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Bangkok city is full of restaurants and bars all over the city. Vertigo Bangkok is located in Banyan Tree hotel skyline, situated on the 61th floor. As a matter of fact, Vertigo definitely has one of the best views Bangkok city has to offered. Not only the Vertigo’s skyview and open-air lounge is the ultimate perfect vibe for evening cocktails but Vertigo also offers a range of food for its customers. In addition, it is known for its barbecue seafood with extensive outstanding signature dishes. Although the steak and grilled seabass with citrus salsa and cilantro is a must tried dish there. Similarly, Tuna tartare, fresh lobster spring rolls, barbequed baby pig spareribs are some of the dishes that will sure to blow your taste bud. Vertigo offers a range of vegetarian menu as well.

Vertigo, Bangkok Thailand


Restaurant Vibe and Drinks


In terms of the vibes, Vertigo is an elegant open-air lounge that is famous for its drinks and scenery. Vertigo’s sunset Malibu is their signature drink that is mixed with cranberry and pineapple juice served in a glass martini. Likewise, Vetigo’s Moon Romance is another famous melon vodka drink mixed with crème de menthe, peach and lime that is virtually appealing with a red rose on a bed of dry ice. There are sufficiently enough cocktails to choose from their broad drinks menu. Not only that, their tempting desserts are hard to turn down, there are plenty of choices to choose from such as mango sticky rice, Thai tea crème brûlée, mango cheesecake and fresh fig tart.

Environment and Price Range of Vertigo


Vertigo can also be a romantic place for couples to go to as there’s a telescope available for star gazing or you can listen to their live jazz music played during most evenings. For instance, Vertigo environment offers a relaxing and calming vibe as one can enjoy their drinks while admiring Bangkok’s skyline. Furthermore, Vertigo business hours starts from 6 pm till 11 pm. Situated on the 61th floor, this meant Vertigo sky bar is absolutely a fancy place. The price tag is hefty and a smart casual dress code is required. No flip flops, sleeveless top or shorts are allowed on Vertigo sky bar.

Business Hour and Writer’s Idea

Vertigo is a must go to place as it offers amazing food and drinks with exceptional service. It’s a must visit for visitors as it is well suited for those who are looking for unforgettable experience during their stay in Bangkok city. Importantly, it’s recommended that you should get there during 6pm as the view of Bangkok skyline during dusk is precious. To sum it up, Vertigo is situated on top of Banyan Tree hotel and is one of the best sky bar Bangkok city has. It offers European cuisine with a hefty price tag along with beautiful tasting cocktails and sophisticated romance type of vibe. Indeed, it is the place that is definitely a must go to for an unforgettable night in Bangkok city.

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