Explore 10 Amazing Waterfalls in the Philippines

The Philippines is well-known around the world for its tropical rainforests and long stretches of coastlines. The country also has a diverse selection of wildlife as well as a variety of exotic plant species. There is also very beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines.

Even though the Philippines isn’t particularly recognized for having the biggest waterfalls, the region’s existing waterfalls will not fail to captivate you! In this article, we look at the 10 most popular waterfalls in the Philippines.

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10 Amazing Waterfalls in the Philippines

1. Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls
Source: Wesly Sihay

Located along the boundary of Iligan City and surrounding areas, Tinago Falls is an ideal waterfall for swimming. The assemblage of cascades here is breathtakingly beautiful, and simply watching the water flow down the ravine feels wonderful. To top that off, you will also notice dense foliage encompassing this amazing waterfall.

You will be able to dive into the waterfall lagoon below as the force of water flow is quite low. To reach this waterfall, you have to get to Iligan City first. Don’t forget to bring your swim trunks if you decide to visit this majestic waterfall!

2. Asik-Asik Falls 

Asik-Asik Falls - Waterfalls in the Philippines
Source: Edwin Verin

Situated in North Cotaba, Asik-Asik Falls have recently been making rounds on the internet for being one of the most scenic waterfalls in the Philippines. This jaw-dropping waterfall can be instantly recognized due to its translucent whitewater, which unpredictably sweeps into the astonishing ravine. Unlike a lot of other popular waterfalls, Asik-Asik Falls never gets too crowded as it can be quite difficult to reach.

3. Limunsudan Falls

Limunsudan Falls
Source: Jay Roy Lim

Similar to the first entry, the spectacular Limunsudan waterfall lies in the vicinity of Iligan City. This massive waterfall stretches 900 feet, and it is truly a sight to behold. Some even believe this two-tier waterfall to be the biggest in the Philippines, and it never fails to amaze local and foreign visitors. However, a lot of tourists are reluctant to visit this outstanding waterfall because of how challenging it is to reach. Many people aren’t even aware of its existence!

4. Aliwagwag Falls – Waterfalls in the Philippines

Aliwagwag Falls
Source: Traveloka

Apart from Limunsudan falls, Aliwagwag falls has also built up quite a reputation for its humongous size. This waterfall is located in Davao Oriental, and it spans roughly 1000 feet.

Visitors often become wonderstruck at the sight of 120 separate cascades gushing down the ravine harmoniously. Only a few can resist bathing in one of the magnificent cascades here. Moreover, they constructed the bridge for tourists to easily get to the waterfalls. Don’t forget to carry your camera along with you to take some wonderful pictures!

5. Tinuy-an Falls

Tinuy-an Falls - Waterfalls in the Philippines
Source: Dexter Sadang

Tinuy-an Falls may not be as wide as the Aliwagwag and Limunsudan waterfalls, but it is still considered to be among the largest falls in the country. This 300 feet waterfall looks majestic and can create a rainbow now and then. The government and ethnic tribes in the surrounding villages have made a special effort to preserve this gift of nature. Therefore, be respectful of the environment around the waterfall on your visit.

6. Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina Falls
Source: LarveYLimbagan

Maria Christina falls has been praised for offering an amazing view as well as being easily accessible to the public. Like several other waterfalls in the Philippines, this one is also located in Iligan City. Make sure to visit this waterfall when the dam gates of the Agus River are unlatched. You will witness the twin cascades at full force around that time. This is an ideal place to visit with your family since you do not have to overcome too many obstacles to get there.

7. Hikong Bente Falls

Hikong Bente Falls - Waterfalls in the Philippines
Source: Yen Baet

The glamorous Hikong Bente Falls is adjacent to the pristine Lake Sebu. Although this fall is composed of a singular cascade, it makes up for awe-inspiring scenery. The cascade is reasonably wide, and there is lush vegetation surrounding it. The best way to observe this waterfall is from atop. Thankfully, the existence of the Seven Falls Zipline nearby has made it possible to obtain such a view.

8. Tamaraw Waterfalls in the Philippines

Tamaraw Waterfalls -Waterfalls in the Philippines
Source: Niar

The capital city of the Philippines is always sprawling with people, and there is little opportunity to get in touch with nature. Fortunately, the renowned Tamaraw waterfalls in the vicinity of Manila offer a perfect weekend getaway for both residents and tourists alike. Stretching nearly 400 feet, this medium-sized cascade is truly divine and convenient to reach. You should be able to get to this place in a short time if you start your journey from Puerto Galera.

9. Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls - Waterfalls in the Philippines
Source: Thepinay solobackpacker

The city of Cebu is well-known for its picturesque beaches and wonderful national monuments. However, just like the famous Iligan City, this place also has several delightful waterfalls in its vicinity.

Among them, the Kawasan Falls stand out because of its raw untapped beauty, and ability to attract visitors from faraway lands. The water here is immaculate and the bordering terrain is abundant in vegetation. Furthermore, thrill-seekers would also be able to paddle in the large pool beneath the waterfall. The Kawasan Falls is also close to other amazing tourist spots such as Lugsangan Peak and Lambug beach.

10. Daranak Falls – Waterfalls in the Philippines

Daranak Falls - Waterfalls in the Philippines
Source: Tupang Gala

Only a short distance from Manila, you will find the beguiling Daranak Falls in the province of Rizal. You will be treated to an outstanding view of the surrounding mountains, and the lush foliage just gives the cascade an added charm. You can go swiming in the pond below the waterfall, and take advantage of the numerous picnic spots in the area. Plus, getting to this waterfall requires minimal effort.

To sum up, this list only consists of a handful of waterfalls in the Philippines. There are several other cascades you can discover on your own. Book your tickets to the Philippines to find out what this country has in store for you!

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