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Women snowboards are of durable materials with smooth edges and unique design. Women prefer classy and fashionable colors that make them stand out from others. Snowboarding is an old sport, and many women are getting attracted to it nowadays. You may be wondering which snowboard is perfect for beginners, intermediate or advanced rider. From the list below, you will be able to choose the best women snowboards that are ideal for you.

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Top 15 Best Women Snowboards in 2020

15. Nitro Lectra Women’s Snowboard

Product Description: Nitro Lectra women’s snowboard offers developed features and relaxed ride. This snowboard is suitable for all kinds of terrain. All-terrain flex and radial side-cut help to make smooth turns.

Design and Quality: The abstract vibrant color of this nitro snowboard is impressive. The safe design makes it easy to learn and help improve skills. It has an impressive FH base.

Product Features:

– Strong thrust-out FH base

– Directional shape

– Flat-out rocker.

14. SALOMON Lotus Women’s Snowboard

Product Description: These women’s snowboards have a double directional shape. For freeride and freestyle terrain, this snowboard is very suitable. For relaxed riding, it has bit free edges.

Design and Quality: Lotus is a comfortable and relaxing directional twin. The design is special for all-terrain directional riding. Salomon Lotus is a pure aspen wood with flat out camber which gives exceptional riding experience

Product Features:

– Flexible and durable

– Aspen core

– Radial Side-cut.

13. Jones Mind Expander Women’s Snowboard

Product Description: Jones Mind Expanders women snowboard includes maximum rocker shape for exciting floating fun. These women’s snowboards have improved glide flow and reduced vibration.

Design and Quality: From front inserts, the mind expander has a nose rocker and from back inserts, it has tail rocker. This power board is excellent in soft snow. Christenson surf profile makes sure that the flow is always steady and in control.

Product Features:

– Float web fused carbon reinforcement

– Reduced vibration

– Safe and stable.

12. Rossignol Justice Women’s Snowboard 

Product Description: Free-ride, all-mountain or freestyle, these women’s snowboard plays with every style. Balanced grip and stability is the result of Amptek All-mountain rocker.

Design and Quality: These women’s snowboards are designed with serrated edges and FSC certified wood. For a joyful and balanced ride it has smooth and deep snow edge transitions. The abstract design highlights a beautiful fox covered with flowers.

Product Features:

– Strong edge control

– Award winning cut

– Balanced float and grip.

11. Salomon Wonders Women’s Snowboard

Product Description: This women’s snowboard has equalizer and radial lines nicely combined for stability. It also has a camber near the feet and rocker on the tip/tail for maintainability. Basalt layers built into triple-layer give this woman’s snowboard durable control and damp ride at high speed.

Design and Quality: Salomon Wonders Women’s snowboard is designed to maintain a perfect free-ride. Directional twin gives the snowboard an exclusive flex. Consistent quality is also guaranteed for European-made fiberglass layers.

Product Features:

– Fiberglass layer

– Rock out camber

– Equalizer and radial lines.

10. Roxy Sugar Banana Women’s Snowboard

Product Description: Reliable twin shape with excellent flex. It has Developed Magne-traction for excellent edge holding. Roxy Sugar Banana women’s snowboard is great for learning and developing the skills.

Design and Quality: The design and promise of this snowboard boost up confidence on any terrain. Roxy exclusive styling is backed up by Mervin made technology.

Product Features:

– Hand-built in the USA

– Excellent contour to learn on

– Magne-traction for easy edge holding.

9. Burton Yeasayer Women’s Snowboard

Product Description: Absolute twin shape with soft flex women’s snowboard. This is a popular wood core snowboard with base material of extruded P-tex. These women’s snowboard is excellent for beginner to intermediate surfers.

Design and Quality: The design has RXY flat contour rocker feature. With a popular wood core the snowboard has a beautiful combination of white and pink. One year warranty also promises the premium quality.

Product Features:

True twin shape

– Radial side-cut

– One-year warranty.

8. Jones Dream Catcher 2020 Women’s Snowboard

Product Description: Jones Dream Catcher is an all-mountain women’s snowboard with high performance and flex. To make an easy turn in strong terrain it has 3D contour base and traction tech edges provide stability riding through thick snow.

Design and Quality: Jones Dream Catcher 2020 has been designed with dreamy colors. The classic core is built for added pop between the feet. It has also eco-plastic top-sheet and a sintered base for good performance.

Product Features:

– 3D contour base

– Traction tech 2.0 edge

– Sintered 7000 base

– FSC classic core.

7. Rossignol Gala Snowboard for Women

Product Description: New Rossignol Gala snowboards for freestyle versatility. It is built with FSC certified wood core from the sustainably grown forest. This snowboard for women rises to the top of our list!

Design and Quality: It’s clinically designed with 40% rocker on both ends and 20% camber in the middle. All-mountain flex with directional control assures stability and control.

Product Features:

No-Catch edge control

– AMPTEK auto turn rocker

– FSC certified wood.

6. Never Summer 2019 Women’s

Never Summer 2019 Women's

To start our list of the best women’s snowboard is this amazing product. There is a very low profile tip as well as tail hence reducing plowing effect in the nose for times when you want to get on fresh or new powder.

This is a high-end snowboard that does have unique snowboard designs. We start our list of the best women’s snowboards with the board, which will help you to forget about the heat of the summer. This product does have a sintered base, which means high-density support for the people who needs speed.

  • It does have excellent flexibility.
  • This product is fast and does have an excellent carving ability.
  • The snowboards do have a great design.

5. Rossignol sassy women’s snowboard

Rossignol sassy women's snowboard

About the product, this fantastic product will give you the experience that you deserve. For lovers of skating, this is the ideal product for you.

The product has light materials that enable one to float on the ice giving you an enjoyable experience. It has high-quality materials that make it durable. The snowboard comes in a twin shape. The product is available in different sizes with transitional edges to enable it to pass through the snow swiftly.

  • It’s lightweight materials.
  • It has a tapered tail.
  • The product can control its speed.

4. Nitro Lectra women’s snowboard

Nitro Lectra women's snowboard

If you are looking for the best women’s snowboard, search no more. This snowboard is the ideal product for you. It will give you an enjoyable skating experience.

It is fit for all terrains. Moreover, it has a quality directional view for a sustainable ride. The product enhances maximum stability when skating. Its pressure rocker helps it float when sliding. It has high-quality materials making it durable.

  • It’s sleek and smart.
  • The product is bi lite laminated.
  • Strong resistance and flex.

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3. Nidecker flow women’s snowboard

Nidecker flow women's snowboard

Ride short snowboard comes with a flat zone under feet that provide comfortable rides. The snowboard is lightweight and with a top sheet membrane making it suitable for women who want to begin this sport. It has catchy looks that will identify you from the crowd.

It has catchy looks that will distinguish you from the crowd. This women’s snowboard is lightweight, thus suitable for everyone. It is available in different sizes with transitional edges, for it comes in a twin shape. The product also has a rocker that links turning.

  • It has a locker
  • Transitional edges
  • Lightweight material.

2. Flow Ni -decker women’s snowboard board

Flow Ni -decker women's snowboard board

About the product, our list of the best women’s snowboard cannot be complete without this product. It is perfect for beginners and women with medium-sized feet.

Its shape enhances a comfortable float when skating. The product has wood on the metal part. The snowboard has a sturdy base that prevents it from breaking and unsafe landing. Its twin design has an attractive color that women prefer.

  • Wood laminated
  • It has a speedy entry ramp.
  • The product has lightweight materials.

1. Packaged system women’s snowboard


Packaged system women's snowboard

If you are looking for the best women’s snowboard, this is the perfect product for you. It has a complete package of boots as well as twin skateboards. The snowboard is ideal for beginners.

The product is perfect for women since it has attractive colors that are impressive. It has mystic bindings that facilitate support when skating. The boots have a through the bottom to ensure a hard grip on the snowboard. The snowboard has light materials to enable it to float freely on the snow.

  • It has a mystic binding.
  • The product has high-quality materials for durability.
  • Its flat base facilitates stability.

Comparable Table

Weight/height Profile
Never Summer 2019 Women’s 7 pounds Camber
Rossignol sassy women’s snowboard 16 pounds Rocker
SALOMON Lotus Snowboard Women’s 7.54 pounds Camber
Nitro Lectra women’s snowboard 8 pounds Rocker
Jones Snowboards Dream Catcher Snowboard – Women’s 7.38 pounds Camber+Rocker
Nidecker flow women’s snowboard 8 lbs CamRock
Flow Ni -decker women’s snowboard board 8 lbs. CamRock
Jones Snowboards Dream Catcher Splitboard 7.16 pounds Directional Rocker
Packaged system women’s snowboard 139 cm Camber
System women’s snowboard 146 cm Camber

Women have difficulties in finding the right snowboard since they always prefer the cozy and comfort ones, unlike men who enjoy the rough boards. From this review, we have identified the best women snowboards suitable and hope you find one that suits all your specific requirements. Get one from the above list and have fun on those icy mountains.

What is the right size when it comes to women snowboards?

  • Height and weight

Despite old school rules, weight is a key factor to be able to look at when you are determining the snowboard size. This is because the weight distribution across the surface area of the board is going to have a huge impact on how the board feels when you ride. We all know that people of the same height have a likelihood of not weighing the same. If the board is too long for the weight, it will be challenging to be able to apply the right amount of pressure to be able to flex the board, making it feel hard to be able to turn as well as control. Also, if it is too short, you will be able to overpower the board, making it feel less stable.

While weight is a crucial factor when it comes to selecting the snowboard, you will want to ensure that you get something that offers a wide or even narrow enough stance for your appropriate height. Here, it is where the old rule about finding a board that comes up between the chin or even nose helpful.

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  • Terrain as well as riding style

So, we have narrowed down the wide range of sizes based on the height as well as weight, but where do we go after that? The ability level, as well as the riding style, is going to help determine the next factors in selecting the best women’s snowboard. If you are just learning to be able to snowboard, you will likely want to look for the shorter board. The smaller boards have reduced swing weight, which does make them easier to turn as well as maneuver around. The shorter board is going to be more playful as well as responsive for the riders lapping terrain park or even jibbing around the mountain regardless of whether you are a pro or even beginner.


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