Best Waterfalls to Visit in Maryland | United States

Waterfalls in Maryland

Maryland’s known for its magnificent coastlines found on the Atlantic shore and in the Chesapeake Bay. One of the largest cities located in the state is Baltimore and is an important port. Furthermore, you can find some famous waterways here as well with many trails to explore. Here you can enjoy swimming, boating, water rafting to walking the outdoors. So if you want to enjoy life, visit these 12 amazing waterfalls in Maryland on the list here.

12 Amazing Waterfalls in Maryland, United States

12. Kilgore Falls

Kilgore Falls
Source: handinhandadventures

You find the waterfall in Pylesville, also known as the Falling Branch Falls. Over the years the people, visiting this fantastic Harford County spots increases. There is plenty to do here in summer from swimming to hiking the trails. You can enjoy free parking when making a reservation at the falls. Furthermore, the park offers you streaming access to enjoying a picnic to swimming. The best of all you can take your pet with for a ride but must be on a leash.

11. Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls
Source: virginiatrails

In Elkridge, you find this magnificent waterfall starting in Patapsco Valley State Park. You can enjoy a walk to see the falls and view the rapids below. There are steep sections, but it is suitable for a novice walker to enjoy. However, if you decide to go there by bike, it is best to look at other cycle trails in the area. Here you can take the kids and dog for a pleasant walk.

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10. Cunningham Falls

Source: wildmoments

In Thurmont, Maryland, the Cunningham Falls is one of the highest cascades available. The original name used to be McAfee Falls but renamed by a photographer regularly visiting the place. There are many other places of interest to visit around the waterfall. You can see an old house situated above the waterfall.

Furthermore, you can explore the natural rock formations as well. The rock formation’s known as Dunkard’s Trough where they used to baptize children. Here you can camp, hunt, fish, canoe, and swim.

9. Raven Rock Falls

Raven Rock Falls
Source: waterfallshiker

In Gunpowder Falls State Park, Parkton, you find Raven Rock Falls that drops down to 25-feet. The sliding board waterfall allows you to climb up to fall. However, you need to take care of the slippery road. Here you can find rock pools that are refreshing when walking on a hot day. The waterfalls surrounded by forest and the river valley. There are different trails to explore as well.

8. Gunpowder Falls

Gunpowder Falls
Source: billieweiss.wordpress

The famous waterfall in Baltimore County comprises two falls the Little and Big Gunpowder Falls. Furthermore, it is one of the biggest parks in Maryland. While you can go in the water, the flow is steady so best be careful. Here you have extensive trails to explore to visit Joppa Iron Works dating back to the 19th Century.

Furthermore, you can head to the Jerusalem Mill Village as well. Enjoy biking, swimming, fishing, and so much more. There is a marina with a beach to enjoy some fun in the sun.

7. Paw-Paw Falls

Paw-Paw Falls
Source: dwhike

In Allegany County, you find the Paw-Paw Tunnel with waterfall. According to legend, the place is haunted. To get to the waterfall, you need to travel from Oakton over the C&O Canal Trail. Here you will walk through a dark tunnel to reach the place. Take the kids with for a walk, as it is firm and wide. However, remember to take your flashlight as well. Once you exit, you will see the waterfall in front of you.

6. Amos Falls

Amos Falls
Source: kywaterfalls

The waterfall in Oakwood offers you more rapids than a waterfall. You will find Amos Falls close to Conowingo Dam and is also known as the Smyth Fall. The waterfalls part of a manmade structure found below the dam along the Susquehanna River. Here you can explore the spectacular view and nature offered.

5. Muddy Creek Falls

Muddy Creek Falls
Source: fineartamerica

For an impressive fall in Oakland, you need to head over to Muddy Creek Falls in the Swallow Fall State Park. Here you find the hemlock tree that is hundreds of years old. There is a pavilion with a playground and campsites available to relax. Therefore, you can enjoy spending a couple of days here with the family. You can hike, do mountain biking, and so much more.

4. Swallow Falls

Swallow Falls
Source: jamespictures

Another fantastic waterfall found in Oakland is Swallow Falls. The waterfall is smaller than the Muddy Creek Fall but remains magnificent to see. Here you find a considerable number of swallows nesting in the rocks. Furthermore, you can camp close to the fall as well. One more fantastic thing is that the park does not close during the winter. During the summer, you can swim in the lake or rent a boat. There is a beach for relaxing to enjoy the sun’s rays.

3. Tolliver Falls

Tolliver Falls
Source: flickr

Another waterfall found in the Swallow Falls State Park is Tolliver Falls. The waterfall is a short walk from Herrington Lane. Here you can enjoy sitting under the canopy of trees. Furthermore, during autumn, the color contrast of the leaves is fantastic. However, the majority of activities you only find available during summer in the park.

2. Great Falls

Great Falls
Source: tripsavvy

In Montgomery County, you find the Great Falls of Potomac. The water flows fast from the Potomac River, providing you with high rapids and some waterfalls along the way. The waterfall drops over one mile with a total of 76-feet. You get the best view of the waterfall from the Bear Island Billy Goat Trail. Take the family for a fun day out as it has loads of activities available. You can enjoy white river rafting, hiking, to rock climbing.

1. Gilpin Fall

Source: bentackettphotos

For the best vantage point of Gilpin Falls, you need to head over to the Covered Bridge. The waterfall has survived many mishaps over the years, such as major floods. You find the fall in Cecil County and are the only ones left with a bridge. When standing on the bridge, you are four feet above the water.


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