Top 10 Waterproof Mac | A Protection Against Unexpected Weather

Waterproof macs are an essential part of our wardrobes, especially during the monsoon. If you love the outdoors, you must always carry an equally lightweight and durable waterproof mac for protection against unexpected weather conditions. Nowadays, numerous waterproof macs have emerged in the market that are both functional and fashionable. In this article, we explore some of the best waterproof macs you can buy right now!

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Top 10 Waterproof Macs of 2020

1. MAMMUT MASAO Light Waterproof Mac

Waterproof Mac: Top 10 of 2020

Scaling mountains and steep terrains have always been quite difficult, and it can be particularly daunting if you don’t have a proper waterproof mac with you. Thankfully, the MAMMUT MASAO waterproof jacket is ideal for mountain climbing and has built a reputation for being one of the lightest waterproof macs in the market.

  • This amazing product is resistant to water and rough winds and can be easily adjusted to fit your shape.
  • The jacket’s hood can easily fit under a helmet.
  • You will face no trouble keeping it away in a small backpack.

2. The North Face Flight Waterproof Mac

Waterproof Mac: Top 10 of 2020

Even though the North Face Flight Jacket isn’t the lightest waterproof mac in the market, it is praised for its perforated design and advanced water filtration system. This three-layer jacket retains its breathability while allowing water to run down the jacket without coming in contact with your undergarment.

  • It has been made from North Face’s proprietary Futurelight fabric for enhanced durability and water resistance.
  • The waterproof mac offers users a custom-fit, due to its adjustable hood as well as elastic waistband and cuff.
  • The jacket is also very comfortable to wear for a prolonged period.

3. Arc’teryx Zeta AR Women’s waterproof jacket

Waterproof Mac: Top 10 of 2020

Arc’teryx Zeta AR Women’s waterproof jacket is revered for its reliability and stylish design. Although this waterproof mac comes in a hefty price tag, it’s incredible durability and appeal makes purchasing it worthwhile.

  • Made from premium materials such as N70p 3L Gore-Tex fabric, the jacket provides great resistance to unanticipated environmental conditions while maintaining comfort.
  • You are bound to have a delightful experience jogging or trekking wearing this amazing waterproof mac.
  • On top of that, the jacket is suitable for warm climates due to being breathable.

4. Marmot Eclipse Waterproof Mac

Waterproof Mac: Top 10 of 2020

The Marmot Eclipse Rain Jacket is one of the top waterproof macs in the market, and it is perfect for regions that receive frequent rainfall. The jacket is quite sturdy and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Even after prolonged usage, the Eclipse rain jacket’s DRW coating does not wear off.

  • The jacket has been constructed from Marmot’s trademark fabric called EVODry fabric.
  • This fabric utilizes AquaVent technology to intuitively activate the jacket’s embedded water repellents in the rain.
  • The Eclipse rain jacket is also very eco-friendly and does not produce toxic wastewater.


Waterproof Mac: Top 10 of 2020

Constructed from the Nikwax Analogy Waterproof fabric, the Paramo Men’s Alta III jacket provides excellent waterproofing to users. The waterproof mac’s most distinctive feature is its wire-peaked hood that can help retain visibility in extreme weather conditions.

  • The jacket’s design helps in preventing sweat build-up.
  • If it gets to warm, you can easily roll up the mac’s sleeves and unzip upper arm vents to increase airflow.
  • There is also a back panel to aid you in carrying heavy backpacks.

6. Outdoor Research MicroGravity Jacket

Waterproof Mac: Top 10 of 2020

Outdoor Research MicroGravity Jacket has built a solid reputation for implementing ground-breaking technology for maintaining comfort and breathability.

  • This waterproof mac is composed of a layer of nano-sized polyurethane fibers called Ascentshell which helps enhance durability and flexibility.
  • As opposed to other waterproof macs coated in DRW, this jacket’s materials help avoid crinkles, while withstanding daunting environmental influences.
  • This is a great jacket to wear on your trekking or cycling adventure.

7. Kathmandu Aysen Men’s Gore-Tex Jacket

Waterproof Mac: Top 10 of 2020

The Kathmandu Aysen Men’s Gore-Tex Jacket is an amazing waterproof mac that offers a lot of value for money. Unlike many other substandard rain jackets, the Aysen Gore-Tex Jacket does not have a DRW coating. Instead, the waterproof mac boasts superior quality laminate waterproofing and a thin layer that maintains consistent airflow.

  • Eco-friendly materials, such as recycled nylon, have been used to create this jacket.
  • The Kathmandu Aysen Gore-tex jacket provides great waterproofing and comfort.

8. Patagonia Stretch Rainshadow Jacket

Patagonia Stretch Rainshadow is resilient to unfavorable weather conditions such as strong winds and heavy rain, and it is highly adjustable. The waterproof mac can fit people with different sizes using adjustable cuffs and hems.

  • The manufacturer has used its special fabric called H2No Performance Standard Shell, which can keep you warm and dry amid rain or snow.
  • The waterproof mac has great airflow and two large side pockets to keep your hands warm.
  • This waterproof mac is available in Classic Navy, Balkan Blue and Willow Herb Green.

9. Columbia Men’s Watertight II rain jacket

The Columbia Men’s Watertight II waterproof mac has gained a massive following among users for its simplicity and effective waterproofing. On the surface, the jacket resembles any other traditional rubber raincoat but is much more durable and lighter.

  • As opposed to other waterproof macs that bear a DWR coating, this rain jacket has been made from polyurethane fabric that is free of any sort of harmful carcinogenic toxins such as perfluorocarbons.
  • The jacket also comes with an adjustable hood for covering your head in the rain.

10. Helly Hansen Men’s Waterproof Mac

Even with a high price tag Helly Hansen Men’s Rain Jacket has proven to be a very capable waterproof mac. The waterproof mac has been constructed from sturdy recycled nylon and has numerous vents for maintaining constant airflow.

  • This design helps prevent accidental breakage and enhances the jacket’s overall water-resistance.
  • The lack of fused inner layer helps maintain flexibility.


There are several waterproof macs available in the market in different price ranges. This list portrays some of the trendiest waterproof macs that stand out due to their unique features. Make sure to buy a mac that is both durable and very comfortable to wear for a prolonged period.


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