Where to Find the Best Food in Los Angeles

Best Food in Los Angeles

In Chicago, you have to try the deep dish pizza. In Nashville, hot chicken is a must. But, what food is Los Angeles famous for?

As a major metropolitan city with a massive population, you can find almost anything your heart desires to eat in LA. Here, we’ve got the ultimate list of where to eat in Los Angeles. Whether you’re hoping to eat like a local or hit up the hottest spots in town, you’ll find it here.

Where should I eat when visiting Los Angeles?

LA Hot Spots

Los Angeles is one of the hottest cities in the US (and we don’t mean just temperature-wise) and their restaurants are some of the hottest spots you can find yourself in.

Try Pasjoli, a glamorous French bistro or Onda for modern Mexican food where you should definitely make a reservation in advance. Both are in Santa Monica which should definitely be on your list of must-see neighborhoods.

Other hot spot restaurants in LA with a seemingly rotating door are Howlin’ Ray’s, serving some of the best hot chicken around, and Spoon by H will knock your socks off with its innovative and delicious menu items.

Eat Like a Los Angeleno

Where do the locals eat in LA?

On Venice Beach, there’s Gjusta, a classic, American-style deli that serves house-made cured fish. You’ll be waiting a while due to its popularity, but what else is new? This is LA after all. But if you want to sit down and eat in Venice, go to Felix for their incredible pasta.

In Westminster’s Little Saigon you’ll find Pho 79 for some of the best Vietnamese pho you’ve ever had. Joy in Highland Park offers classic comfort food from Taiwan and Night + Market provides incredible Thai food at various locations in West Hollywood, Venice, and Silver Lake.

Top-Rated Restaurants in LA

What is the best restaurant in LA? Well, if you’re looking for the best, you’re probably in the mood for some fine dining. Don’t worry, Los Angeles has plenty to offer.

Start in Beverly Hills where the rich and famous spend a pretty penny on their favorite meals. From high-end menus items at Maude to the Michelin-rated food at Somni, you won’t be disappointed.

Republique is another LA restaurant that’s not to be missed, with iconic architecture and a wide range of offerings from Asian-inspired dishes to desserts and pastries. It’ll be, without a doubt, a memorable experience.

Best Los Angeles Food by Cuisine

Burgers in LA

Everyone loves a good, juicy burger. Check out The Apple Pan for the full burger experience or simply hit up the drive-thru at In-N-Out and order your burger and fries “animal style.”

Tacos in LA

Being so close to Mexico, there’s no way you’re visiting LA without having one of the best tacos of your life. Teddy’s Red Tacos is a popular choice or you might opt for a table at Sonoratown in Downtown LA.

Pro tip: If you see a Mexican food truck in LA like Teddy’s, it’s bound to be out of this world. Definitely stop and try it. Try Mariscos Jalisco in East LA, too.

Italian in LA

Bestia in the Arts District should definitely be on your list if you’re looking for Italian food in Los Angeles. It’s been open for over a decade and still gets booked out weeks in advance.

Olivetta over in West Hollywood is another crowd favorite with a European focus. Or, if you’re simply looking for incredible pizza in Los Angeles, Pizzana in Brentwood has got the goods.

Asian Food in LA

Let’s start with sushi, a favorite cuisine of the quintessential Angeleno. Try Sushi Note in Sherman Oaks or Nozawa Bar in Beverly Hills. Then make your way around the city trying the rest of your favorite Asian cuisines.

Indulge in some incredible Chinese food at Sichuan Impression or put on your fancy pants to eat the Japanese way at n/nake which earned itself two Michelin stars. You’ll find Korean barbecue at Park’s BBQ, too.

Middle Eastern Food in LA

If falafel, hummus, and lamb shanks are where your passion lies, look no further than Mizlala, a charming establishment in Sherman Oaks that packs their food with the Middle Eastern flavors you love.

Hasiba in Pico-Robertson has Middle Eastern-style sandwiches with a wide range of vegan and Kosher options and Mh Zh in Silver Lake has glorious Mediterranean meals.

Brunch in LA

We all know bagels belong in New York but Pop’s Bagels in LA makes every East Coaster feel at home. With an assortment of bagels and, of course, a cup of joe to go along with it, it’ll help you start your day in LA right.

If you’re ready to brunch like a local, go to Sqirl which boasts an incredible seasonal menu with unique choices for breakfast and lunch.

Dessert in LA

When that sweet tooth hits, there are definitely places to turn in LA that can satisfy your craving.

Salt & Straw first opened its Califonia doors in Venice but now has multiple locations throughout the city. Even though they got their start in Portland, you can’t deny that this is some of the best ice cream flavors in southern California. With options like avocado and Oaxacan fudge, you just have to go!

You’ve got to start somewhere…

These restaurants just barely scratch the surface of all the incredible food you can find in Los Angeles. But, if this is your first time traveling to the city, the spots on this list are a fantastic place to start.

If you’re checking out of your Airbnb but still have time to kill before your flight, store your luggage in LA and enjoy these amazing restaurants totally hands-free.

We’re here to help you make the most of your trip to LA, encouraging you to embrace the foodie within. Let us know which restaurant on this list was your favorite! We have a feeling there might be some tough competition.

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