10 Amazing Waterfalls That You Must Visit | Laos

Laos is known for its pristine rivers, beautiful landscape and numerous exotic animals. Moreover, there are plenty of wonderful temples and monasteries for visitors to explore, and learn about the country’s culture and traditions. The spectacular waterfalls in the country, however, definitely take the cake. In this list, we take a deeper look into 10 Waterfalls in Laos that you must check out on your next visit to Laos.

Amazing Waterfalls in Laos

1. Tad Sae Waterfall

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The Tad Sae waterfall, located on the outskirts of Luang Prabang, is a popular escape amongst residents and tourists alike. Similar to other waterfalls around the world, the Tad Sae took a long time to form. The swift flow of water ruptured the nearby limestone to create a path for this marvelous waterfall. This waterfall is especially beautiful during the monsoon season, as the water feels more refreshing. Furthermore, the surrounding area is perfect for a small picnic, as there are adequate tables and benches for visitors.

2. Tad Fane Waterfall – Waterfalls in Laos

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If you are planning on visiting the southern part of Laos, you should not miss the Tad Fane waterfall. Located in Dong Hua Sao, it is roughly 400 feet tall. It is a result of two separate waterways coming together before ending up in the pool below. Unlike many other waterfalls in the area, this one’s a little bit hard to reach, and you may need to hike for an extended period. Fortunately, entering the area from the alternate segment of the gorge will allow you to get a clear sight of the waterfall without the additional effort.

3. Kuang Si Falls

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One of the best things about this waterfall is how easy it is to reach; just hail an inexpensive tuk-tuk and you’re good to go. The waterfall is composed of three layers, with gorgeous dense foliage surrounding it.The pool below is ideal for swimming, and there are numerous paved pathways around the waterfall for you to take a relaxing walk. The calming sound of the waterfall and the raw beauty of this place make for an unforgettable experience.

4. Khone Phapheng Falls – Waterfalls in Laos

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Khone Phapheng Falls is 21 meters tall and has a reputation for being South-East Asia’s largest waterfall. The immense pressure of this majestic waterfall has contributed to the formation of several islands and riverways in the surrounding area. The islands of this region are collectively called Si Phan Don. This place is perfect for a stroll, and you get a marvelous view of the Mekong River. To reach this waterfall, you will first need to take a boat ride to Si Phan Dong. Once you’re there, you will be able to hire a tuk-tuk and reach the waterfall. You also have the option of walking through the paddy fields to get to the waterfall, but it can be fairly time-consuming.

5. Tad Yuang Waterfall

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Situated in the Champasak province, the Tad Yuang waterfall is only a short distance from Pakse. Exquisite scenery and numerous scopes for cycling or hiking make this a popular tourist destination. The water flow pressure is significantly high, particularly during the rainy season. Although swimming in the pool below is nearly impossible around this time, you will still be able to swim upstream. Other than that, there are a handful of restaurants and stores in the area you can explore.

6. Pha Suam Falls

Pha Suam Falls - Waterfalls in Laos
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Hailed as Bolaven Plateau loop’s first waterfall, the Pha Suan Falls has a distinctive shape that sets it apart from the other waterfalls of Laos. You will be able to catch a glimpse of this unique U shaped waterfall as soon as you pass by the bamboo suspension bridge. Some have even compared the shape of this waterfall to a large natural water bowl. Furthermore, you will also be able to dive into the sparkly pool below. Just don’t forget to carry your swimming trunks with you on your journey!

7. Tat Somphamit

Tat Somphamit
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Situated in the Don Khon region of Laos, the stunning Tat Somphamit water cascades never ceases to amaze visitors. Gaze upon the natural beauty of an assemblage of cascades as soon as you cross the French Bridge. Make sure to carry your best camera with you! You will be able to take fantastic pictures of the numerous trails and wooden bridges this place has to offer. Furthermore, the area has several cafes for you to grab a quick bite. Later on, you will also be able to swim in the outstanding beach adjacent to the waterfall.

8. Nam Kat Waterfall – Waterfalls in Laos

Nam Kat Waterfall - Waterfalls in Laos
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Nam Kat waterfall is situated in the vicinity of an eco-tourism resort in Northern Laos. To reach the waterfall, visitors need to be prepared to hike across unending trails cutting through a dense bamboo forest. Thrill-seekers will be exhilarated to cross the wire suspension bridge on their path to the picturesque waterfall. Afterward, you will have to take a shuttle to the destination accompanied by a guide.

9. Li Phi Waterfall

Li Phi Waterfall
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Li Phi waterfall, situated on the Mekong River, is perhaps the most interesting of all the waterfalls in the region. According to folklore, the waterfall is believed to transport the souls of disgraceful people and wildlife. Even the name roughly translates to “Spirit Trap” in their local language. Quite fittingly, the force of this waterfall is remarkably high, making swimming quite difficult. This waterfall is also close to Lao’s southern border. Therefore, you can easily make your way to Cambodia if you want!

10. 100 Waterfalls – Waterfalls in Laos

100 Waterfalls - Waterfalls in Laos
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The name says it all! 100 Waterfalls, situated in Nong Khiaw, features a multitude of waterfalls side by side. You will be better off hiring a guide if you don’t want to miss out on anything this place has to offer. Generally, you will be seeing the largest waterfall at the end of the guided tour. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to take a canoe to the lower part of this waterfall. However, it all depends on the water pressure. After you’re done sightseeing, make sure to visit the different diners in the vicinity to dig into some delicious local cuisine.

This list only consists of 10 of our best picks, but remember that there are several other waterfalls you will discover in Laos, as you step in and explore on your own. Don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime!


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