of Myanmar. If you’re looking forward to having the Shan noodles, the best restaurant is the 999 Shan Noodles. In the noodles there, you will find vegetables, herbs and a variety of sauces.

3. Take a stroll through Chinatown

Take a stroll through Chinatown | Things to Enjoy in Yangon
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Yangon’s Chinatown is also a part off the town’s main attractions. If you want to go shopping or have a barbeque and other street food, Yangon’s Chinatown is your best option. Located on the nineteenth street in Yangon, the Chinatown is also a place to admire the architecture as it is exceptional from other sites.

4. Visiting the Sule Pagoda

Visiting the Sule Pagoda | Things to Enjoy in Yangon
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Sule Pagoda is another famous pagoda in Yangon town. Due to its historical significance, the Sule Pagoda is situated in the middle of the modern city. The pagoda was built around 2500 years ago. The stupa is 46 meters high and shaped in an octagonal style. Stroll around the pagoda, take in its beauty, and enjoy a calm stroll.

5. Touring the Martyrs’ Mausoleum 

Touring the Martyrs’ Mausoleum 
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Beside the Shwedagon pagoda, you will find the Martyrs’ Mausoleum. The Mausoleum is built where Aung San and six members of his cabinet were assassinated. It was built in honor of the then Major General, also the “Founding Father of Modern Myanmar.” The mausoleum also is the grave of Queen Supayalat. Queen Supayalat was wife to the last king of Myanmar. You will find other monuments, like that of UN Secretary-General U Thant and writer Thakin Kodaw You will also enjoy many panoramic views from here, and view the entirety of Yangon. The Martyrs’ Mausoleum is open on the nineteenth of July only.

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6. Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple

Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple
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The Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple houses the biggest Statue of Buddha in Myanmar. The temple is famous for housing the statue of reclining Buddha. The statue is a foot long. The number of details put into this statue is mind-blowing. This is also the most beautiful statues of Buddha on this subcontinent. The face of the statue has been worked on many times. The reason behind this was that the first face looked too severe. Now with the touch-up, you can admire all the crisp design and clear details.

7. Feeding Catfishes on Yangon Lake

Feeding Catfishes on Yangon Lake
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Yangon lake, also known as Kandawgyi Lake, is a part of the local activity. You will find resident catfishes over there while also find sellers with loaves of bread for you to feed the fish as well as getting wet from the sprint of the hungry fishes when you’re feeding them. This is a very popular local activity.

8. Enjoy Mohinga

Enjoy Mohinga
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Mohinga is a breakfast dish. The dish contains rice noodles, and the rice noodles are then mixed with fish-based broths. If you’re in town, be sure to enjoy a bowl of Mohinga. You will find great flavors as the dish is made with spices and aromatics. This is one of Myanmar’s favorite dishes.

9. Kandawgyi Park

Kandawgyi Park
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Outside the busy city of Yangon, lies the Kandawgyi Park. This is an outstanding place to visit if you’re visiting Yangon. The lake is the perfect place to watch sunrise and sunset. Looking across the lake through the park, you will see a huge golden dragon boat. The golden dragon boat is sitting on the water, adding beauty to the Shwedagon Pagoda.

10. Admiring Kaba Aye Pagoda

Admiring Kaba Aye Pagoda
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The main attractions of the Kaba Aye Pagoda are the silver Buddha centerpiece. This pagoda is one of the most beautiful and pretty pagodas in Yangon. The courtyard of the pagoda is very peaceful, far from the bustling of the busy city. Like any other sacred spots in Myanmar, you can’t enter the pagoda with your shoes on. Keep in mind to carry a bag to keep your shoes, or you can leave them outside. Furthermore, try to avoid visiting the pagoda at noon. It can get very hot inside the temple. The best go there is either in the morning or in the afternoon.

In conclusion, despite Yangon not getting the recognition it should, the town has many things to offer. From delicious foods to shopping and beautiful architectures of temples and pagodas, you’re sure to have a great time here. Be sure to visit Chinatown if you want to try out delicious foods and shopping. Also, visit the Kandwagyi park to enjoy a peaceful sunrise and sunset.

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