10 Best Awesome Water Parks in California

California summers can undoubtedly be too hot for some tourists who have been beach-surfing or roaming around the city. If that sounds like you, you can rest assured that the water parks of California won’t disappoint you. Visiting a water park will allow you to not only get some relief from the heat but as enjoy thrilling rides. So let’s read on to know what Californian water parks have to offer to you!

10 Best Awesome Water Parks in California

1. Raging Waters, San Dimas

Raging Waters, San Dimas
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It is California’s largest water park, spanning 60 acres and comprising nearly 50 thrilling attractions and rides. The most popular ride here is the Aqua Rocket, a hydro-magnetic water coaster with hills and drops that can get your blood rushing with 30 mph speed. There is a 30000 square feet water playground for kids with a waddling pool, slides, miniature rides and waterfall. With thrilling rides and attractions of raging water, you will sure to spend a fun filled day.

2. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, California

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, California

If you want a thrilling drop from 50 feet through a trap door, ride Bonzai pipelines at six flags Hurricane harbor. And if you’re not a fan of adrenaline rushes, you can just float in a pool and enjoy a movie in this park. Seriously, it’s a thing: they call it the Dive-in Movie! Alternatively, you can enjoy raft slides that will through you straight from the mouth of a giant Tiki statue. After you are all winded out enjoying the rides you can chill out with some Italian food or snacks.

3. LEGOLAND California

LEGOLAND California
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If you are traveling with young ones then you should surely visit LEGOLAND.  Kids will get a kick out of building their own rafts with LEGO. There are also fun filled activities where they build dams, cities, and bridges with DUPLO bricks. Nothing can be a better one-stop solution to engage your kids in creative activities. There are also some fun water rides where everyone will get soaked. What’s best about LEGOLAND is that they are as cautious about kids’ safety as they are committed to making it an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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4. Aquatica, San Diego

Aquatica, San Diego
Source: pgavdestinations

Enjoy some super fun wave pooling at Aquatica near San Diego. Though not as big as other parks, this is a very neat park ground with some thrilling rides. The must-try rides are Tassie’s Twister, Hoo Hoo Run, Traumata Racer and Walhalla Wave. All these rides can be enjoyed with your family. With traumata racer, you can have a mini competition to see who comes first out of the tunnel. There are also turtles, flamingos and other animals that will surely fascinate the kids.

5. Knots Soak City, Buena Park

Knots Soak City, Buena Park
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Knots Soak City is one of the most crowded water parks in California. If you visit Soak city, be sure to make it on weekend to ensure a stress-free visit. The Lazy River ride is a favorite of many parents who look forward to just floating on a tube while their kids splash about. There are also rides for the adrenaline junkies; the Aqua Launch chamber will send you plummeting down feet first from 60 feet height. Needless to say, there’s something here for everyone!

6. Splash Kingdom Water Park

Splash Kingdom Water Park
Source: Yasmin Saiia-Callaway

The Splash Kingdom is a renowned oasis in California. The park features an Egyptian theme with its giant pharaoh sculpture at the entrance. All the rides depict the same theme- the Wrath of Ra, the Sphinx Express, Pharaoh’s Free Fall, the Annihilator and so much more. They have both water rides and other fun non-water activities such as wall-climbing and 3 dimensional trampoline dodgeball.  This thrilling Egyptian-themed amusement park is bound to be a unique experience for anyone who visits.

7. Raging Waters Sacramento

Raging Waters Sacramento
Source: wanderbat

This is Sacramento’s largest water park with 25 exciting rides for all ages. Thrill seekers can try out Dragons Den, which will slide you in a 5 storied high dark tunnel before plummeting you into the abyss of the Dragon. You can also have some original wave pool experience in this park. Honolulu Half Pipe will have you free-falling from a gigantic 40 feet high wave.

8. Wet N Wild Palm Springs

Wet N Wild Palm Springs
Source: itscolin

Wet n Wild is a classic Californian surf themed water park.  Some of the unique rides here are Pacific Spin, Sea Snake, Pipeline Point, Surf Riders Rapid, Riptide Reef and many more. Sea Snake will let you slide from a fifty feet dark mysterious tunnel. There are also rides that are kid friendly. With the sun beating on your back, the smell of suntan and the splashing of water will definitely give you a 90’s surfing vibe at Wet n Wild.

9. Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove

Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove

If you are looking for an indoor water park but with equally thrilling rides, you should head to Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove. This water park features some rides that are both exciting and kid friendly. You can enjoy some surfing and boogie-boarding fun at wolf rider wipeout.  It is never too crowded as only the hotel guests are allowed in the park. However, that also means you’ll have to book a room or two.

10. Wild Water Adventure Park, Clovis

Wild Water Adventure Park, Clovis

Wild Water Adventure Park at California remains open every day during summer. There are rides for visitors of all ages; some highly thrilling rides there are Dropzone, Kaelidoslide, Ghost Slider, Vortex, Rampage, and Banzai Pipeline. And if your requirements for seeking thrill are lower, the rides Blue Wave, Kings River Waterworks, and Thunder Falls will definitely appeal to you. For kids, they have miniature slides, orca lagoon, and Buccaneer landing that is a kid’s version of a pirate ship with slides.

To sum it up, California hosts some of the largest water parks in the USA. You are bound to have some thrilling experience if you choose to visit these wet parks. Before you rush to beat the heat, don’t forget to pack your bathing gear!

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