Zip Line Adventure at Siem Reap

Cambodia is a country filled with a rich heritage and offers the world a significant number of temples. You can find a number of these temples at Angkor Wat, The Angkor Wat Archeological Park. Just outside Siem Reap, in the Angkor Archeological Park, you can enjoy a fantastic zip line adventure. Siem Reap is popular as the resort town and the gateway to all the beautiful things Cambodia has for its tourists. In Siem Reap, you can find almost anything. Starting from fresh produce to souvenirs, it has everything you need.

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Zip Line Adventure at Siem Reap



Aside from shopping, there are many things you can do at Siem Reap. One of those activities includes a zip line adventure. If you are at Siem Reap, then you must experience the zip line adventure. You can experience this at the Angkor Wat Archeological Park.

The Angkor Wat Archeological Park is a UNESCO world heritage site that offers many temples to the visitors. Furthermore, this eco-park provides more than just sight-seeing. You can enjoy a zip line adventure through the rain forest of Angkor Wat. Aside from the zip line adventure, you can also ride a quad/ATV bike. With these adventures, you will not only enjoy your time at the park and learn but also get your blood pumping. The zip line has made Angkor famous to its tourists.

What to Expect

What to Expect
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The zip line is located deep inside the Angkor Enterprise Complex. There are packages to choose from when you’re going to zip line. You have the option to select either the full course or a custom course. With the full course, you will be zip-lining through the rain forest over sky bridges, trees, and many more.

As for safety, you don’t need to worry. You don’t need any previous experience to use any of these. The employees over there will ensure your safety and guide you through the whole process.

As for taking photos, you will be assigned a photographer to photograph you while you zip line through the forest. Aside from photographers, you can also rent a Go-Pro to take with you when you zip line. However, the photographer is available only through the zip line activity. The photos are then uploaded to cloud storage services and sent to you. It will cost $37.50 for one to three people and $47.50 for four to seven people and $57.50 for seven to nine people. The photographer will take posed and action shots of you. Inside the park, your first stop will be Operation Orchid House. Here you will be warmly greeted by the team. Then the safety rangers will equip you with safety equipment and perform a safety demonstration. After everyone is clear about their procedures, two safety rangers will accompany you through your tour.

Firstly, you will go to the treetops and start your zip line adventures. Depending on your chosen package, the duration of the zip line can vary from five to six hours.

The tour comes with six zip lines, two super zip lines, one double zip line, two sky bridges, one Spiderman bridge, one abseil, a traditional meal, and round trip transfer. These are included in the “Gold Course.” In the silver course, you will get three single zip lines, one double zip line, two sky bridges, one Spiderman bridge, round trip transfer, and a traditional meal set. Safety insurance is provided with both of the packages.

To end the tour, you will be abseiling down to the ground and then go on an educational nature trail trek. After the nature trail, you will return to the Operation Orchid House to return your safety gears.

After returning your safety gear, you will be transported to the Plamboo restaurant. This restaurant was once the king’s swimming pool. Over there, you can enjoy Khmer food and water or other drinks. The restaurant has wifi so you can share your moments with your loved ones. With the lunch, the whole tour comes to an end, and you will be dropped off at your restaurant at Siem Reap.

Getting Around

Getting Around
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There are many options available to get around the Angkor Archeological Park. You can use tour buses. These buses come with air-conditioner and comfortable. However, expect a large crowd. You can also hire cars to take you there. However, these drivers speak very little English. You can hire a driver and an English speaking guide for $50 per day. You can also hire motorbikes with drivers. It will cost you six to eight dollars per day. The driver may ask for more if you want to go deeper into the forest.

Tuk-tuks are another option for getting around. You will see plenty of these on the Cambodian streets. You may find some English speaking drivers There are many other ways to go around, including electric cars, horse carriages, and helicopters.

Where to Eat

Where to Eat
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Development and commercial activity are banned in the Angkor Wat area. Despite that, you will find many food carts and snack shops. Besides snacks, you can buy fruits over there too. The fruit also costs one dollar.

Besides food carts, you can visit the Angkor Café. The case is just outside of the main entrance. For three to five dollars, you’re getting great food and the environment.

What to Buy

What to Buy
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In front of the temples, you will find souvenir stalls. You can bargain the price, but it’s better not to negotiate too hard. The sellers are banned from farming on their land. AS a result, they sell souvenirs to earn a livelihood.

Keep in Mind

While on tour, you should wear comfortable clothes and keep sunscreen and mosquito repellent with you all the time. If you’re going to zip line, avoid wearing flip-flops and dangling pieces of jewelry.

In conclusion, the zip line adventure is a great experience. If you are visiting Siem Reap soon, be sure to check the zip line adventure out.

Angkor ZipLine Adventure

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