Vitking House Vegetarian Restaurant | Cambodia

Vitking House Vegetarian Restaurant

Raise your hand if you’re not a vegetarian but often eat at Vitking House Vegetarian Restaurant? As the name suggests, the Vitking House specialty is vegetarian dishes. Nobody is really sure of how long the restaurant is here in Cambodia, but all we know in common is that we tasted their Hot Pot Fried Noodle since five years ago or something. The taste has never changed and we can’t just get enough of it.

Vitking House Vegetarian Restaurant | Cambodia


Vitking House
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As soon as you enter any branch of Vitking House Vegetarian Restaurant, your five senses will soon react to your surroundings. First your ear will hear a sound that resembles the sound of when you put something in your hot frying pan. Hot Pot Fried Noodle, the significant dish of Vitking House Vegetarian Restaurant, is probably on the way to the table next to you. Then as soon as your nextdoor opens the cap of the pot, the smell of juicy fried noodles will soon hit your nose.

Type of Drinks

Vitking House
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Calm down! It will be your turn soon. While waiting for the waiters to get your order, you will be offered a cup of cold tea. It is not just normal tea but the one made from Pandan leaf. We are willing to drop five stars just after we taste that tea. It tastes incredible and pretty beneficial to the health too. Between 10 to 15 minutes, your order will arrive. But sometimes it might take a little longer than this depending on the actual number of customers. Vitking House Vegetarian Restaurant opens Monday to Sunday from 8:00AM to 8:00PM. Weekend is a little extra. You might need to wait in line to get into the restaurants because there are a lot of people who want to have a taste of it too.

Type of Foods

Vitking House
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Once you visit Vitking House Vegetarian Restaurant, you will realise why this restaurant attracts this number of customers both vegetarian and non vegetarian. The reason is simple. The restaurant makes tasty, healthy food that comes at an affordable price. Tell me what healthy food you can get with your 1.25$ ? Here at Vitking House Vegetarian Restaurant, you can get Straw Mushroom BBQ sticks as a starter.

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With just a dollar more, you can get yourself a proper main meal namely the well-known hot pot fried noodle, hot pot fried rice, Kimchi soup, special mushroom fried rice, fried rice with fruit, fried rice wrapped by Egg, etc. Everything is meatless and cooked in Chinese and Khmer style making each and every dish so unique and tasteful unlike any other.

Why Vitking House Vegetarian Restaurant?

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We remember being introduced to Vitking House Vegetarian Restaurant for the first time back to 2015 something. Since then, we have become one of their patrons, though we are not a vegetarian. One thing we and perhaps other loyal customers love about Viking House Vegetarian Restaurant is the fact that they make everything we once find it hard to eat taste very good. We sure are not a fan of vegetables but this restaurant makes us one of them. You might to check for vegan cafe: Vibe Cafe, Phnom Penh | Cambodia!!

Basic Detail

Location: Olympic Branch ( 315 St 430, Phnom Penh/ 023 224 170)

Toul Tom Pong Branch (#370 St 163, Phnom Penh/023 222 150)

Siem Reap Branch

Starting Price: 1.25 $

Working hour: 8:00am-8:00pm (Mon-Sun)

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