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There are not many vegans here in Cambodia. Being a vegan here is hard. This is why Vibe Cafe exists. Where are our vegan readers? Gather round because this cafe is made just for you. Vibe Cafe is the first vegan cafe in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Wearing the badge of being the vegan cafe, it is doing its best in bringing the best dining experience for vegans. They  believes that food should always be vibrant, nourishing and bringing good experience.

Vibe Cafe | Cambodia

Source: Facebook “VIBE”

Type of Foods

Vibe Cafe
Source: Facebook “Vibe Cafe”

At the Cafe, maintaining good health through diet is the main focus of the menu here. Vibe Cafe specialists in vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free food. All of the food in the shop, the menu is 100% vegan, planted based, and organically sourced. The making process of each item in the menu is done from scratch.


Source: Facebook “VIBE”

Almost everything is in-house because they care about exactly what goes into the dishes. Actually, the only things that the Cafe shop gets from a supplier are bread and KOMBUCHA.



Source: Facebook “VIBE”

Food alone won’t complete the mission of the cafe, the vibe needs to match as well. Vibe means “a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.” Thus, now I guess you have a clue of what the cafe is really like in terms of space. They combine some cool design concepts when it comes to decorating.

This is to ensure the vibe is spiced up and matches the energy of the customers. What the shop is trying to achieve is “making a space where people can recharge and restore both inside and out.” Every piece of decoration is thoroughly thought out to make sure it really depicts the healthy environment, greeny, sunny, and fresh.

Type of Drinks

Source: Facebook VIBE””

Vibe Cafe wants to give their customers that chance to experience what a healthy lifestyle looks, feels and tastes like. After all it won’t get you to question that 4$ you spent on that Good Vibe Smoothie. It is totally worth checking out. You might also want to check: Luna Coffee and Bakery, Phnom Penh | Cambodia!!


Why Vibe Cafe?

Source: Facebook “VIBE”

When we first saw Vibe Cafe, instead of feeling like it was a cafe, we instantly felt connected to the place and felt like home. At some point, it is like our balcony back home. The only difference is it is more organised, more greeny, and fully furnished. We think that is perfect for those who are searching for a spot to getaway or just to stay quiet and focus on their work, write a journal, or just do self reflection. Yes, that’s true! It is possible to do all of that there.


Basic Detail:

Location: 26A, STREET 446, RUSSIAN MARKET, / Tel: +855 (0)61764937


Working hour: Tuesday-Sunday (9:00am-6:00pm)

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