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Tube Café: The Best Local Coffee Shop in Phnom Penh

Tube Café is a local coffee shop in Phnom Penh where everyone can go and take their favorite drink at any time they want. Interestingly¸ This is a local Khmer brand, creating to fit the taste of local people. Like so, most Cambodian people can experience the authentic taste of coffee at such an affordable price. On top of that, the signature drink at Tube Café is Café Thnol. The literal meaning of this drink is coffee from the street.

Since most Cambodian people from the past would often buy their coffee from the street at a cheap price to start their day. Therefore, Tube Café wants to bring back the taste of local coffee from the past with Café Thnol. Not only that, but it has also served many other drinks as well, all of them come at a relatively reasonable price that everyone can afford.

Tube Café
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Despite wanting to embrace authenticity, Tube Café also tries to develop its store into a modern and creative environment. First thing first, Tube Café possesses a cozy vibe. The designers focused on making their customers receive a sense of security and familiarity when they first step inside. On top of that, people who spent their time at there will agree on how comfortable the place and the staff make them feel. Moreover, the atmosphere is also pleasantly relaxing that you will find yourself enjoying your time even more. Not only that, but the friendly staff is also another factor that leads Tube Café to present such a friendly vibe to the customers.

Tube Café
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Each staff member  makes sure each person who goes to the café feels at ease. With their smiling faces, greeting the customers cheerfully, and staff makes sure everyone feels welcome as if it is their own home.

Tube Café
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On the other hand, the welcoming taste of coffee at Tube Café is able to remind Cambodia people of Cambodian’s coffee from the past. Also, for foreigners who want to try how the original Khmer coffee taste likes can also go to the shop and enjoy a cup of coffee to start the day productively.

Tube Café
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About Tube Café

  • Price Range: $1.90 – $4
  • Business Hour: 6:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Type of place: Budget
  • Location:
    • Street Russian Federation, Phnom Penh
    • Aeon Mall II, 2nd floor, Sen Sok, Phnom Penh
    • BKK 1, Phnom Penh
    • Samai Swuare, street 337, Phnom Penh
    • Chroy Changvar

All in all, Tube Café is literally one of the best local coffee shops in town. With all the special decorations that can cause everyone to feel comfortable being there, it does not fail to be the first spot in local people’s favorite coffee shops. Additionally, the coffee tastes even better with the fresh coffee beans that could make people want to taste it many times without feeling tired of it at all. Moreover, they also values customers so much that every staff makes sure the customers have a nice time by providing the best service. Therefore, you should visit Tube Café to get a good and memorable experience for your day.

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