Try Out The Authentic Thai Food in Phnom Penh at TumKratoei

One of the Thai restaurants in Cambodia that receives a lot of recognition from the local Khmer people is TumKratoei. To begin with, the actual meaning of the restaurant’s name “TumKratoei” is from the name of a Northeast Thai cuisine. Moreover, one of the reasons for the owner of TumKratoei to select this name is because the name is easy to remember and has a good rhythm. Therefore, with many consideration, the owner has decided to come up with this name. They pay a lot of attention to the taste and the quality of the food. Hence, each Thai food made in TumKratoei is absolutely delicious with the authentic Thai flavor. Furthermore, the chef only selects the finest ingredient to make food to assure the customers’ health is not affected. Moreover, the service is extremely satisfying that you cannot help but admire this restaurant.

TumKratoei, Phnom Penh | Cambodia

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Although TumKratoei is a Thai restaurant, the environment of the restaurant is not so different from the restaurants in Cambodia. The design inside is exceptionally pretty that we want to compliment the designers for their creativity.

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On top of that, TumKratoei also displays an image of a high-class restaurant with how clean it looks. The customers will not worry about the quality of the food when they observe the environment at TumKratoei.

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Above that, the ambiance inside there convey a sense of tranquility. Each chair and table is arranged in order; hence, you can feel how spacious it is despite looking not so huge from the outside.

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Additionally, the staff of TumKratoei are ready to assist you as soon as you arrive inside of the restaurant. With the friendly smile and easy-going behavior, you will always feel welcome when you are at TumKratoei. Not only that, you can also enjoy the taste of the Thai food at its fullest with the peaceful vibe that TumKratoei is able to pull off as well.

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Additional Information:

  • Price Range: $1 – $19
  • Business Hour: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Type of place: Budget
  • Location: ​
  • No.5, Street 208, Sangkat Boeung Rang, ​Khan Doun Penh
  • Eden garden, Sangkat Beung Kok, Khan Toulkork
  • No.177, Street1, Sangkat Beoung Snor, Khan Meanchey
  • Type of cuisine served: Asian
  • More info:

To make it short, we highly suggest TumKratoei as the best Thai restaurant that you should visit. First of all, the authentic taste of the Thai food that you cannot find easily is TumKratoei’s first strength. You can literally find any type of Thai popular food there. On top of that, each dish is extremely delicious; hence, if you are fond of Thai’s food, you can just come at TumKratoei. Secondly, the clean and comforting atmosphere is another attraction at the restaurant. Customers who have come can agree that they really feel safe and relaxed eating there. Moreover, the price is also moderate for Thai food. You can come to TumKratoei with your family, friends, or beloved people; we can assure that you will love everything at this restaurant.

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